The Problem With The Trump Trial


Erick-Woods Erickson

There are many problems with the Trump trial, but let me focus on the basics.

Trump is, essentially, charged with documentation fraud — claiming payment for a past debt was a legal fee.

However, the statute of limitations is well past the time to charge Trump with that.

So, the New York District Attorney has decided to elevate the issue to a felony and get it within the statute of limitations.

To do this, Alvin Bragg has to accuse Trump of engaging in documentation fraud to hide an underlying crime. The underlying crime is a federal campaign finance violation. That violation is Trump paying off the porn star through his lawyer and failing to disclose it on his campaign finance forms because it was a campaign-related expense.

It was a campaign expense because if Trump had not paid off Stormy Daniels, she could have gone public and cost Trump the election. Yes, the left argues that the man who, on video, said he could grab women by their you-know-what would have been undone by this revelation.

The rule for a campaign expense is this: Would the transaction have still happened even if the candidate were not running for office? Trump’s wife had a prenuptial agreement. Trump would have had to pay her millions for adultery. So, even if Trump were not running for office, it is still very likely he would have had to pay Stormy Daniels.

Therefore, this was not a campaign finance violation. Therefore, there is no underlying felony. Therefore, there is no New York felony. Therefore, the case falls apart.

But, even if it were a campaign finance violation, federal law states that only the federal government can prosecute campaign finance violations. Neither the Federal Elections Commission nor the Department of Justice have chosen to prosecute or charge Trump, so Trump has not been found guilty of a federal campaign finance violation.

To repeat myself: therefore, this was not a campaign finance violation. Therefore, there is no underlying felony. Therefore, there is no New York felony. Therefore, the case falls apart.

This case concerns the Democrats getting their pound of flesh out of Donald Trump. Frankly, these are Donald Trump’s chickens coming home to roost. This case is flimsy, but Trump’s personal, professional, and political conduct have all collided with the Democrats and many ordinary non-political Americans, assured he’s done something bad. So prosecutors will find something with which to prosecute him.

The problem is that this is not how American justice is supposed to work. Just because Trump might have brought it on himself, the charges must fit. This case is a legal stretch by an overaggressive prosecutor who lets non-white murderers go free, but will stretch the law outside the bounds of justice to get an old white guy whose politics he hates.

Donald Trump’s superpower remains this: He causes others to act in the very ways they claim he acts. They claim Trump is a banana republic autocrat. They behave exactly as they claim he does.


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I sure hope this whole thing backfires on the Democrats and M.S. Media Bottom Feeders

It already is.

Oh wouldnt they love to bring Trump into the courtroom in prison orange and leg chains, problem, the secret service would also have to be in jail with him.
For a retweet and non disparaging letter.
Hey Greg Its the vaxx maybe you need a catscan

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Trump is due no preferential treatment.

Really? He sure is getting preferential treatment. He gets a gag order but Cohen is free to say anything he wants. Why weren’t ALL parties put under the gag order? Well, because the whole purpose is to cut Trump off from his campaign while the lying left gets to rip him to shreds.

No one should ever lose ANY Constitutional rights simply because they are ACCUSED of a crime.

Speak your mind, Mr. President.


Stephen A. Smith scolds Democrats for their use of lawfare

Stephen A. Smith Says Democrat Lawfare Against Trump Proves They’re Scared They Can’t Beat Him on the Issues (VIDEO)

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith recently went off on the Democrats in a rant about all of the lawfare that they’re waging against Trump.

This is not the first time that Smith has gone off like this. Just last month, he tore into Democrats over similar issues.

Smith suggested that all this does is prove that Democrats don’t believe they can beat Trump on the issues. He also suggests that it proves Trump’s claims about election interference.

(1) JamieLynn Looney on X: “Even ESPN’s Stephen Smith knows that the Trump trial is bullsh*t! Stephen says, “Beat him in the ballot box not in the court room.” He knows that they are worried that Trump will win!” / X (

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith called out liberals directly for pursuing criminal trials against former President Trump, saying that they’re “scared” they “can’t beat him on the issues.”…

“It’s much ado about nothing,” Smith said on the podcast. “To my liberal friends out there, all you’re doing is showing that you’re scared you can’t beat him on the issues and the merits.”…

“That’s why he keeps saying they can’t beat me at the election, at the polls. This is the only way they can do it,” he said.

Smith also gave a warning about where this strategy will lead, especially if Trump is never put in jail, predicting there will “never be peace in this country” as a result.

“And if you don’t put him in jail, and he still goes from being the presumptive GOP nominee to the official GOP nominee, and he goes to the polls, even though he was going to whine about winning and being rigged again, you have given more fodder to that argument, which means we’ll never have peace in this country.”

I take some comfort in the fact that they’re trying so hard to throw him in jail and remove him from the ballot. If they were confident enough in their ability to cheat their way to another win, that wouldn’t be necessary.

They can’t even put biden on the debate stage with Trump. His mental capacity alone when exposed, will cost him millions of democrat votes.

Case in point;

Potato Brain Biden Warns Israelis “Don’t Move on Haifa!”… Israel’s Third Largest City

BIDEN: “I made it clear to the Israelis — don’t move on Haifa!”

Haifa is a major city *IN* Israel.

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 18, 2024

We all know joe is not in command. The left must prevent President Trump from returning to office because they know it will be the beginning of the end for them. The left desperately wants a fourth term for obama and a second term as vp for hillary.

MUST SEE: O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers who is Really Running the White House – Special Advisor Reveals That Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Are Still Involved Behind The Scenes! (VIDEO)

MUST SEE: O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers who is Really Running the White House – Special Advisor Reveals That Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Are Still Involved Behind The Scenes! (VIDEO)

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Defendants have no constitutional right to harass or intimidate court officials or witnesses.

No evidence of harassment or intimidation. Your TV told you that. Now go fuck yourself buttwheat.

And of course you’re an expert in the U.S. legal difinations of “harass” and “intimidate”, right, Comrade?

Just repeating what his TV told him.

The judge is, fool.

And of course you’re an expert in the U.S. legal difinations of “harass” and “intimidate”, right, Comrade?

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

They should all recuse themselves. Why is Cohen allowed to spread his lies?

Alan Dershowitz: Judge Merchan’s Gag Order and Refusal to Allow Trump to Leave the Courtroom Is Clearly Unconstitutional – Should be Immediately Challenged – Video

The same people who rant about a judge because his adult daughter allegedly posted anti-Trump comments on social media have no problem at all with a Supreme Court Justice whose wife actively promoted the Stop the Steal bullshit that led to the January 6 riot.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg


“Liar” is what you say when you have nothing say.

Liar is what you are, Comrade Greggie. If a true thought entered your head it would get lost in the vaccumn.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas accepted more vacations and gifts from billionaire benefactors than previously reported, according to a new report by ProPublica.

“The conservative justice, who has come under scrutiny for his failure to disclose such gifts, took at least 38 vacations, 26 private jet flights, eight flights by helicopter, a dozen VIP passes to sporting events, as well as stays at luxury resorts in Florida and Jamaica, the nonprofit news site reports. ProPublica notes that Thomas appears to have broken the law by failing to disclose flights, cruises and sports tickets.

“The report is the latest revelation about the justice that has brought into the spotlight the Supreme Court justices and the ethics rules they are supposed to follow.

“ProPublica previously revealed that Harlan Crow, a Texas billionaire, paid for Thomas’ vacations, his mother’s house, and a nephew’s tuition payments…”

Harlan Crow is a GOP megadonor.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Did any of them have cases before the court? Sotomayor took millions from a publisher that had cases before the court and she didn’t recuse herself. But, you actually approve of corruption, don’t you? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

The GOP is now The Party of Trump. Gifts from a republican megadonor to Thomas have been extravagant. It looks improper, to say the least. It diminishes the credibility of the highest court in the land.

Add that to Congressional paralysis owing to Trump’s influence, Trump’s penchant for authoritarianism, and the systematic undermining of traditional journalism, the legal system, etc.

Every red warning light on the panel is blinking and every alarm buzzer is buzzing.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Address Sotomayor’s failure to report millions of $$ that she got from a publisher and one that was before the court, to boot.

All the warning lights are blinking, alright, but you continue to support the fascists that have tripped all the warnings.

Remember the rule, only democrats are above the law and can commit any crime that benefits themselves. We are seeing the new America that barry promised he would transform.

Tell me about Jared’s $2 Billion from Mohammed bin Salman.

Tell me about Jared’s $2 Billion from Mohammed bin Salman.

Let’s talk about Hunter Biden instead. Or maybe the money Joey got from his brother as part of the Big Guy’s 10%?

You’ve already talked about Hunter Biden, ad nauseum. I don’t recall that he was ever empowered to conduct official negotiations on behalf of the United States government. Nor that anyone ever came up with actual evidence of wrongdoing on his father’s part.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

You’ve already talked about Hunter Biden, ad nauseum.

Well, actually I haven’t. And you get upset when people call you out when you lie. But I understand why you don’t want to discuss Hunter, or any other Biden, for that matter.

But perhaps you would rather talk about how Biden was on the take from MNBA and the DuPont family? Nah, didn’t think so. You don’t care if Democrats sell out their nation.

It’s Trump in the courtroom, not Joe Biden. Credible testimony and evidence will be presented and evaluated by a jury.

If the GOP actually has evidence against Joe BIden, they should present it. The clown show is wearing thin.

If the GOP actually has evidence against Joe BIden, they should present it. 

Nope. They should hold on to that evidence and turn it over to the next AG who will not be a crooked bastard like Merrick Garland. And if you get your way, and presidential immunity is revoked, Biden won’t be able to cover his ass and will spend every dollar he has ever grifted on lawyers because the DNC will no longer be picking up his legal bills.

Say goodby to your beach house, Jill. Pappa’s got to pay the lawyers.

They should present it immediately at Joe Biden’s impeachment trial, since Trump’s lawyers assert that presidents cannot be prosecuted once they’re out of office.

They won’t, because they don’t have a damn thing.

They’ll just have to pretend that that HUUUGE contradiction isn’t there and try to keep the focus on the bullshit. Like they did with their endless Benghazi investigations, which also came up empty.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

It’s Trump in the courtroom, not Joe Biden.

Exactly. And yet it’s Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden that is the corrupt criminal, not Trump. That’s called LAWFARE.

The only context of Hunter is how he was the tip of the Biden Influence Peddling business. Otherwise, he’s just another scumbag no one cares about.

Well Jared didnt save sex acts with children on a laptop or snorting coke off a Russian prostitutes ass, Im sure he didnt share any of it with daddy dearest on Joes burner phones. His uncle throws away a diamond, we are suppose to believe that? Who did that coke found in the White House belong to?
Rumors on the web, that Hunter may have murdered one of his little gifts, just a rumor that may have been on one of his many lost laptops. You just cant believe everything plausible.
Bragg has no jurisdiction to prosecute election finance laws that belongs to the Feds.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

It’s called business. People in business do this sort of thing. People who sell government influence do something different.

Ummm, you seem to have trouble with a black justice when you think he didn’t claim “gifts” on his financial disclosures but absolutely no problem when pedophile Joe Biden does the same thing.

Is it because you are racist toward Clarence Thomas who refuses to be chained to the Democrat plantation?

What undeclared gifts did Joe Biden receive? The total value of Justice Thomas’ perks may run into the millions.

Here is gregs favorite Supreme Court Associate Justice today fresh off oral arguments in Fisher v United States. The Supreme Court will decide in favor of Fischer and half or jerk smiths case is dead.

Thomas is equating an attempt to overthrow a presidential election with a disruption of routine business by protestors?

There was no attempt to overthrow an election there was a coup in Nov of 2020.

Pay 50 bucks and up to see a concert and have to listen to his fucking politics? Just sing FFS

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Yeah, what was he thinking? He should shot up cases of Bud Light with a machine gun, the way normal people do!

The people paid for a night of entertainment, they see plenty of political commercials on the boob tube. Were the cases of bud shot up during a concert?
Now do you have an intelligent comment? Or just more blather?

Assholes in the crowd ruined everybody’s evening.

Asshole took their money and ran. What an ego, thinks everyone paid to hear his political opinion? The person who paid to hear music just said “play some music!” It was then John got bent out of shape and started cursing his audience.
Dude is only a couple of years from playing gigs at tribal casinos. His last appearance in the charts was 1998. He aint the heart throb he was in the 80s, He dressed up for this concert in what looks like a janitors coveralls.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Actually, he came back and finished the show.

Did he go in back to clean the toilets, he was dressed for it.

He probably needed a break to cool down, otherwise he would have given his fans an inferior performance. They were booing his hecklers, according to other reports.

Thats what happens when artists get out of their lane, 50% or more of his audience may not be democrats. Money is tight people want what they pay for. He is riding on best of CDs and anthology releases.
Maybe they were booing his shitty exit from stage.

Being assaulted with lies about Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the WORST President this nation has ever seen. But that’s what election fraud produces. Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants?


Dummy heads like you

Check this one out from way back. Looks like he is a teen Justin Bieber.

You clearly don’t understand what law the US AG is basing this case on.

Stop letting your mouth overload your ass.

You are always saying that people don’t understand something, yet you never seem to get around to knowing anything yourself.

Please: set us straight with your command of the topic.

Tell me, groomer, how is Comrade Greggie right? Why don’t you demand he set us all straight with his vast knowledge of federal codes?

Or maybe you should just f*ck off and realize that everyone understands that you’re a moron.

This isnt a Federal courtroom, Bragg and the NYC court has zero jurisdiction for federal election law. The NDA was 2 adults agreeing to a contract, there isnt anything illegal with that.
This is much noise to cover the Who Pandemic treaty take over. Japan is having protests over it. It does not define what a pandemic is. Oh its a pandemic of gun violence, oh its a climate pandemic, you name it its a take over to kill the constitution.




AUDIO: Justice Neil Gorsuch Blows Up Department of Injustice’s Case Against J6 Protesters While Dunking on Biden Solicitor General During Questioning

Same line of questioning doofus…

Gorsuch threw out several meaningful real-life incidents involving these left-wing figures, including the unlawful sit-ins during a trial (which occurred during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing in 2018), Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) pulling a fire alarm to prevent a critical vote to keep the government open, hecklers during the State of the Union, and so-called “mostly peaceful” protests (BLM riots).

brown interrupted a congressional voting session, intent?

Gorsuch asked Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar whether those actions would qualify for 20 years in prison. Prelogar tried to spin her out of the questioning. She claimed that the DOJ would need to prove “corrupt intent” and whether these incidents qualified as a “meaningful” disruption of the proceedings.

Of course, all of these incidents recounted by Gorsuch met those qualifications, meaning the leftists, including Bowman, should have received years in prison. But Prelogar could not really answer Gorsuch’s queries unless she wanted to admit defeat.

(1) End Wokeness on X: “Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch nukes Joe Biden’s DOJ over January 6th sentences: Gorsuch lists multiple cases of folks who “obstructed a Congressional proceeding” without receiving a 20 year sentence. 1. Sit-ins at a trial (Kavanaugh protests) 2. Pulling a fire alarm (Rep.…” / X (

Gorsuch was having none of Prelogar’s nonsensical spinning and pushed back. “We went around that tree yesterday,” he told her.

He then pinpointed the most asinine part of her statement. “So a mostly peaceful protest that disrupts an official proceeding for an indefinite period would not be covered?”

Prelogar responded by trying to bring up the BS “intent” excuse again before Gorsuch finally shut her down.

Gorsuch made a fool of her…

This is what it looks like when the Democrat’s lawfare meets a Constitutional wall.

100%. When confronted with superior law knowledge, the argument from the left isn’t even an argument from a 1st year law student.

The election WAS overthrown…. with Democrat election fraud. Now they want to accomplish the same with more fraud and getting illegal immigrants to vote.

No, he isn’t because there WAS no attempt to overthrow a presidential election other than the massive Democrat election fraud. Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

What undeclared gifts did Joe Biden receive? 

Well, there are questions about his “renting” Tom Steyer’s Nevada home. Have you ever seen the cancelled check Joe (or slut Jill) wrote to his buddy, Tom?

But there are more.

How about those hundreds of thousands of dollars in “loan repayments” for loans never made? How about all the bills and upkeep Hunter paid for him from their influence peddling schemes? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

No surprise he has been serving since 1991, but only now its a problem cause he is not on the cultish band wagon of communism. He will gladly report anything they say he has to report.

Not only is greg anti semitic and a racist as well.


You have no problem with Schumer calling for the rabid, violent, terroristic left to attack Supreme Court Justices.

How does a misdemeanor suddenly become a felony?

When the Democrat candidate for President is a complete failure, corrupt, treasonous, incompetent and a pedophile. THAT’S how.

Democrats never recuse themselves. Their bias and prejudice is the entire point of them being there.

No crime was committed in this show trial. Only when the biden WH sent their number three from the DOJ was a case passed over three time resuscitated.

As Alito chastised the Justice Department for going too easy on some recent outbursts at the Supreme Court, he overstated his case by saying, “I don’t think any one of those protesters has been sentenced to even one day in prison.”

In fact, in 2017, a judge gave brief jail sentences to five people who disrupted a 2015 high court argument by shouting in protest of the Citizens United campaign finance decision. Four were sentenced to a weekend in jail, while one got two weekends behind bars, the Washington Post reported.

Wow. See? The DoJ is just as harsh on the Democrat’s terrorists as they are on those who reacted to Capital Police brutality and attacked. Whew… weekends. Ouch.