The Media’s Cover-Up: How Corporate Journalism Failed Laken Riley and America’s Border Crisis


by Jeff Childers

While the grotesque parody of incompetence that is Secretary Mayorkas was busily reassuring credulous reporters that the border is totally secure, corporate media was spinning like a psychotic top, throwing sparks, billowing black smoke, desperately racing against the clock to concoct a coherent cover narrative that could possibly distract the public from concluding Joe Biden’s many failures are going to get us all killed — or worse — after an illegal Venezuelan migran was arrested Friday for the horrifying rape and brutal murder of Laken Riley, 22, a young UGA nursing student slain while she was out for a jog on campus.

The accused, José Antonio Ibarra, 26, jumped the border back in September 2022, without showing any papers or passing through customs. That kind of First Class free entry is, apparently, a privilege reserved for ganged-up criminals. You try entering the U.S. without showing your papers sometime and let me know how it works out. You know, in a few years. After you get out of jail.

Anyway, that we know of, U.S. authorities were given at least three chances to stop José before he killed somebody. They failed every single time. The feds first found José near El Paso, Texas, but released him into the general population citing poorly-defined “further processing” under loose Biden asylum rules. José was then arrested at least twice while he was hanging out in New York City, including for a very serious charge of endangering a child, but each time was immediately released without bail, with authorities rushing under local sanctuary-city rules to get José out before any federal deportation process could start up.

Athens police also arrested José’s brother, Diego, charging him with having a fake green card. The University of Georgia had hired Diego to work in the school cafeteria, in spite of his fake green card, his face tattoo, and in spite of the the awkward fact that he’d been arrested in September for drunk driving without a license and separately for shoplifting, and then skipped all his court dates. Guess what happens if a citizen skips their criminal court date?

But it was almost like Diego was sure nothing would happen. For some reason.

The University of Georgia apparently had no problem with any of Diego’s red flags and hired him anyway where he was well positioned to closely observe students just like Laken.

All these sad facts are well known, or else they will be soon, although you have to push through a lot of corporate media noise to find them. Yesterday, Elon Musk called out the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for burying the lede by blandly referring to José as an “Athens man.”

Perhaps in self-defense, albeit weakly, the Journal-Constitution published an online op-ed this morning headlined, “OPINION: Death of student in Athens highlights America’s lax immigration policies.

You don’t say.

A bigger story is developing; a story about the shameful and reprehensible way the corporate media is handling these sad facts. The big papers — the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post — are simply ignoring Laken’s murder, hoping to wait it out until all this offensive anti-immigrant racism is obscured as the news cycle trundles onward. The young nursing student’s horrifying death is being better covered by the alphabet networks, but you can still scour the headlines until your eyes bleed without discovering anything about Jose’s immigration status, his criminal record, or his government-granted immunity from ordinary prosecution.

In some truly shocking examples of irresponsible journalism, some platforms are twisting themselves into politically-correct pretzels in a desperate effort to avoid mentioning the inconvenient immigration facts. Like the Associated Press, which even tried to spin Laken’s murder as sports news:

Now remember, this is the same exact corporate media that mercilessly mocked President Trump in 2018 for correctly warning it was a bad idea to let undocumented illegal migrants run around because it increases the risk of violent crime. At the time, media lampooned Trump’s warnings, labeling them as Trump’s racist “Mexican Rapist Claim”:

President Trump probably should not hold his breath waiting for any apologies. But he was obviously right. And all of corporate media was badly, murderously wrong.

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Yeah, there’s just a small gap in the wall in San Diego and the government can’t figure out how to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

biden is responsible for her death as well as any others caused by a criminal illegal alien invader. biden has failed the American people, but he was supposed to because this is intentional.

Trump blames ‘Biden’s border invasion’ for Laken Riley murder, vows ‘largest deportation operation’ if elected @realDonaldTrump

Every single one of an instance of an illegal alien invader involved in any crime is bidens fault, full stop.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Because he was living in Athens, Georgia, you stupid South African f*ck.

Musk: Why did you lie to the people by calling an illegal from Venezuela an Athens man?

Wow, you are really stupid sparky

More Trouble for Fani: Fulton County DA Fani Willis and Lover Nathan Wade Exchanged 11,865 Text Messages Before He Was Hired to Prosecute Trump – And They Both Lied About Affair Under Oath

Breaking — Judge Scott McAfee order’s Nathan Wade’s law partner to testify ‘without attorney privilege.’
Terrence Bradley compelled to testify tomorrow.

Massive Donor Drops Nikki Haley After Big South Carolina Loss to Trump

Breaking news? It’s “breaking news” nowhere but on this anonymous twitter propagandist’s social media feeds.

Oh f off you love anonymous sources its how the Russian shit about Trump was reported by the MSM.

Do you really believe Russia thwarted a bomb plot against an American Putin fanboy because “KanekoaTheGreat” says so?

“KanekoaTheGreat” is part of a QAnon social media influencer collective known as “We The Media”.

The Supreme Court on Monday appeared to have deep concerns of state laws enacted in Florida and Texas that would prohibit social media platforms from throttling certain political viewpoints.

The high-stakes battle gives the nation’s highest court an enormous say in how millions of Americans get their news and information, as well as whether sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok should be able to make their own decisions about how to moderate spam, hate speech and election misinformation.

“The First Amendment restricts what the government can do,” said Chief Justice John Roberts. “What the government’s doing here is saying ‘you must do this, you must carry these people – you’ve got to explain if you don’t. That’s not the First Amendment.”

The state laws ban online platforms from removing posts that express opinions, such as political content. States say the laws are necessary to keep the social media platforms from discriminating against conservatives…

They want social media to be wide open for disinformation and lies. They also want the state to ban books they disapprove of from schools and public libraries.

No one is for banning filthy books about the 57 so-called genders all rubbing up against one another.
The idea is to go back to having a CHILDREN’s SECTION and a separate ADULT SECTION.
That way you can still get your perverted rocks off and the innocent children can be left in peace.

Every library I’ve been in recently already has a children’s section and and adult section.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

The left wants to blend those for SCHOOL LIBRARIES.

I like Qs and Anons, there is no such thing as QAnon just as there is no such thing as assault rifle. Its the Media now. A digital army of researchers, reporting what your pussy CIA wants to keep from the public. Why do you think they push censorship of the internet?

Sure its possible Putin wanted to use Tucker and had him protected from those that dont want his voice heard for fear a bit of counter propaganda might leak. Did you read what the NYT leaked?

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Venezuelan (georgia) killer assaulted two federal officers. DOJ dropped the charges.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Man With “No Fixed Address” Arrested in Connection With Toddler’s Murder in Sanctuary County in Maryland

Another scumbag criminal illegal alien invader kills an American. More blood on bidens hands.

Just another Known Wolf, how many hundreds of them are there?

Is Putin still on death’s doorstep?

Report: Ukraine attempted to assassinate Tucker Carlson in Russia…
Perhaps you should free yourself of dependency on msnbc only for your news.

And hazmat crews have been called to Don, Jr’s home because someone sent a suspicious package and a death threat. Leftists. All the violence emanates from leftists.

Whoa triggered lil satanist or what?
The brother of the illegal immigrant arrested in connection with the killing of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley has been taken into custody for possessing a fake green card — which he used to get a job on the campus where her body was found, wow he was an Athens man too. Just providing his bro an opportunity, as described by the police.
‘Crime of opportunity;’ UGA police announce arrest in nursing student murder investigation.
The family needs to know about the background check they did for this employee, or their attorney does.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Media lies or stifles what’s happening with many murders that don’t fit their narrative.
For instance, not much on MSM about this
Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors:
• Scarlet Blake
• Jonathan Richardson/Autumn Cordellionè
• Genesse Ivonne Moreno
• Elizabeth West
• Thorsten Heinz P.
• Steven Buchanan/Susan Monica
• Dylan Butler
• Kendall Stephens
• Leion Butler
• Jason Lee Willie
• Audrey Hale
• Kimbrady Carriker
• Maya McKinney
• Snochia Moseley
• Anderson Lee Aldrich
• Moses Lopez
• William Whitworth
• Shanu Varma
• A guy calling himself Lara
• Zion William Teasley
• Jason Michael Hann
• Cali Anderson
• Dana Rivers
• Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky
• Linnea Pugmire
• Mark Campbell
• Paul S.

Don’t you think reporting he was an illegal immigrant was a more pertinent fact than trying to present him as a homeowner in Athens? The Ministry of Propaganda is trying to hide the fact that he’s one of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s boys.

Oh, and related to your previous assertion that Ibarra was transported to NYC by Abbott, he’s been there two years, before Abbott started his buses, so it was Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden that made the delivery.

Just like the Afghanistan withdrawal, all the blood is on Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s hands.

Crimes, like murder, rape and beating police are becoming rampant in the US where illegals break one law just to get here then others because that’s their nature.
But crime is only one aspect of the problems coming across our borders because of joe’s open border.

Bill Gates spread genetically modified mosquitoes over Brazil.
Months later, instead of throttling Dengue fever, it has skyrocketed in Brazil!
Those carrying it are coming here.
But, “good news.”
Gates’ has also backed the creation of another mRNA “vaccine; this one against Dengue fever!

Gates Foundation Committed To Finding Safe, Accessible Dengue Vaccine

So, will you take that jab?
sounds planned.

U.S. citizens were more than two times more likely to be arrested for a violent crime than an undocumented immigrant, this data showed, and are more likely to engage in every type of felony crime except traffic violations.

Traffic violations were the only crime most likely to be committed by legal immigrants.

In general, legal immigrants are about two times more likely to commit a crime than those who are undocumented overall. About 800 out of every 100,000 legal immigrants were found to commit a crime, compared to 400 per 100,000 undocumented immigrants…

How accurate do you think the data is when leftist cities will not arrest illegal immigrants, will not charge illegal immigrants and will not prosecute illegal immigrants?

Citizens more likely to show up to court and pay fines.
16% of prison population illegals. 30 to 60K per prisoner. 1.33 million total people incarcerated. over 200,000 imagine the crime we could fight freeing up all that cash, or euthanizing the worst of them..
This guy is a total turd

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

No, George… it was Democrats. When illegal immigrants are committing crimes on a rampage, it pretty much a REAL fear.

When local Long Beach, CA police told me they didn’t bother to ticket illegals because “they won’t pay the fines or correct the issue anyway,” was when I began planning to leave CA.
We had a street filled with CA plates with old or no registrations.
But, police said, so what.
And that was 11 years ago!
No wonder our stats on crime are skewed.

Information Regarding Immigration Status of Aliens Incarcerated Under the Supervision of the Federal Bureau of Prisons

At the end of FY 2019, a total of 27,494 known or suspected aliens were in BOP custody. Of those individuals, approximately 72 percent had been confirmed to be illegal aliens.

Of the 27,494 known or suspected aliens in BOP custody, 27,125 had been convicted of an offense (369 inmates were in pretrial status). Of those 27,125 individuals:

  • 13,727 individuals (51 percent) had committed drug offenses;
  • 8,403 individuals (approximately 31 percent) had committed immigration offenses;
  • 1,380 individuals (5.1 percent) had committed fraud;
  • 1,086 individuals (4 percent) had committed weapons offenses;
  • 1,007 individuals (3.7 percent) had committed racketeering and continuing criminal enterprise offenses (including murder for hire);
  • 553 individuals (2 percent) had committed sex offenses; and
  • 969 individuals (3.6 percent) had committed offenses including kidnapping, murder, larceny, terrorism, escape, bribery and extortion, and rape.

Well, those should be the first to be deported upon President Trumps return to office in January of 2025.

U.S. citizens most likely to be arrested for violent crime

A very, very misleading statement made by your source. It leads one to believe that it is a nation wide issue when the only state reporting was Texas. But then, you are such a dishonest person it is not surprising you try to stack the deck.

Look at how the FBI typified the shoplifting epidemic.
By posting a photo of two young white females looking around suspiciously as they each have clothes on hangers.

Social Media Users Obliterate the FBI After It Uses Two WHITE Female Models to Boast They’re Combatting Looting by Organized Gangs

By not looking in the right places, by not going after illegals and gangs, the FBI just makes itself look stupid.
CCTV in stores show what the REAL problem is.
And it’s not two white chicks who are not even shown “leaving the store without paying.”

State attorneys general say more than 85,000 children lost at the border

AOC, please pick up the phone in the lobby.

She’s too busy posing by an empty parking lot.

Democrats are committed to open borders. They will do everything they can to keep the borders open (the northern border is getting as bad). No matter how many die or suffer, how much taxpayer money their open border policies cost, they will unwaveringly try to keep our borders open. Only taking the power away from these America-haters will enable the border, and thus the nation, to be secured and to achieve an acceptable level of national security.

Illegal Aliens to Get Interest-Free Home Loans Under New Democrat-Backed California Bill

The International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Travel Loan Program helps to provide penalty and interest-free loans to refugees arriving in the United States. Refugees who accept these travel loans are required to sign a promissory note prior to departure, committing themselves to repayment of the debt within a determined period after arrival. 

IOM arranges travel for refugee using funds furnished by the Department of State and is mandated to subsequently receive refugees’ repayments on behalf of the Department of State. Repayments made are remitted to a revolving fund created between the Department of State and IOM for use by the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) to defray the cost of future refugee travel. 

A Travel Loan repayment is initially assigned either to IOM itself or to a resettlement agency.

The core belief of the Program is that refugees’ financial participation in making repayments against their debt will strengthen their determination to make a success of their migration. Furthermore, repayments are utilized by IOM and other receiving agencies to help establish the credit worthiness of the newly arriving refugees. Not only does that help refugees better integrate and contribute to the US economy, it also serves as a protection tool against abusive and predatory lending markets for those without credit worthiness.

Global Compact for Migration | IOM, UN Migration

obama signed the US up for this in his administration. President Trump ended it and guess what, joey(obama) put it back in place.

The American People should be the arbiters of immigration, not the UN. Upon President Trumps return to office, he must defund the UN, USAID and all of the current NGO’s involved in the illegal alien invasion into America.

I wonder who is stupid enough to believe that people that cannot cite an address of permanent residence will ever repay any “loan”? Well… maybe I don’t wonder.