Rachel Maddow suggests Joe Biden isn’t too old to be president because ‘he rides a bike’ Oh yeah?



MSNBC host Rachel Maddow suggested that President Joe Biden isn’t too old for the presidency, citing as evidence the fact that “he rides a bike.”

Here’s Biden showing off his bike riding skill



Now let’s look at some with serious bike skills

Joe Biden is less adept at riding than are these characters

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Any one of those monkeys would be a better President than Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

The woman is everything that is wrong with leftist media. For almost 2 years every night she promoted the Russia Russia Russia lie. Has she apologized?

There’s nothing to apologize for. Putin helped put Trump in the White House, and Trump is promoting Putin’s interests in Ukraine.

Putin helped put Trump in the White House, and Trump is promoting Putin’s interests in Ukraine.

And the pee tape was real, right?

Comrade Greggie, always the f*cking liar.

Lies are all he has.

The mueller report totally exonerated Trump. There was no evidence of election meddling by Putin. That has been debunked six ways from Sunday.

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He is to easy Doc, pulling up long debunked bull that the MSM is recycling knowing their viewers are to damaged to research.

Get a Life Pea-Brain

They changed their findings after they got the evidence the left was keeping hidden. Putin wanted Hillary in office because he had so much material to blackmail her with.

China put Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, supporting the election fraud and they intend to help him again this election.

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Really? How about a link to that? Preferably one that doesn’t lead to Epoch Times or Gateway Pundit…

I wonder, if voting and tallying machines are supposedly not connected to the internet, how could Russia possibly hack them? Hmmm….

Austin is back in the Hospital. Sickly bastid needs to be replaced.

That’s a very narrow statement. Direct alteration of the count was the least likely form interference would take. Hacking state registration data bases was done to gather information needed to effectively target audiences for social media disinformation campaigns. Late privately collected polling data was secretly turned over to Konstantin Kilimnik by the Trump campaign for the same purpose.

“The Committee has not seen any evidence that vote tallies were manipulated or that voter registration information was deleted or modified.” 

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Putin assisted Hillary. Who do you think Steele got his “intel” from?

That’s a lie, plain and simple. Hillary Clinton was the last person Putin wanted in the White House. Why do you think her campaign was targeted by Russian hackers and the information obtained released in carefully timed leaks?

Yeah, that’s why the DNC was happy to turn over their servers to the FBI, right Comrade?

You, I’ve never given more credit than is due.

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Two things I am not, Comrade Greggie; dumber than you and a liar.

You have been here for far too long pushing your propaganda.

I agree that I’ve been here too long.

You’re pretty dumb, though. That you can’t deny.

Compared to you, groomer, I am another Einstein.

Putin would have LOVED to have her as President. Then, he could take out his revenge and totally destroy her, because she was so obviously compromised. She wasn’t hacked, she was HELPED.

It is laughable on its face that Putin would have preferred Trump over the hildabeast. He would have walked all over like he has walked all over joey.

As the two old videos below demonstrate, Putin’s preference for Clinton over Trump is complete, total, undiluted hogwash. It’s fabricated revisionist “history”. It’s not just at variance with the truth; it’s the opposite of the truth.

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Got any links as proof of your claim other than left wing outlets supported by the taxpayers?

Only reality-based information sources that reported what actually happened at the time. Frontline is pretty much an impeccable journalistic source. Euronews also tries to tell a straight story. This is why they’re MAGA cult anathema.

Trump told his base he was going to lock Clinton up, remember? Every damn investigation came up empty on Benghazi. Seven altogether? With the final conclusion being, Decide for yourself. Pathetic, after they concluded on every occasion that there was no evidence to support the bullshit partisan mythology. Pizzagate? Seriously? That anyone could believe such nonsense to begin with boggles the mind. Nobody notices they’ve simply repurposed the same b.s. to attack Joe Biden.

You’ve seen the same scam again and again, but you never catch on. Nor can you figure it out when the truth is placed in front of your face. You can’t see because you won’t.

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Only reality-based information sources that reported what actually happened at the time. 

Certainly you jest.

PBS has always been considered left wing, if not far left wing. Bill Moyers was so bad PBS lost over 30 affiliates due to his show. And when he left it didn’t get much better. PBS remains left leaning.

EuroNews is, as is almost the entirety of Europe, left to far left. So to give me that crap about “reality based” is laughable.

Try again, loser.

Complete, utter nonsense. Putin held Clinton personally responsible for stirring up Russian opposition against him when she was Secretary of State. He had to put down the spreading post-election demonstrations against him by force.

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, Putin might well have lost his grip on power in Russia.

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Oh, all of a sudden you give Putin credit for being open and honest and not playing the long game? What would taste better than getting her elected, then dumping information that would get her impeached? He has all the emails she deleted, he probably has the Seth Rich laptop information. You are deluding yourself if you think Putin would not cream his jeans if he could get back at that corrupt skank Hillary.

Trump gave Putin 4 years to get his act back together. Four years to prepare the Russian public for the invasion of Ukraine.

Wow. Just… WOW.

You know Barry and Hillary had Putin boxed in, giving Ukraine all those blankets.

And MRE’s. Don’t forget the MRE’s.

Russia released nothing, Barry and the beast were sloppy and stupid, spying on Trump. Hiring Retarded Steele, leaking information to the more than eager press that got them busted using the FBI and FISA court to try to bring down the Trump campaign.

Maybe I give you credit for more intelligence than I should.

Why would the DHS do that?

You know damn well who trotted the information over to Konstantin Kilimnik.

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Information? It was the DHS that was trying to hack state election servers, we know how stupid they were to get caught.
You got nuthin for 2024, so you recycle 2016 conspiracy theories?
Let me tell you how it works out, Trump beat Hillary, Madcow cried.

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They changed their findings after they got the evidence the left was keeping hidden. 

Really? Please explain.

I just did. See above.

Chairman burr, king of the never trumpet cult. Dismissed

No, I don’t.

Or when the angel of death, victoria nuland interfered in the Ukraine election in 2014 to oust a democratically elected president to put in a puppet for the west. Ukraine has been fucked up since 2014. Who was our president then?

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How about when Menendez, Durbin and Leahey asked Ukraine to send them dirt on Trump?


Trying to be kind. She is more of a man than her understudy chris hayes.

I can remember back in High School the Library had a picture in a Encyclopedia showing Chimp on a Tricycle someone wrote the Principals name next to the Chimp

Hell hath no fury like a librarian scorned.

Racheal Madcow lost her Marbles

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden hasn’t done anything for anyone except himself and the Biden Crime Family.

Chiefs 25 49ers 22 put that in your Hookah and Smoke is Pinhead