Predictably, the Rush to Electric Cars Is Imploding


By Levi Russell

My appreciation for our freedom of movement was re-ignited recently when I finished up an engine swap into my rare-but-not-collectable 1995 Ford Thunderbird. It had blown a head gasket and had far more than 200,000 miles on it, so in went a junkyard-fresh 4.6L V8 with only 40,000 miles on the clock, or so said the yard I bought it from.

My use of the term “freedom of movement” on this site goes back to my article in March of 2022, where I pointed out that the Biden administration is hell-bent on forcing us into a mass-transit-heavy society, in part through regulations and restrictions that made it less convenient and more expensive to drive a car. I pointed out that subsidizing absurdly expensive EVs and forcing car makers to implement tech that shuts down cars (allegedly only for drunk drivers) are part of the plan. The totalitarian leftists at the Daily Kos promptly published a hit piece on me, calling me every name in the hysterical leftist playbook.

At the time, those on the fence might have considered this to be a conspiracy theory. Now, though, they’ll have to admit I was right. The NTSB recently floated the idea of limiting the maximum speed a car can be driven. The scolds in the press instantly jumped at the chance to wag their fingers at Americans who dare to drive above the speed limit. Some blatantly stated that anyone who might question giving the state this sort of power are part of some strange, fringe political minority that should be ignored by all sensible people. Of course, it’s easy to see how this might be abused, just like the aforementioned power to shut your car down at will.

recently published article in the peer-reviewed academic journal Transportation Research tells us that cars, even the supposedly anointed battery electric variety, are far too convenient and that the state must be empowered to “restrict car use.” The authors tell us that converting car lanes to bus lanes have reduced car use in Oslo. No surprise there. The fact that academia is floating this sort of policy should concern anyone who has any inkling of mistrust of the federal government. Truly our freedom of movement is in peril.

Electric vehicles are not nearly as popular as their advocates would have had us believe, as sales are now slumping in the face of rising interest rates and a lack of so-called fast chargers. As we begin to bump up against mined mineral constraints and international relations complications, there’s no doubt the cost of making these glorified toys will continue to rise. A recent Consumer Reports publication shows that, over the last 3 model years, electric vehicles are less reliable than normal gasoline and diesel vehicles. So, several states want to ban the sale of reliable, inexpensive gas and diesel cars and force us to buy less reliable electric cars. Note well that the superior reliability of hybrids is likely down to the fact that car makers who are better known for their reliability make more hybrids. There’s nothing inherent to a hybrid that would make it more reliable than a gasoline engine vehicle.

Even our ability to travel using air travel is under the gun. A CNN op-ed recently floated the idea of limiting air travel through the use of carbon (read: sin) passports. We will be limited to traveling based on the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the flight. The author wants this applied to cruise ships as well. It’s not hard to see this applied to your car as well. Of course, such rules will not apply to the super-wealthy climate grifters. They’ll be jetting all over the globe for their very important climate conferences.

And it’s not just transportation. In September, Reuters “fact checked” a claim that US cities had agreed to limit meat consumption, finding the claim false. And yet, we are told on a nearly daily basis that eliminating beef consumption is necessary to save the planet. The sin of using coal (but not apparently to create steel) has become the sin of eating a steak. What’s next? Rice? Pork?

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The left wants everyone packed into crowded cities. This means you no longer get to choose your home, your job or where to travel. I guess they will have solved the problem of rapidly spreading epidemics that cause everyone to hand leftists their ballots and trust them to cast their votes by then.

No more Farms. Ranches all our food will be made by Gates, and Swabe Plant Based Junk while they pig-out on the Meat and Dairy Products and the National Parks will be off limits to Gates, Swabe & Soros wants to be our Kings/Emperors and rule over us all. Do we have fore better reason to totally pull out of the United Nations and banished Gates Soros and Swabe and the to the Himalayas.

What we have is a bunch of controligarchs wanting to establish a neofeudalism scheme. They are being helped along by the aristocrat class who want their subjects back to enslave and the grifting political/burocrat class who think their status insulates them. Past experience tells us that they will persixt until there’s a “torches and pitchforks” moment. So, keep your powder dry until it can tip the scales.

12/08/23 – Scientists make ‘huge’ $540 billion discovery at the bottom of a giant lake

18 million tons of lithium in southern California; enough to power 382 million electric vehicles. That effectively cuts China out of the loop.

A ‘white gold’ mine containing $540 billion in treasures has been discovered at the bottom of a giant lake in Southern California.

The Salton Sea, which is the largest lake in the US state was being studied by scientists as part of research funded by the Department of Energy.

The study aimed to find how much lithium, also known as ‘white gold due to its white sand-like appearance, was at the bottom of the huge body of water.

Amazingly there was a lot of it – an unbelievable 18 million tons are believed to be sitting at the bottom of the lake. This was after scientists had already confirmed that four million tons of lithium were in the lake, which were discovered through a drilling process.

Such is the vast quantity of lithium discovered in the lake, it would be possible to create batteries for a staggering 382 million electric vehicles and make the United States the leading nation in the chemical, overtaking China.

Michael McKibben, a geochemistry professor at the University of California, Riverside, who was one of the 22 authors on the study said: “This is one of the largest lithium brine deposits in the world. This could make the United States completely self-sufficient in lithium and stop importing it through China.”

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, previously referred to the Salton Lake as Saudi Arabia of lithium. Now this new discovery means that the lake is the biggest source of lithium in the world.

The LA Times climate journalist Sammy Roth, told KJZZ radio: “They found that there’s potentially enough lithium down there to supply batteries for 382 million electric vehicles, which is more, more vehicles than there are on the road in the United States today. So, if we could get all that lithium, that’d be huge.”

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

I predict Democrat will make it cost far more than $540 billion to get that lithium, if they can get one ounce of it. Sounds like great news… we’ll have to see.

According to SFGATE, getting to the lithium will not be easy and will require “geothermal production wells to extract the lithium-rich brine from thousands of feet below the earth’s surface, and once the lithium is dissolved from the brine, the liquid is pumped back underground.”

As well as the 180,000 residents who live nearby who could be impacted by the drilling, the water supply, which comes from the Colorado River could also be affected as a huge amount of water will be needed to complete the process.

Last edited 2 months ago by Just Plain Bill

Doesn’t mean people will buy electric cars. Doh.

2,442,270 electric cars are already registered in the United States.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

This is the same guy who asked Congress for $7.5 billion in 2021 to install electric vehicle chargers all over the country, but two years later not one charger has been installed.

Biden’s speech was a total disaster.

Biden announced how much the new investment would cost: “over a billion, three hundred million, trillion, three hundred million dollars.”

You expected chargers to pop up like toadstools? Over half of all states haven’t solicited bids for construction yet. Groundbreaking is expected to begin in 2024. The 500,000-chargers target isn’t expected to be hit until 2026.

Biden doesn’t have a magical fairy wand like your cult leader claims to have. Biden would never tell people he could resolve the war in Ukraine in 24 hours, with a single phone call. If he did make such a claim, democrats would be smart enough not to believe him.

Over half of all states haven’t solicited bids for construction yet.

That’s because the money is just being stolen, which was the intent all along.

EVs Have 79% More Reliability Problems Than Gas Vehicles

(Natural News)—Electric vehicles are failing to live up to their promise, with a new report from Consumer Reports showing that they have an incredible 79 percent more problems than their conventional counterparts, in addition to being less reliable.

Plug-in hybrids fared even worse, registering 146 percent more problems than vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines.