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Is she smoking California medicinal marijuana? It scares me to see people like her and Sheila Jackson having the abiity to shape our government.

From someone else…

Her words ring of denial over the fact her party was soundly embrassed Nov 2010 and acting like 2012 will be in their favor…

Keep dreamin Pelosi. The current antics from the Senate Democrats will not reinforce your posture of, “fiscal responsiblity” to the public.

It’s almost like she’s living in bizarro world and here at the same time. Show me a current democrat who has ever been concerned with fiscal responsibility, and……………………..well, it isn’t possible anyway, so it doesn’t matter what I’d do.

Well, she and President Obama created jobs, if you count increased job losses as jobs.

The government can’t create a bill that creates jobs. Doesn’t she know that. Well, they can create government jobs, but those are sucking at the tit of the private sector. The private sector wants to create jobs, but the government is looking for every way to stop private job progress.

They constantly lampoon the private sector, those with wealth. And you look at what happens when the wealthy fall. I was reading an article on a woman whose house and business is being foreclosed on and people seem to relish it. Yet, the question has to be asked.. how many people did she employ? It doesn’t matter, as according to them, she didn’t deserve the money anyway.

I say, you want to create jobs, make the job of being a business owner easier. That’s how to create jobs.

I don’t know how anyone could remain a Democrat with this kind of idiocy in leadership.