Oh Look, Another Lab Leak: Dr. McCullough Spoils the Bird Flu Narrative


by Jeff Childers

Someday soon they’ll regret activating all these professionals who used to mind their own business. Dr. Peter McCullough and friends published a new study about the origins of bird flu this week in the open journal Cureus, titled “Proximal Origin of Epidemic Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 Clade and Spread by Migratory Waterfowl.

McCullough is looking into bird flu, and not liking what he’s seeing. A couple days ago, he described his study’s conclusion on Twitter/X:

Our new study presents strong evidence that the current HPAI H5N1 “Bird Flu” Clade outbreak is a result of laboratory leaks from the USDA Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (SEPRL) in Athens, Georgia and the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Before the pandemic, highly credentialed Dr. McCullough was a busy clinical cardiologist, researcher, and prolific study author. But the pandemic transformed him into one of the most prominent and influential vaccine critics and heterodox thinkers.

Now, he’s disassembling their silly bird flu narrative in an explosive study that properly cited virologist Geert Vanden Bossche.

McCullough’s study persuasively argued that two research labs, one in Athens, Georiga, and one in the Netherlands, caused the current bird flu ‘pandemic.’ Both labs have long been engaged in gain of function research on bird flu. So McCullough and his team mapped the spread of the current epidemic, and found geographic evidence of spread from the two labs.

image 9.png

They pulled the wool over our eyes with covid by hiding it’s lab origins until it was too late. This time, Dr. McCullough isn’t letting them get away with it. If they want to fire up a bird flu pandemic this year, the discussion will include the virus’s origins from day one.

And they might not want to talk about bird flu’s lab origins, which could cause them to back down. We’ll have to wait and see, but this study may have single-handedly torn off the new pandemic’s fake beak and saved us all from another exhausting ordeal.

Even brushing aside Biden’s nuclear warmongering, these virus scientists and their gain of function experiments “to predict the next pandemic” might pose the single greatest imminent threat to mankind. At some point, we need to start acting like they are an existential threat.

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Just in the nick of time!

Ivermectin treats/cures almost all viruses.
People who kept it on hand were able to use it immediately when they tested positive for covid.
Bird flu is also a virus.

Oh how handy they have a vaxx ready for this.
And lets all believe that a piece of cloth will protect us all from something created and released from a level 4 lab.

  1. They should wrap all level 4 labs in huge sheets.

They should sterilize all of them with chlorine gas, and seal them up.

Back when the Bird Flu and those idiots from PETA was urging us to all go Vegan

Melissa made a good catch on that “no symptoms,” point.
Test any dna/rna titre thru enough times and you can come up positive for anything.
Most of the time your nose prevents disease from getting into your lungs.
But your nose might have an exposure.
We were wonderfully designed.

So, if you are suffering from no symptoms, see your doctor immediately and demand the newest and most experimental vaccine the WEF is recommending.

Only raw milk is suitable for making your own cream, butter and cheese. The nutrients have not been cooked out. Today with refrigeration there is little risk.
Visiting my uncles AAA grade dairy farm its all they had. Its all anyone had growing up on a farm, they were not sickly or weak. The butter is more yellow in the summer with the cows getting fresh grass, less silage.
The modern farmer needs to be re-educated to break the chemical industry cycle, return to a more sustainable more nutritious balance.


Fuck Monsanto/bayer.

Last edited 3 days ago by kitt

Here, in Utah, at least up until this week, we have a thriving raw milk industry.
Lots of small cheese companies sell their wares at small markets.

Imagine the Government walking into a school and testing kids 1 is sick they mandate the culling of every kid.

I know TWO people VERY interested in conversing with the coofy19 pokers……
Messrs Smith y Wesson….

Choose wisely.

I remember when idiots here were claiming Democratic health care proposals included death panels. Years later, there’s been no change in the right’s tactics or intelligence level.

Greg can you answer why they decided to test the man in Mexico for bird flu?
Tested his corpse
Tested him for a strain that never has crossed species not the same strain that supposedly is in the US
He was in a hospital for weeks prior to his death
No contact with birds or cattle
Used the highly inaccurate PCR test
Only reported weeks after he died with kidney failure and advanced diabetes.
Seems rather odd to me.
This new plandemic seems to threaten our protein supply eggs, chicken and beef
comment image

Last edited 2 days ago by kitt

At the time, “death panels” referred to bureaucrats that would decided to LET you die, not those that decide to MAKE you die that we have now.