My Staggeringly Hot Take on What the Brexit Means for the US Election


Erick Erickson:

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. It is a seismic global event. Markets are going to be extremely volatile today. The other thing that will be extremely volatile are the amazingly hot takes on ways this vote in the United Kingdom will impact or shape the American Presidential election. It won’t. Not everything is about us, our election, and Donald Trump.

This was a matter for Britain related to Europe, not Trump related to Clinton. All your hot takes saying things like Clinton needs to pay attention to this area or Trump needs to pay attention to this issue are all crap takes by people pretending to be smarter than they are. But, see point four below.

There are a few things worth noting, though, that do relate to the United States.

First, the British have just voted for the conservative concept that the government that governs closest to the people governs best. The elite have been rejected. We are seeing that happen here. People are angry and do not trust the leaders in government or the intellectual elite.

Second, the trust of Washington in this country is actually greater than the trust of the EU in Great Britain. While I may hate Washington, I have to remind myself that I am in the smaller of the two major political parties. The anger of Trump voters is actually not as widespread in this country as anti-EU anger is in Great Britain.

Third, the polling actually got it basically right. It was an exceedingly close vote and the polling reflected that. For all the people drafting hot takes that the Brexit win means Trump can win should note that the polling in Britain was as close as the actual outcome. In this country, Trump has been below 40% in just about every major poll of late and has trailed Hillary Clinton by at least five points in the polling average for the last several weeks.

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Voter turn out was huge, the liberal media whined and cried said it was angry older white men, bigots, damn those nationalists.
One comment see what you get when you cover-up 1400 rapes. Referring to Rotherham. I dont even pretend to fully understand the situation, just the EU looked like liberal rulers committing intentional homicide by refugee in their countries.

England votes to leave the European(Soviet)Union far far behind that why america needs to leave the United Nations

David Cameron, who strongly campaigned for the UK to remain in the European Union, is a member of the UK’s Conservative Party. He’s not a liberal. His government has overseen many reductions in UK entitlement programs.

The British held off Hitler while the other European countries bailed out. They dug in and defended their country, to the death. I hope this is that same courage.

@Greg: The politics is a bit different, conservative there is not same as here, he failed and is getting out. Liberals there make Sanders look very conservative.
There are a few more countries that want out of the EU and give Brussels the 1 finger salute.

What I see is the possibility of Europe fragmenting and weakening, precisely at the moment when it needs to present a more united and organized cooperative front against a couple of very obvious external threats. I believe that is also Cameron’s concern.

@kitt: Cameron is not going anywhere. This is knee jerk reaction that will not bode well for European economies.

@Greg: He already announced resignation

@kitt, #8:

Yep. I watched a live news feed during the early morning hours as he did so. It was a well-spoken announcement, given the disappointment he was surely feeling. He said he’d remain until October and fully support the efforts of his successor.

@Richard Wheeler: Dont think the People of the UK care much about any Nation but their own, they see Germany and how her citizens are treated, how immigrants displace Germans. They built a great country one of the largest economies in the world to see it crumbling with the socialist economies of the EU
Globalists just got a kick in the keester.

As somebody pointed out today on the NBC business channel, globalists aren’t causing globalism; they’re just people who understand that it’s happening, and that people and their nations can either accept that and adapt to optimize the results, or ignore it and get left in the dust. Globalism is the result of rapidly advancing technology, which inevitably expands travel, trade, communication, and business interests beyond national borders into a global marketplace. You wind up becoming part of a global community whether you want to or not. It can’t be stopped, because business sees to it that technology is taken advantage of and expanded to the fullest extent possible. It’s the only way they can successfully compete.

The countries that entered the EU didn’t get in to be ruled by socialist non elected bureaucrats adding regulation after regulation.
Like here their Pols got lazy and gave more and more power to these unelected elites.
They made rules and decisions based on feelings
that made zero sense to those that had to live by them. Every Brit at least wanted heavy reforms those that voted to leave knew it was a hopeless situation. Like here the unelected unless fired en-mass and their regulations tossed in a volcano will not be reformed and our Pols just as lazy wont take their responsibilities back.
There is no difference between Dems and Reps, they are both lazy irresponsible and clueless on the causes of the voters frustration.