Lessons Unlearned: The Fallout of NATO’s Ill-Fated Ukraine Campaign



Now that the Ukraine war is dragging to a close and NATO is running out of willpower, money, guns, tanks and artillery shells, with shaky economies, unstable politics, too many angry farmers and new wars (domestic and foreign) to worry about, it’s time to remember just how it all began.

Easily, lightheartedly, stupidly –

if you don’t know anything, everything looks easy.

False assumptions and false history explain how Washington and the NATO it controls got into this mess.

All wrong.

And so they bet the farm on an innocent “captive nation”, yearning to be a democracy just like us, which was attacked by a clumsy, stupid mass army of imperialist incompetents from a country with a feeble economy and unstable politics. No wonder it all looked so easy.

Russia hasn’t collapsed, run out of weapons, the ruble isn’t rubble and Putin is still there. The Russian economy, says the IMF, grew more than any G7 country last year and its military, says General Cavoli, is stronger and those who were then sure that “Putin is finished”, now tremble for their foundations. And maybe NATO has ruined itself.

Have they learned anything? Let’s ask Victoria Nuland who is just returned to Kiev for the tenth anniversary of gluing the thing together. Nope. Failure.

If you start with imaginary assumptions, you’ll get imaginary results. As they say in German “Putin wurde brutal unterschätzt.”


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This was a huge catastrophic mistake by the west. They were never going to effect regime change in Russia. The west underestimated the resolve of Putin.

Before we started funding the biden crime family with a phony war in Ukraine, Russia was in real trouble. Their population was in freefall:comment image
The average age of women in Russia was 44.2 years.
That means that even if their government paid women to have more babies, there are too few women young enough to make a difference.
Out of 236 total countries on earth, Russia ranks 221st in population growth/shrinkage.
Russia is deep in population shrinkage.
It takes 2.1 children per woman to be a ZERO population growth, but Russian women only have 1.5 children.

We should have left it all alone, but joe saw a way to launder our tax money into his pocket.
So, here we are.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden doesn’t have a history of doing the right thing.

Find out if your Senator needs a Primary

Hey Pianist since when does war save lives, you are down to old men, cripples, your young women, and some mercenaries.
A generation of young Ukrainian men are lying in their graves, hows that new mansion?