I absolutely love Lavern Spicer




I follow her on X (Twitter). She is a total joy. This is her response to Lex Luthor Pressley’s whining about white men failing up:


Gotta love it.





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Maybe she was referring to Jared Bernstein. But the Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden regime is LOADED with such worthless churns. But, Pressley, what exactly is YOUR area of expertise?

Hair removal.

Looking like a witch from Dune.
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She should hate joe, then…..
CNN, data reporter Harry Enten was asked “Why do you think Biden is doing better in the Great Lakes and Trump is doing so much better in the Sun Belt?”

Enten’s answer: “The Trump coalition is becoming more diverse, and, of course, those Sun Belt battleground states are more diverse than the Great Lake battleground states.
“You look at Nevada, Arizona, heavy Hispanic population. Georgia, heavily African American population. Michigan does have some black voters in it. But Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are heavily, heavily whites.”

joe calls Trump “racist” every chance he gets…. but ….. Trump does better in more diverse battleground states!
If the results were reversed, the press would be screaming about how this proves Trump is blowing a white supremacist dog whistle.

joe must be a racist.
The polls prove it.