Hamas Isn’t the Only Terrorist Group Getting a Boost From Biden


by Stephen Kruiser

It cannot be said too often: Joe Biden ruins everything.

Ever since the United States achieved superpower status, the world gets a little wobbly whenever the president here is weak. Our current chief executive is run by committee. The bad people in the world know that they won’t be getting any decisive moves from the United States in response to anything they do, so they’re acting up.

Gosh, if only we’d been warned.

Joe Biden launched his parade of foreign policy debacles by reinvigorating the Taliban with his criminally botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. He also gifted them a kajillion dollars’ worth of U.S. military equipment. It was a perverse sort of terror starter kit.

Biden and his handlers still claim that the withdrawal was a success, by the way.

We’ve seen that the Biden administration is doing all that it can to preserve what is left of Hamas so that the organization can regroup, rebuild, and kill more Israelis. As my friend Stephen Green wrote last week, Joe Biden has made us a terror-sponsoring state.

Yesterday, Mr. Green wrote about the once again very active killers of the Islamic State. ISIS is a terror network that Stephen reminds us is the worst of the worst:

When you’ve made enemies of the United States, Russia, Iran, Israel, and all of Europe — and you did so through some of the most sensationally savage acts of terror ever committed — it’s a sure thing that you’re the bad guys.

The more that these wildfires keep popping up, the harder they are to extinguish. Joe Biden is essentially a foreign policy arsonist at this point. It’s global crisis wildfire whack-a-mole now. The Biden administration is too overwhelmed to do anything now even if it wanted to toughen up and address a problem like the resurgent ISIS.

As Stephen notes in his column, however, they don’t really want to. In fact, when it comes to ISIS, he says that “the major players are sitting out.”

We all know what Russia is busy with and why it can’t help deal with ISIS just now. Putin wasn’t that active when Trump was president, if you’ll recall. This is another one we can put in the “Biden Ruins Everything” column.

Here is Stephen’s description of where the U.S. is at in all of this:

The U.S. is led by an old and feckless man whose foreign policy is paralyzed by fears of “escalation.” This White House is perfectly willing to use almost any means against domestic threats, like concerned parents of schoolkids, peaceful Jan 6. protestors, and the Supreme Court. Biden’s foreign policy is an endless series of wasteful and dangerous half-measures.

That’s also a good description of the growing lack of will among the American people for continued U.S. support of Ukraine. It’s one never-ending, increasingly expensive half-measure. That’s what we get when we are being led by a president and cabal whose only core principle is to remain in power.

At this rate, we won’t have to worry about the burdens of being a global superpower for much longer. Biden’s puppet masters are doing all that they can to cede that status to China.

Who knows where the next round of wildfires will start burning?

Let’s hope and pray that al Qaeda isn’t feeling too left out these days.


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Biden is worse than feckless. Hevis a blowhard. The Andy Fire of international diplomacy. Not only,doesc”the emperor has no clothes”… He has no gonads either.

And no brains. Just strings for Obama and Soros to pull.

Biden t he Blunder his polls are tanking his acts of Treason and abuse of power anyone who still supports him and do support him should hide away for the rest of their lives and become a hermit