GOP Rep. Clay Higgins BOMBSHELL: Over 200 FBI Agents/Assets ‘Dressed as Trump Supporters’ on Jan. 6



Chris Salcedo – Joining me now, Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins. Congressman. Merry Christmas. Glad to see you. You recently grilled FBI Director Christopher Ray regarding the FBI’s role on January 6. Let’s play a clip of that for the folks at home.

Rep. Clay Higgins – “A year later, we the people still do not have a definitive answer from you or anyone else in the Biden administration regarding the FBI presence and participation…Can you confirm that the FBI had that sort of engagement with your own agents embedded within to the crowd on January 6?”

Chris Wray – “If you are asking whether the violence at the Capitol on January 6 was part of some operation orchestrated by FBI sources and or agents, the answer is emphatically.”

Rep. Clay Higgins – “You’re saying no.”

Rep. Clay Higgins – “No.”

Chris Salcedo – In my opinion, it appears the FBI, Congressman, as it targets one political party, targets whole religions, has turned into a quasi secret police force targeting Americans rather than defending us. How do you see it?

Rep. Clay Higgins – Yeah, very similar from my perspective, sir. The FBI was not only involved in the actions on January 6 from within, they had, I suspect, over 200 agents embedded within the crowd, including agents or as they would call, human assets inside the Capitol dressed as Trump supporters before the doors were opened. Beyond that, the FBI had embedded themselves and infiltrated online chat groups and websites and social media accounts across the country with any group that was discussing objections to COVID oppression. And the FBI effectively infiltrated those groups. And when you track the text threads and the communications within those groups and find the origins of suggestions of potential violence or an active occupation of the Capitol on January 6, you’ll find that those messages were led by members of the groups that ended up to be the FBI agents that had infiltrated the group.

So the FBI’s involvement was deep, not just on J Six, but on the days and weeks and months prior. And of course, the video that’s just recently been released also showing the Capitol Police welcoming in people into the Capitol, not trying to keep them out as we were led to believe initially undermining this whole insurrection narrative.

Chris Salcedo – Congressmen were also now learning through new court documents special inquisitor jack Smith demanded a list of Twitter users that liked or retweeted social media posts from President Trump. Congressman, as the Democrats have largely abandoned the Constitution and with the corruption that we’ve all witnessed at FBI and DOJ, it doesn’t take much imagination to see socialists in the Democrat Party using a list like that for government threats, government intimidation, and government coercion. Can Republicans in good conscience continue to fund a DOJ and its operatives in light of their partisan and what I see as anti American actions, conservatives, Republicans certainly stand against funding a DOJ and FBI that has clearly weaponized against American people.

Rep. Clay Higgins – We’re taking a hard look at rebuilding the whole thing. So let me say regarding Jack Smith and his request for another list of American citizens under some alleged legitimate investigative effort. I consider it a badge of honor to be on another one of Jack Smith’s list. So I can just say that his days are numbered and American patriots are not going to stand idly by a good sir and allow our republic to dissolve. We are prepared to legally and peacefully and within the parameters of the constitution with every ounce of our might and focus. The leftist will not take our country from us. We are standing strong. And I thank you for being a voice of truth and freedom.

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Saw this when the Charlotteville protest about tearing down a statue was being organized.
People were begging the organizers to give them information on their leaders as NO ONE had heard of the two guys.
The “leaders” were the ones who insisted on the tiki torches.
Later, after it was over, the marchers found out their “leaders” were both fbi-informant/assets.
It was too late.
Instead of making a point about respecting American history, all people say is “nazis.”
Now we find out the Jan 6th violence was all because of democrats/deep state actors pretending to support Trump while whipping up the crowd.
When are we going to learn?

We have known since five days after January 6 that it was orchestrated by the FBI. The committee set up by pelosi was intended to coverup the malfeasances by the DOJ/FBI as well as those in Congress who knew that there would be successful challenges to the electoral vote count. Our sociopathic overloads could not risk the election to be decided by the House of Representatives.

The chickens have come home to roost. Time for Speaker Johnson to form a new committee.

You also “know” there was massive election fraud, without a damn bit of evidence supporting the claim.

We have known since five days after January 6 that it was orchestrated by the FBI. 

You also “know” there was massive election fraud, without a damn bit of evidence supporting the claim.


They tried to subpoena Epstein’s client list yesterday. Durbin blocked it. Is he doing this to protect Trump?

The 2020 election was stolen. biden is illegitimate. President Trump won the 2020 election with 74 million votes. Pudding brain biden did not get 81 million votes, give me a break.

11/30/23 – Pro-Trump attorney who helped orchestrate fake electors plot cooperating in Nevada criminal probe

A Nevada state-level criminal investigation into the fake electors plot intended to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 election win is ramping up with prosecutors securing the cooperation of a key witness, even as some of those who served as pro-Trump electors remain politically active ahead of the 2024 election.

Kenneth Chesebro, a lawyer who helped orchestrate the fake electors plot across multiple states, has agreed to sit down with Nevada investigators in hopes of avoiding prosecution there, sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

Chesebro’s cooperation with Nevada prosecutors covers his involvement in that state leading up to January 6, 2021 – when pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to prevent Congress from certifying Biden’s legitimate electoral victory.

In late 2020, Chesebro wrote a series of memos spelling out what the pro-Trump electors should do in their respective states. In one memo, Chesebro acknowledged that he was promoting a “controversial strategy” that even the Supreme Court with its conservative supermajority would “likely” reject.

Chesebro has already pleaded guilty in the Georgia 2020 election subversion case, where he has admitted to conspiring with former President Donald Trump to put forward slates of fake electors in multiple states.

CNN has identified Chesebro as an unindicted co-conspirator in the federal criminal case that special counsel Jack Smith brought against Trump this summer.

Nevada is among at least five states that have launched criminal investigations into efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Two of those states – Michigan and Georgia – have already brought criminal charges against some of the people who signed onto the alternative slates of fake electors, and more charges could be brought soon…

There was no such plot.

We did have a plan should the constitution be up held, there had to be alternative electors in place by a certain legal time line. How the MSM frames it is much like they frame j6.
It has happened before,

The plan involved having bogus electors file fraudulent credentials. They were ready to step in after Pence stopped the count of state certified votes. But he refused, because it would require him to break his oath and exceed his constitutional authority. Trump sent the crowd to the Capitol to convince him to change his mind. That was the mission he gave them, as I recall. Pence left under guard instead, narrowly missing a crowd that had been chanting he be hanged.

It was a failed insurrection. I’d call it a clown car crash, but it wasn’t remotely funny. It was deadly. And the guy responsible hasn’t given up. He’s trying to bring down the entire system that would hold him accountable.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

It wouldnt break his oath, congress is the firewall to phoney elections
It is not just some silly ceremony, it offers the opportunity to present evidence of fraud, that why Nancy tossed her little coup party with the FBI and antifa agitators. Had the security doors opened had people murdered.
You post the most retarded things, the twisted propaganda and ignorance simply repeating mockingbird bullshit.
They did not want the evidence or reasons for the contested electors televised.

There should be a paper back up of every vote on a ballot that has a serial number and watermarked. Only citizens of the US should vote and present ID to do so. Mail in , or absentees should have a reason to be requested such as military service, not on vacation or some unavoidable excuse.
Minimum, mandatory sentence for fraud.
Those States that do not fully comply with requested audits should have their representatives removed from all committees.

The assertions presented by greg fail on so many levels it reaches beyond absurdity.

Alternate electors are not a criminal act evidence the 1960 election.

Pence could not violate his oath to the Constitution because the very document provided him authority to act when presented with evidence of irregularities.
Multiple states had sent communications to Pence requesting in his capacity to return their electors for further investigation by the States. States requesting return of their electors for examination is well within the purview Constitutionally.

It was anything but an insurrection. The participants came unarmed. How would they possibly impose their will on the members of the joint session, in RISK gamelike fashion, capturing the Capital?

The peaceful protest became a riot instigated by antifa/blm and the fbi dressed as Trump supporters.

Body cam footage now shows the capital police unnecessarily engaging violently against the peaceful protesters in order push them toward violence.

The democrats and GOPe knew that enough challenges to the counting of the electoral votes would reduce the fraudulent advantage biden had sending the election outcome to the House of Representatives where President Trump would prevail.

Last edited 3 months ago by TrumpWon

Filing fraudulent elector credentials was a federal crime. The orchestrated scheme also involved criminal acts in multiple states.

Alternate electors are not a criminal act evidence the 1960 election.

Even the FBI concluded the events on January 6 was not an insurrection.

Pence knew damn well it would be a betrayal of his sacred oath to uphold the Constitution. He took the “So help me, God” part very seriously.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

You should look “bogus” up in a dictionary. Nowhere does the word “alternate” appear and these were alternate delegates. But, we’ve seen you have no possible use for or interest in truth or facts.


bo·gus – adjective – not genuine or true; fake.

They were submitted to the federal archivist with state certificates of authenticity—also bogus

“I didn’t vote for that guy, so nobody voted for him.”

There should have been FBI agents in the crowd. Right-wing extremists came prepared for violence. They were the instigators; the wolves among the sheep. Steve Bannon stated ahead of time that all hell was going to break loose.

Bannon explains Trump’s stolen election scam a week before election day:

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

Well…. YEAH. Otherwise, there was going to be no violence. Duh.

So, we basically we have one of three conclusions. One, the FBI had completely infiltrated social media discussions among groups going to the Capital on January 6th. If there was any pre-planned violence, the FBI failed to stop it.

Two, there was no discussion of planned violence and the FBI infiltrated to make sure it happened.

Or, three, there was no violence planned or intended until the Capital police opened fire on the crowd and incited the violent reaction.

The FBI knows which one applies.