Budget deal reached involving “at least $33 billion” in cuts


So there’s the secret top-line figure we knew of but didn’t have a number for. $33 billion — and maybe a bit more — pegging this just north of half of the GOP’s target for the year.

Good enough, tea partiers?

Sources tell me that budget negotiators on Capitol Hill have tentatively agreed on a deal that would involve at least $33 billion in spending cuts from this year’s budget. That’s $23 billion dollars more than Democrats have previously agreed to in short-term continuing resolutions, and $28 billion less than Republicans previously passed in the House…

The deal could still fall apart over the composition of the cuts, or policy “riders” previously passed by the House.

…Before you throw up your hands and decide that it’s third-party time, though, here’s a bit of breaking news from The Hill: “Senate Republicans will finally unveil their balanced budget amendment tomorrow, this time with leadership (I.e., McConnell) on board.” That’s the way they’re going to sell this to Republican voters, I guess — by accepting a deal on this year’s budget and then going nuclear on the next, replete with entitlement reform and a BBA.

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No third parties should be considered, the House is doing its best with the dems in full control of Senate and WH. We had the house and senate and could pressure Clinton back in ’95. Third party will assure the dems keep power in the the 2012 elections.
the dems are counting on tea party splitting up conservatives. what is the problem with understanding that control of one house is not complete power for change. i hear this crap all day long and it will lose us 2012 if it isn’t explanined more clearly by our conservative media. Tea party needs to chill. even hannity doesn’t get it.
Senate can block us and obummer can veto anything. Hell , he has no law binding him anyway. No constitution, nothing. Remember all the business and banks he took over. Health care passed without going back to the senate for final vote because brown got elected for the 60th vote. we are screwed as is with out tea party ignorance handing over 2012 to marxists.
When the campaigns were going on last year, many tried to make clear if we don’t get the senate all we can hope to do is put some brakes on spending and tyranical government until 2012. may take 2 more elections to help us. Please someone explain this to tea party groups keep all conservatives together, once they divide us because some don’t understand how senate , house and WH work , we are over. They always beat us because our side is ignorant of simple facts and dems have msm to hide their criminality.

Sounds like a Dem cave in.
What had the Republicans said they could cut when pro-rated for the shorter year?
About $44 billion.
And what have Republicans gotten, if this budget deal goes through?
$33 billion plus the two CR cuts; the two week cut of $4 billion and the three week cut of $6 billion.
Total $44 billion.