Breaking the UniParty


by Sundance

The number one question raised is how to unite the general population of normal Americans and find a common way to push back against the radicals who have taken control of government and the domestic power structures aligned with the public-private partnership.

There have been several discussions centered around the use of federalism; factually, there is a good argument to be made that tactical civics can have a strong impact on the overall dynamic of a detached, disinterested and yet weaponized system of government.   However, the flaw within this process is thinking the power center operators care about what is happening at the boundaries of our defenses.

Factually, the state elected officials and those sent to DC are part of the same system.  They are detached from us.  Try to contact or use the process of “constituent services” and you will quickly discover how you are viewed as a simple annoyance to those who unilaterally decide how they will participate in ruling over you.

Not only does this UniParty assembly mean our applying electoral federalism (aka tactical civics) results in a slower march toward the same cliff, it also means we are comforted by a sense of something that ultimately provides little value.

We need actionable steps that can be taken.

Additionally, we already know if Donald Trump can take the MAGA fight back to Washington DC, the entire apparatus of government, and yes that includes your elected representatives, will fight to destroy him at every opportunity.  So, how exactly do we: (a) support President Trump, (b) push back against the weaponized state, (c) confront our government abusers.

There are more of us than them, yet each of our efforts seems to face the full force of “them” against a divided sense of “us.”  One of the ways we have discussed direct push back is a modern version of a workers solidarity movement.  Essentially the creation of a system where targeted general work strikes can have an impact on the system that is targeting us.

It is one thing to discuss the Polish Solidarity Movement in esoteric terms of endearment.  It is another thing entirely to think about the application of a labor strike process within the United States where 370 million people live.  However, if you apply the concept of tactical civics simultaneously, you can make an argument the tactical civics are the shield (EU truckers), and the labor strike is the spear (EU farmers).

One of the advantages we have in the USA governmental structures is the “Republican Form of Government,” or the constitutional republic and the ability of states to determine their own interests.

Think about targeting now going in reverse, where WE THE PEOPLE now target the non-compliant system operators and/or politicians.  A Senator or Congress person aligns against Trump’s interests, our interests, and instead of gnashing our teeth, we immediately begin a targeted work stoppage in/around the representative’s district.  In this scenario we don’t need tens of millions to make an impact, only a few thousand can completely change the dynamic.

How does it work?  How is it possible?  How did the people of Poland pay their bills during the solidarity strikes?  How do you organize that process so that everyone can participate, and yet no one individually needs to carry the risk of losing?  These nuts-and-bolts questions are part of my research mission.

How effective would a Congressional District (CD-??) “sick-out” be?   Perhaps timed for every Wednesday, beginning on the {fill_in_the_blank_day} and continuing until the representative understood that he/she alone was the cause of the economic trouble in their district.  You see, the general labor strike doesn’t need to be scaled to the size of Poland circa 1980’s; instead with modern communication, it can target very specific places and create just as big an impact.

The dismantling of a weaponized government first begins with a set of political representatives who are willing to take apart the institutional tools that government uses to weaponize their power.   As we saw with the hyped and yet failed Congressional Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government, once the public appears to be satiated with false hope from yet another created assembly, the representative group does nothing.

The urgency of the committee silo might look entirely different if the trash was not getting picked up in the committee members’ districts.  Or the lawns were not getting mowed, or the cooks stayed home, etc.

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Well first there was McCarthy. Next Ronna Romney McDaniel and finally McConnell. All three are controlled by big money donors who do not care about America. There are more timid in both the House and Senate that will need to be turfed out replaced by America first patriots.

Breaking the uniparty/administrative state is going to be an uphill battle. It is a hill to die on. The consequences of completely losing the Country to the tyrannical left will be tantamount to a living death. Think of N. Kores or post WWII East Germany. The evidence of the intentions of the tyrannical left have been on display for the past three years. And no, biden has not been the master crafter of this. He is merely a puppet. The demons behind the scenes are evil incarnate.
If those who ‘represent’ us can not move to aggressively defend the people they represent, they are the problem because they are beholden to others, not the People.
President Trump may be the tip of the spear in correcting the dysfunction of our Republic. He will need warriors to fight against the evil that has engulfed our Republic.

In order to “Keep the Republic given to us by the Framers”, difficult choices will need to be made.

Excellent follow on post by Sundance. Folks, we are being lied to enmasse, with impunity by the infrastructure of the government and the First Amendment protected media. The degradation of conditions for everyday Americans appears to be coming more quickly than ever before. Sundance has presented ‘SAF’ reports that are password protected. The ‘SAF’ reports short for “slowly at first” akin to the frog in the boiling pot analogy. They are advisory and preparatory in nature but they strive to inform patriots and encourage us to away from the “shiny” objects psyops being conducted on us daily.

I believe many here who are regular commenters know this in their gut. There are a couple here who are not friendlies to the cause for saving the Republic. The recent commentary on their part is becoming extremely desperate and telling IMHO. To me it indicates the temp on the boiling pot may be increasing.

For what is worth, just some random thoughts on my part. Have a great day all…

The Western Sanctions Against Russia and U.S. CBDC

Whenever the possibility presents, throw sand into the machinery…
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Make all lobbying illegal, its simply legalized bribery.
Graduation to high corporate positions from any level of government forbidden, the CDC and FDA are prime examples.
Zero stock trades or buying while in office.
All laws passed must also apply to congress, make them take AHCA insurance.
Zero foreign aid until the debt is paid.
Zero raises for any government job til the debt is paid.

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All excellent points. I fear so much of the control put in place for the people and the states has been rendered weak by the power structure elites.
Term limits would go far in correcting the representation failures.

Term limits wont happen without a convention of States, none of my wishlist will happen without constitutional changes, not that the government respects the constitution.

Yes, I have lost track of how many state had adopted resolutions for an Article V convention. I think it was somewhere in the mid twenties, not enough yet to call for the convention though.
It will be the only way to establish term limits. Greedy politicians would never sign on to a constitutional amendment proposed by Congress.

Any changes to the constitution must be agreed on by the 3/4 of the states. Congress cant do it alone.

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