Biden’s Titanic: The $320 Million Pier that Couldn’t Handle a Kiddie Pool


by Jeff Childers

Honestly, I didn’t think we’d return to the Biden Pier story so soon, but the massive failure they tried to hide has expanded and beached all over Gaza. It’s a much bigger story now, bigger even than the Navy’s pier-building budget. Late yesterday, CNN ran the tragic story with the bluntly worded headline, “US pier constructed off Gaza has broken apart.” Before / after:

The unimaginably expensive “pier” — which cost more than most Ukraine military aid packages, and required 1,000 soldiers to build — only operated for ten days before it blew apart. CNN hinted at the design flaw:

image 12.png

I’m just spitballing, but maybe it had something to do with the fact the Navy’s freshly-built, battle-hardened pier could be swept away by 4-foot waves or blown over by 16 mph winds.  As someone who grew up near the beach, I can tell you those conditions are considered nearly mild and boring — even in the lakelike Gulf of Mexico.

The Pentagon’s D.C. Pier Designers and its Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer apparently precluded the possibility of anything but the fairest of fair weather, failing to predict or even imagine the Mediterranian Sea would beat the odds in under two weeks. Nor did they predict Russia’s ability to beat Ukraine, but I’ll get back to that in a minute.

If it cost $320 million to build, how much will it cost to fix?

In this irritating clip making the rounds yesterday, you can hear some Palestinians watching a piece of Pier floating around, laughing, and amidst the foreign dialect you can make out the word “Americans” repeated several times between guffaws:

image 20.png

CLIP: Palestinians laugh at America’s most expensive pier (0:21).

Famously, Jimmy Carter’s presidency went down in flames after two U.S. military helicopters sent to rescue the Iranian hostages crashed in the desert.  Will the sinking ten-day-old Gaza Pier, sent to rescue the Palestinians, sink Biden’s electoral chances?

Nevermind Gaza and nevermind Biden, some kind of mental pier has obviously broken apart at the Pentagon. How was this buffoonish boondoggle designed and approved in the first place? It gets worse. The fair-weather Pier — intended (allegedly) for humanitarian purposes — was given a scary name: The Trident. Apparently it was called that because the thing had three smaller docks, or prongs, at the sea end.

Try to follow me here. A trident is a weapon. The angry sea god of mythology, Poseidon, used his giant trident to harass fishermen and wind up the ocean like he was using a gigantic cocktail spear. Not coincidentally, our main submarine-based nuclear missile is also named the “Trident.”

Why would they name a humanitarian pier after a weapon, a nuclear missile? And for Heaven’s sake, why connect the delicate apparatus to the Greek god of bad weather? Who is in charge over there? Was it Biden’s idea? Does Biden even have ideas anymore?

But it gets even more hilariously worse! Calling it “alarming,” “embarrassing,” and “a complete disaster,” the BBC reported three months ago that the Trident missiles we gave the British aren’t working. They even tested it here, off Florida’s Atlantic coast, under US military supervision.

image 13.png

CLIP: Trident missile test fails for second time in a row (7:03).

The next most recent Trident test, in 2016, also failed.

So. They named the doomed, quarter-billion-dollar humanitarian pier after a failing nuclear missile.

Good grief. One wonders what is going right for the Pentagon these days? Four-foot seas beat the most expensive military pier in U.S. history. Design flaws beat our most strategically important nuclear missile. Afghan rebels in caves beat the full force of our military so badly it was forced to flee in humiliating disarray, leaving billions of dollars of weapons and gear behind. Nomadic Houthi desert rebels are beating the Navy with cheap drones. Two weeks ago:

image 14.png

We are getting beaten up and down the world’s block. Based on the parts we can see, it seems obvious our military is in a woeful state. We are nowhere near ready to fight the Russians and the Chinese, which have hypersonic, carrier-destroying missiles that we can’t make or defend against.

What kind of ridiculous game is Biden playing at?

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how embarrassing, Americas weakness on display for all to see. Thanks joe…

Under Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the United States is a failure. It would take decades of a true leader like Trump to restore it and that is hardly likely.

The might have drafted the engineers of the Titan mini sub.
Well its quite clear there is nothing this administration and its side-show freaks cant FUBAR.

Only “$320 Million?”
Just today, joe claimed he is spending a ZILLION DOLLARS to rebuild the bridge in Baltimore.
Of course, nobody heard him because he said it at a biden “rally,” in Philly.
Here’s the corner of the high school gym where the entire “rally” sat and saw joe today:comment image

That’s their concept of money that other people had to work to earn.

Back where King Herny VIII had aa Ship built the Mary Rose and it Sank on its first maiden Voyage