Anatomy Of A Hit – How Leftist NGO’s Bury The Truth


by Sam Faddis

One of the tactics the left uses to silence critics is “fact-checking”. It works like this. You dare to write something contrary to the approved leftist dogma. Then, a supposedly independent non-governmental organization (NGO) steps in, “fact checks” your statements, brands you as a tin-foil hat-wearing lunatic and conspiracy theorist, and advises all right-thinking Americans to ignore you. Your comments are buried. The cone of silence descends.

Let’s look at an example of how this works in practice.

Heather Honey is a citizen journalist and researcher in Pennsylvania who focuses on election integrity. She writes regularly and also gives online classes seeking to educate citizens on their rights and the issues surrounding elections in the Commonwealth. Her work is meticulously researched and based on solid, clearly delineated sources. She is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to electoral matters, and she is widely respected.

That’s the problem.

It’s one thing to have a guy with a ponytail in an old VW bus telling you the aliens are rigging our elections. It’s quite another to have a very sober, highly intelligent individual detailing just how broken our electoral system is and documenting how she knows that.

So, Heather had to be attacked.

Enter Votebeat. Votebeat claims to be a non-partisan investigative news organization dedicated to telling you the truth about elections and how secure they are. It recently ran a piece about Heather branding her as a fraud and representing that it had exposed an almost endless number of errors in her work. Just to add credibility to its claims Votebeat said it had checked its findings with yet another “non-partisan” outfit, the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP). (All leftist NGOs”s have names designed to make sure you understand they are truthful and impartial.)

So, what exactly is Votebeat?

Votebeat is part of a bigger entity called the Civic News Company. The lady who runs Votebeat and the Civic News Company is named Elizabeth Green. She also runs something called the American Journalism Project (AJP). Ms. Green gets her funding from something called the Democracy Fund run by a guy named Pierre Omidyar. If you are starting to get the idea that we are working our way through organizational layers deliberately designed to conceal what is happening, then you understand completely.

So, who is this guy Pierre Omidyar who funnels millions and millions of dollars into what is nationwide a vast network of different NGOs?  He is the guy who started Ebay. He is filthy rich. Despite making a fortune in the capitalist system, he is a hardcore leftist, and one of his objectives is “reimagining” capitalism. If you take the time to dig into the details of that plan online you will find out it translates to destroying capitalism and replacing it with a communist system in which the workers control the means of production.

Omidyar wants to transform and federalize elections nationwide. He wants to dramatically expand mail-in voting, counter any efforts to impose safeguards, and guarantee one-party rule. He hates Donald Trump.

“Today, Omidyar’s nonprofits bankroll numerous groups promoting permanent vote-by-mail schemes in all future elections after the Left adopted the measure whole hog in 2020. I’ve documented multiple coalitions trying to “reform” America’s elections by cementing vote by mail, enacting automatic voter registration, and rolling back state control of elections with funding from Omidyar and others. CTCL, the group responsible for doling out $350 million in “Zuck bucks” to county election offices in 2020, now leads that project, titled the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence, an $80 million campaign to centralize control over elections.

That alliance includes the Election Validation Project, a front for Omidyar’s Democracy Fund created to advise public officials on conducting election audits. The project is headed by Jennifer Morrell, an ex-Colorado elections official who now runs the Elections Group, a consultancy and CTCL ally that provides “guidance” to officials on implementing mail-in ballots. It also counts among its advisors Amber McReynolds, the former head of National Vote at Home Coalition who was appointed by President Biden to the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors early last year. On the Postal Service Board, she aims to transform the country’s mail-delivery service into a massive get-out-the-vote operation for the Left.”

Hayden Ludwig, Capital Research Center

“While backing media outlets around the world that produce news and commentary, Omidyar supports a global cartel of self-styled fact-checking groups that determine which outlets are legitimate and which are “fake.”

Covert Geopolitics

So, Votebeat is not some local non-partisan new organization trying to get to the truth. It is part of a nationwide network of NGOs funded by Omidyar all of which are dedicated to pushing his political agenda. What about EIP, the guys who supposedly fact-checked Votebeat’s work?

They are worse. EIP is part of an effort, that involved government agencies as well, to silence conservative speech and effectively neuter the First Amendment. Here is an excerpt from the Congressional report on EIP’s activities.

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It is time to put these enemies of freedom and America on trial for sedition. It is seditious behavior to want to inflict harm to the Constitutional Republic without the consent of the people.

The intentions of these people is not to better America or the citizens. They intend to seize control in order to inflict their sick ideology upon people who would choose otherwise. They are evil incarnate.

The disinformation and Liberal Bias we get from the M.S. Media bottom feeders from CNN/NYT,s

Again, why does the left oppose anything and everything that makes elections more secure and supports anything and everything that makes election fraud more easy and inevitable? Well, let me field that one: because they want to cheat at enough elections to get enough power to do away with elections all together.

The left cannot win elections in the arena of policy issues. Normal Americans would not vote to have an open border. joey is running on maintaining an open border flooding the country with illegal alien invaders.