Whatever Happened to Patriotism?


Has anyone else noticed a disturbing trend in the last few years? While I can’t put an exact date on it, I remember  first noticing this trend in 2016, the year that gave America President Trump and Brexit to Great Britain. I am, of course, referring to the word “Patriotism” seemingly purged from our collective vocabulary and replaced with the term “Nationalism”. The simple difference I read somewhere stated that where patriotism is the love of one’s country, nationalism is the hatred of other countries. I remember even folks on our side starting to make the change – I recall noticing this in a Jonah Goldberg column from around that time. Of course, that might have been when he was making his Vichy Republican heel turn.

It’s hard to believe that it was 20 years ago, when Democrats had not yet been completely radicalized and the phrase “don’t you dare question my patriotism!” was a constant battle cry of Libs. I remember hearing crazy things like how “green” energy was patriotic for getting us off foreign oil, etc. And of course, we were told that the world’s ugliest gold digger was somehow some alpha male warrior patriot in John Kerry. In one of my “unprovable theories” I still believe today that Michael Moore mainstreaming hatred for America cost Kerry the 2004 election. The Dems loved the media tongue baths for the Bush bashing Moore that were on screen for the entire election season, and I think that adopting Moore as their unofficial mascot hurt them with too many Normals who came out to vote. Like I said, it’s a completely unprovable theory. But I digress.

Fast forward 20 years, and now any kind of love for America is smeared as Nationalist, sometimes with the unspoken prefix “white” nationalist, or Christian nationalist. Whenever someone tries throwing that slur in a discussion, I tell them that I prefer the original term, “Catholic Patriot” (or insert your preferred Judeo-Christian faith here). The anti-Christian bigotry of The Radical Left is nothing new – when is the last time you saw a Muslim owned business get harassed by the Gaystapo? As for anti-Semitism, for all that Leftists like to claim that it’s somehow MAGA rooted, one look at the agitators at these various protests tells you there’s a lot of soy and preferred pronouns in the crowd.

Look at other recent behavior by The Radical Left that’s seized control of the media and the Democratic Party. In what reads like a Babylon Bee headline, we just learned that To celebrate Memorial Day, a federal official bans the American flag. The bizarre recent virtual lynch mobs going after Sam Alito have declared that the display of any traditional patriotic flag is somehow a danger to our nation, as The Federalist’s Tristan Justice wrote with The Most Dangerous Part Of The NYT Alito Flag Meltdown Is The Politicization Of Patriotism. Because the concept of Patriotism is founded in love for one’s country, of course both The Radical Left, and to some degree their useful idiots in the Vichy Republicans,  have to destroy the word. As they have repeatedly shown in the last few years, The Radicals hate our National Anthem, our flag, our history, our Founding Fathers, and of course, America itself.

Don’t let them destroy this word. Show your patriotism – wave your flag, wear your red, white, and blue. Just as important as letting The Radical Left know that we Normals won’t be silent, showing our colors that are inclusive of all Americans supports our fellow patriots stranded in deep blue or rainbow enclaves and tells them that they’re not alone.

Is one word’s usage going to be the decisive weapon that takes our country back? No, but wars are won with incremental battles, one term at a time. We all know that incrementalism is how Leftists got us here, now it’s time for us to claw back bit by bit.


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In the late 40’s, we were still high on victory in World War II. In movies in the 50’s, whenever a monster threatened the nation, giant ants, a giant octopus or some mutated dinosaur, who came to the rescue? The United States Military, and they kicked that monster’s ass. Flying saucers, too.

But then… the 60’s. All of a sudden, whenever there was some abuse of the public, the military was behind it. It was always some demented General trying to slaughter innocent civilians to prove some point or set off some world-changing conflagration. Sometimes they were just lackeys aiding and abetting the US government (always conservative) oppressing the nation and destroying rights.

I think THAT’S when patriotism became a dirty word. The left used the Vietnam war to accuse the entire nation of being baby killers, even though that actually goes against the very concept of patriotism. Patriotism believes the nation is virtuous and actual baby-murdering or raping would be condemned. But, it was a very useful and effective premise.

Then the Pledge of Allegiance was banned, as was prayer. Anything that resembled respect for the nation that has provided the most affluent standard of living and rights and freedoms STILL unheard of in many places throughout the world was laughed off. I’m old enough to remember teachers getting very angry if students mishandled the flag in raising it or taking it down at the end of the day. Now the nation flag is replaced by one that represents mental sickness and amorality.

To me, the period of World War II defined our nation, a time when we were caught totally unprepared for war and underwent a massive transformation from a strong lummox to the most powerful (and merciful) nation on earth. Perhaps we are merely too far away from a time that is inconceivable to most minds: the entire world engaged in a hot, ongoing war and how capitalism and democracy (our version) overcame it.

I went to Israel on business in 1999 and even as the freest, most democratic country in the Middle East, their security mandates certain restraints on individual freedoms. This made me think that it would be useful for every kid, when they reach 14 or 15 years of age, be sent to some foreign country for a week or so, without briefing them on what they can and can’t do. I think this would give them a new appreciation of what this nation has to offer and what it has accomplished.

It was very patriotic of Bravo and Charlie companies to kill over 500 civilians, as well as raping quite a number of them in Pinkville.

More accurate number is around 110 but you go ahead and exaggerate the numbers that reside in a “village”. What ever makes you feel justifed in spitting at the USA.

Just remember it was another Democrat, bankers, CIA, IMC war.
We had zero business cleaning up France’s muck.
What are you Lew in your 20s?

If you really cared about PATRIOTISM, you would have a button, that would share with TRUTH social.