Tucker Joins Joe Rogan To Talk Deep State, Spiritual Beings, JFK Assassination, Nixon, Cults, and Politics


This is an unbelievably good episode of Rogan. I was going to clip out various spots but to be honest, there are so many I’m just putting up the whole episode.

I’ll link to a few clips that people have put up on Xitter but watch the entire 3-hour conversation.







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Wait—holding Nixon accountable for his actions is now a “coup”?

Nixon deserved it and more.
Opening to China and the final blow to the gold standard, wage and price controls. A Federal reserve puppet.

With all due respect, taking out Nixon was a coup. Watergate was cover for executing the plan.

There is a girth of evidence that points to an organized effort to remove Nixon. Remember he defeated McGovern in a 49 state landslide. The NY Times and the Wapo were weaponized to create popular opinion against Nixon. John Dean was the master planner and executioner.

Geoff Shepard has spent the better part of his life examining the evidence.

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I know it was, I just hate what he did while in office. He would have had another term as a puppet to the Rothchilds. How is a controlled by the Fed economy working out for us?
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There are people who have spent their lives studying God, Bigfoot, and the Great Jewish Conspiracy to Control Everything, but it doesn’t mean that any of those things exist.

FOIA reveals really horrible things, and the government says “Ya what you going to do about it?” Still morons will call it a conspiracy theory.
Nothing you listed above needs your belief to exist.

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Which of those things I listed do you believe are real?

Oh this data exists. It is housed in the National archives. And it tells a story about the coup to oust Nixon. You are woefully ignorant on this subject to be commenting on this topic.

Oh this data exists. It is housed in the National archives.

Have you seen it?

You’re aware that St. Martin’s Press settled and paid John Dean for defamation, right?

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If you think our present situation with respect to China is directly traceable to Nixon in ’72 — and was knowable at the time — then you need to refresh your knowledge of Cold War and late 20th century history

If you dont think the gazillionaires that have taxpayers fund the both sides of every war have a long term plan for America starting with Woodrow Progressive Wilson? OK.
The dollar is hooked to oil, no war on oil from the progressives.
Nixon could not have known, what was his reasoning who was advising him?
Who was funding his campaign?

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You are not even close to being educated on the coup that took out Nixon.

Should Obama be impeached and prosecuted for spying on Trump and his campaign?

Are you referring to the fact that Trump’s campaign had phone contact with people who were under surveillance by intelligence agencies and so got themselves recorded?

No, The FBI investigated the claims that servers in Trump Tower were communicating with servers belonging to Alfa Bank, a Russian bank.
The servers in question were located in Trump Tower ,simply got a spam message.
 Democratic National Committee — a group of computer scientists stumbled upon evidence possibly connecting a Donald Trump mail server to a separate server belonging to Russia’s Alfa Bank. The discovery, reported by Slate.
“Just stumbled across” by accident.
Wikileaks happens Then a DNC computer guy ends up dead in DC. DNC servers vanish.
Wonder if Zelensky or one of his oligarchs have them?

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I am referring to Obama having the FBI put Trump and his campaign under surveillance based on a dossier that they all know was illegitimate. So, should Obama be impeached and prosecuted?

No, he shouldn’t be prosecuted for something that didn’t happen.

FBI text
The President wants to know everything we’re doing.

Barry had his hand in everything from Clintons server to Obamagate.
The report by Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Republicans came days after Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee released a controversial memo accusing the FBI and Justice Department of misusing their authority to obtain a secret surveillance order against Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign. 
Illegally obtained FISA.

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CNN and MSNBC hasn’t seen fit to cover this yet so those living in self-imposed willful ignorance, such as Michael and Greg, have their beloved “plausible deniability”.

Comes a point where it just isnt plausible anymore. Never forget Mikey needs to be spoonfed he never researches anything for himself just claims everyone is a liar.

Well, no one should be prosecuted for something that didn’t happen. That actually, believe it or not, applies to Trump just as well as it applies to anyone else. But, that’s not the case right now.

However, Obama actually did have Trump spied on, but apparently you believe leftist fascism is OK because… it’s leftist fascism.

Heres the report on Kona Blue

DoD Releases “KONA BLUE” Documents

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I’m scared to death of what is going to happen when it all comes down around the facists ears. I dread the world that my grandchildren will have to live in. Any Goliath as huge as monster that the liberals have unleashed will not run forever. I once bought GM stock on the theory that ‘ hey, they’ve been around for a hundred years. Nothing is going to happen to them.’ Within two years I lost my entire investment when they declared bankruptcy.
It’s already starting on the immigration front in smaller countries. At some point it will move on to other issues and become violent. I fear that that is the country that my grandchildren will inherit from us boomers.

Same here. I am a boomer and loath the direction the country has taken, not by the will of the people. But instead by a group of disingenuous individuals who are concerned more for themselves rather than the responsibility they were given by the people.
I too fear our grand children will be given a kind of life never intended them to have.