Biden cares about abortion but not women’s lives




Yesterday the democrat Mayor of Athens GA held a press conference speaking about the death of Laken Riley. During the press conference Kelly Girtz made a lot of dubious remarks. He tried to blame Donald Trump for the illegal alien problem while mispresenting what Trump said. He whined that Trump was a meany to illegals.  He sought to minimize the illegal alien crime issue by conflating legal immigration with illegal immigration:

“I caution against conflating immigration and crime. The data demonstrates that the two are not connected.”

So illegal immigration had nothing to do with Laken Riley being murdered. Got it?

Rather than express concern for the death of Laken Riley NBC chose to accuse the GOP of “invoking” Riley’s murder for political reasons

Over at CNN Jake Tapper was less concerned with Riley’s death than with the prospect of Republicans “seizing” on it.

“So, Republicans, obviously, seizing on this horrific tragedy at the University of Georgia. This girl, this nursing student, killed by an undocumented Venezuelan migrant. And they’re seizing on this as an example of Biden’s failure to protect the American people, to secure the border,”

Kate Steinle, Kayla Hamilton, Lizbeth Medina, Mollie Tibbets, Laken Riley

All young women who were killed by illegal aliens- by trash who should never have been allowed into the country. All welcomed in by Joe Biden. Here’s a great compilation of Biden’s effort to attract these vermin:

  • Biden called for ending the detention of illegal immigrants “across the board.”
  • Biden called for decriminalizing illegal border crossings.
  • Biden called for suspending deportations of illegal immigrants in his first 100 days — and longer.
  • Biden called for mass amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants already in the country — plus “priority” for their families.
  • Biden promised driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.
  • Biden opposed cracking down on sanctuary cities.
  • Biden promised free health care for illegal immigrants.
  • Biden even promised taxpayers would be on the hook for that “subsidized” — free — health care for illegal immigrants.
  • Biden claimed illegal immigration makes the country “strong.”
  • Biden said illegal immigration was “enriching our communities.”
  • Biden promised immigration enforcement agents would be barred from schools.
  • Biden said he “respect[s] no borders and cannot be contained by any walls.”
  • Biden criticized immigration enforcement raids.
  • Biden promised to expand the number of “refugees” welcomed into the country.

See him say all of that for yourself at the link.

So now we have murderers and rapists freely preying on women in America, thanks to Joe Biden. But fear not, he’ll make sure they have access to abortion. Even after they’re dead.

This dismissive lack of concern for women’s lives proves that the left’s breathless hyperbole over abortion is a charade.

Biden and his democrat colleagues claim to deeply care about women’s rights, but they absolutely don’t care about their lives or their safety.




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Q. How can you tell Biden is Lying? A. His lips move

Like all socialist, Democrats are naively stupid about their polices and the results. They look at open borders as just a means to bring in tens of millions of new potential voters because their policies are driving citizen voters away from their party. Despite decades of examples of illegal immigrants committing onerous crimes against innocent citizens, they didn’t conceive that the problem would get exponentially worse if we allow in exponentially more illegal immigrants AND don’t bother vetting them. Because they didn’t care about the effects on a smaller scale, they REALLY don’t care about them on a much, much larger scale. Thus, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden picks one of the least trafficked areas of the border to visit… a visit HE says is merely to blame Republicans for the ongoing disaster (couldn’t he do that at the White House?).

Sure, citizens rob, rape and kill citizens every day. But when someone is killed by an illegal immigrant, they are killed by someone that SHOULD have been kept out of the country and, thus, but for direct federal action, would still be alive. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and all who support these ridiculously open borders have the blood on their hands.

Biden Cracks a Joke About His Age After Refusing to Mention Georgia College Student Killed By One of His Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)

Well, it’s just women, girls and children being raped, abused and killed. Nothing Democrats ever care about.

03/26/24 – Supreme Court skeptical of efforts to restrict access to abortion pill – A majority of justices seemed to doubt the antiabortion doctors had legal standing to challenge rules on mifepristone

The Supreme Court on Tuesday seemed unlikely to limit access to mifepristone, a key medication that is used in more than 60 percent of U.S. abortions and has emerged as the next front in the battle over how and whether women can terminate their pregnancies.

During nearly two hours of oral argument, a majority of justices from across the ideological spectrum expressed skepticism that the antiabortion doctors challenging the Food and Drug Administration’s loosening of regulations for the long-approved medication have suffered the type of direct harm that would give them sufficient legal grounds to bring the lawsuit.

The Biden administration and the drug’s manufacturer urged the justices to reverse a lower-court ruling that would make it more difficult to access mifepristone, in a case that centers on the role of government agencies in regulating medicine and returns the issue of abortion to the high court less than two years after the conservative majority overturned Roe v. Wade.

Several justices, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Neil M. Gorsuch and Ketanji Brown Jackson, seemed interested in a narrow ruling that would not address the underlying regulatory or safety questions in the case, but would retain existing levels of access that allow patients to use mifepristone later into pregnancy and obtain the medication directly by mail.

Gorsuch, a nominee of President Donald Trump, joined Jackson, a nominee of President Biden, in emphasizing that the Supreme Court often says its rulings should address the alleged harm at issue and go no further.

“This case seems a prime example of turning what could be a small lawsuit into a nationwide legislative assembly on an FDA rule or any other federal government action,” Gorsuch told the attorney representing the organization of antiabortion doctors.

Jackson said there is a “significant mismatch” between the claims made by the antiabortion doctors and their lawsuit “seeking an order preventing anyone from having access to these drugs at all.”…

04/03/24 – BREAKING: SURPRISE update shakes entire 2024 election –

Thanks for multiple video acknowledgements that you killed Roe v. Wade, Donald. They’ll be very useful in targeted campaign ads.

Last edited 20 days ago by Greg

Its all ya got, sacrificing children to Molech if we lose on that issue alone this country deserves to crash and burn at the hands of communist Pedophiles.
Both constitutional amendment issues resolutions passed here in WI.
No Zuckerbucks allowed, No Zucker minions allowed assisting election officials.
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Last edited 20 days ago by kitt

Illegal immigration and the economy rank as the top issues for 2024, do try to keep up.

Illegal aliens sucking dry resources meant for marginalized citizens is no biggie for democrats they have 9 to 20 million new voters to register, busy busy busy, in Illinois they have the right to have firearms, dumped from insane asylums and prisons all over the planet and flown here free by Biden.

You leftist weren’t even abiding by Roe v Wade anyway, so why do you keep crying about it being properly overturned as a “Constitutional right”?

3 get sick from tainted lettuce major recall, women injured by big pharma must go to Supreme Court.

Florida Supreme Court allows 6-week abortion ban to take effect, but voters will have the final say

Last edited 18 days ago by TrumpWon

Having it go into effect before the referendum will boost the Democratic general election turn out enormously.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Angry women voters are going to destroy Trump at the ballot box.

Keep grasping at those straws. THIS is why Democrats register illegal immigrants to vote.

Arizona’s abortion ban is the beginning of the end.

Donald Trump pushes the panic button on abortion in Arizona

On Monday, Donald Trump said he wouldn’t support a federal abortion ban, that it should be up to each state to decide where to draw the line.

On Wednesday, Trump said our particular state — Arizona — “went too far” in returning to a 19th century near-total ban on abortions.

And on Friday, Trump abandoned his states’ rights spiel altogether.

He hit the panic button and called for an immediate repeal of Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban — the one that our GOP-run Legislature intentionally left on the books in early 2022 in the hope that Roe v. Wade would be overturned.

“The Governor and the Arizona Legislature must use HEART, COMMON SENSE and ACT IMMEDIATELY to remedy what has happened … ,” Trump said on Friday in a post on Truth Social. “Arizona Legislature, please act as fast as possible!”

Has Trump actually read the Republican Party Platform — or at least the part that says, “The unborn child has a fundamental right to life that cannot be infringed”?

It’s not surprising that Trump would pivot on the unborn. He’s been on most every side of the abortion issue since 1999 when he pronounced himself pro-choice.

Now, however, he’s calling on his most loyal supporters to do a U-turn on their principles, too. This, to ensure that Arizona, a vital battleground state, doesn’t slip through his — or their — fingers.

That may be an easy call for someone like Kari Lake.

She’s been one of the state’s most ardent pro-life crusaders, yet this week she was calling for abortion to be reinstated before the ink was even dry on the Arizona Supreme Court ruling that revived the 1864 ban.

Several vulnerable Republican legislators — Sens. Shawnna Bolick and T.J. Shope and Rep. Matt Gress — have joined the call for a repeal…

This is what happens when political pandering takes precedent over principles.

The guiding Democratic principle is that the choice belongs to every individual woman, who has sovereign authority over her own body and her own reproductive function.

Last edited 11 days ago by Greg

This is what happens when political pandering takes precedent over principles.

Like Ukraine and October 7th?

Yes. The defense of Ukraine against a murderous Russian dictator and the defense of Israel are ALSO matters of principle.

Dead women don’t feel emotions. And at least Biden* holds a substantial lead in approval rating among the dead