Then The Radical Left Came for Norman Rockwell


This story isn’t new, but it came to my attention recently while looking into some of the work that the Mellon Foundation is funding and discovered this defilement of The Four Freedoms. I’ll also be the first to admit that I’m not a big art person, but I have some favorites. And right up there is the great Norman Rockwell. What I’ve always loved about his work is the attention to detail and how every painting he created could easily be an entire short story captured in one frame. The facial expressions, the small details (such as headlines on a newspaper or insertion of animals) provide great snapshots of a different era in America that is long gone. Which is, of course, why The Radical Left had to defile it.

You can see a larger version of the original billboard that I had to see by clicking here. If you’ve forgotten what the originals look like (along with larger images of each picture below) here is a quick reminder:

These four paintings are based on The Four Freedoms mentioned by FDR in a 1941 speech. And while I am no fan of FDR in general, specifically his economic policies that turned a recession into The Great Depression, back in my Tour Guide days I liked mentioning these paintings when we passed their inscription at the FDR Memorial. Let’s take a quick look at each of the newer versions designed to reflect… the demographics of a 2021 superhero show on The CW network?

The least offensive is probably Freedom from Fear. Aside from the obvious race swapping of the white family, there are only two noticeable changes. One, the kids are no longer sleeping in the same bed, a nod to the evil prosperity that Capitalism has brought. The other is the headline on the newspaper the dad is holding – while the original mentions bombings, the newer only mentions sanctions against some country – also a tribute to the more peaceful world that the US has led since WWII. And of course, in keeping with modern times, naturally the ginger children in the original are now black.

Next up we have Rosario Dawson portraying Freedom of Speech with her hand on the shoulder of what appears to be her lesbian girlfriend, accompanied by their local MS-13 gang member sitting immediately in front. Notably absent are any straight white men. Which makes sense, since that is the demographic that The Radical Left feels is absolutely not entitled to free speech.

Of course, Freedom of Religion now represents all major religions in America except for Christianity. And you know that the beta male or lesbian white person in the upper right corner is praying to the BLM sign in their front lawn.

The worst and most offensive is Freedom from Want. We naturally have the sufficiently diverse crowd, but is it me or do they look like they were badly photoshopped in? Notice what’s conspicuously absent? Yes, no older family members. Grandma and Grandpa have been replaced, and instead of showing the extended family gathering around the table we have what looks like a cheesy “Friendsgiving.” This is probably a gathering of Leftists whose families of Normals are tired of their annoying preachiness at the Thanksgiving table. At least it does appear that the couple at the head of the table are married.

And in the dishonorable mention department, not too long ago something reminded me of one important piece of my childhood, and that was Mad magazine. And as I scrolled through I was reminded that like everything else The radical Left touches, it destroys.

So why does The Radical left have to destroy all of the art that makes our culture great? Simply put, they can not create anything on their own that would interest anyone so they steal and destroy. Friendly advice Lefties, but the pendulum swings both ways. My guess is that when power is back in the hands of the Normals your rainbow street vandalism and St George Floyd tributes will be the first to go.

And for anyone who needs a palate cleanser after the trash on display here, check out Rockwell’s actual works.

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It is a fact that the left cannot create anything that appeals to the general public unless it is a tiny sub-set of demented degenerates. So, they have to destroy anything that is good and appealing so the competition is limited.

Disney and Rockwell used to be synonymous with mom and apple pie.
Not since the woke crowd got a hold of them.
But on the good side, the rule is consistent: Go Woke, Go Broke.
Imitation – in this case – is not a “sincere form of flattery,” instead it is an abomination, a bastardization, a bowdlerizing of the original in an attempt to overwrite our traditions and history.

And, that is why schools are reluctant to teach accurate history. Rather they would prefer Howard Zinn’s revisionist history. It helps to erase the love for Country to be replaced with abhorrence of self and Country.

Look guys a selfie!
comment image

Al long as they can replace Rockwell with the infamous artists who painted Obamas rotten portrait or maybe the infamous Mablethorpe and Sarano

I read somewhere that the U.N. officially mandated that their faithful peons should go against anything traditional. And they mean everything should be obliterated. No big surprise to me, but for it to be official instructions, that’s an eye opener.