Signs your President is working for China



Joe Biden is pushing Merrick Garland to put Donald Trump before a firing squad. In the meanwhile, it is becoming apparent that Biden not only is directly involved with Hunter Bidden and Burisma but is a puppet of China as well. China has engaged in several provocative actions, none of which has Biden made any meaningful response to.

China floated a spy balloon across the entire country, spending time over many military sites in the US.

China has opened police stations in the US.

China hackers are running amuck

China-based hackers have breached email accounts at two-dozen organizations, including some United States government agencies, in an apparent spying campaign aimed at acquiring sensitive information, according to statements from Microsoft and the White House late Tuesday.

The full scope of the hack is being investigated, but US officials and Microsoft have been quietly scrambling in recent weeks to assess the impact of the hack, which targeted unclassified email systems, and contain the fallout.

Chinese malware is showing up in US military installations

US officials told the Times that investigations into Chinese malware had been underway for several months and that the malicious code had infiltrated US military systems across the country and abroad. Previous cyberattacks typically aimed to surveil US operations, experts told the Times.

“China is steadfast and determined to penetrate our governments, our companies, our critical infrastructure,” the deputy director of the National Security Agency, George Barnes, said at the Intelligence and National Security Summit earlier this month.

China is hacking the communications of US dignitaries

China-linked hackers breached the email account of U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns, as part of a recent targeted intelligence-gathering campaign, NBC News has confirmed.

The hackers also accessed the email account of Daniel Kritenbrink, assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, who recently traveled with Secretary of State Antony Blinken to China, said NBC, citing two U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

Biden had Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm meet with Chinese energy officials prior to his emptying the Strategic Reserve and selling it to China

The Biden administration last year oversaw sales of about 250 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, bringing the nation’s backup fuel supply to its lowest level since 1983. Nearly one million barrels went to Unipec, the trading arm of the Chinese state-controlled gas giant Sinopec, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

China jets are harassing US military aircraft

China and Russia are conducting joint military operations off the coast of Alaska

“It is a historical first,” Brent Sadler, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a retired Navy captain, told the oulet. “Given the context of the war in Ukraine and tensions around Taiwan, this move is highly provocative.”

Joe and Hunter Biden were preparing to help China acquire US energy assets

Text messages provided to the FBI show that a Chinese energy conglomerate that struck a controversial deal in 2017 with Hunter Biden began its pursuit of a relationship with the future first family back in late 2015 when Joe Biden was still vice president, hoping to seize on the name of one of America’s most famous political dynasties to provide cover for its ambitious plan to buy up energy assets inside the United States.

Biden has offered essentially no reaction to any of the above aggressor actions toward the US. But it’s not he did nothing to the country that already paid his family $30 million. Biden lifted tariffs on China and killed off Trump’s China Initiative, which was designed to protect US intellectual property, which China was pilfering to the tune of $200-600 billion annually. Now, instead of closing the border, Biden proposes lifting sanctions on China under the pretense of hopes of begging them for help with fentanyl. Perhaps he’ll send Hunter to negotiate.


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And, while idiot Biden and the Democrats strangle our economy with their “renewables” to fight their pretend climate change, China is the world’s greatest polluter. Is climate change real and serious or not? Apparently, it’s not enough of a threat to interrupt the flow of payments the left gets from China.

Bidens the real traitor to America its just we have a deceptive M.S. Media bottom feeders the UN/Globalists the CFR the DNC Soros, Gates, Swab and the rest of the Globalists and phony trial of Trump their trying to distract us from their goals for Wold Government under the United Nations Tyrants

You could have mentioned the bio-weapon lab in califuckya , the one that I believe got a tax break from newsome, remember that name.

Well, idiot Biden has to allow what the CCP paymasters demand.

Crouching Bear Hidden Dragon this is a Partnership between Russia and China two of the Earths Biggest Nations

04/02/24 – China’s Quiet Push Into Russia’s Far East Puts Putin in a Pickle

Though Beijing and Moscow have touted their “unlimited partnership” on the global stage, a far-eastern corner of Russia has caught China’s eye.

The border region of Primorsky Krai has seen a surge of Chinese farmers, and their growing economic clout is outcompeting locals, reported Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper.

The region, ceded to Russia by the Qing dynasty in 1860, has become a subject of interest for policymakers in Beijing and Chinese nationalists. Last year, the government decreed the country’s maps should include Haishenwai—the Chinese name for Vladivostok, the administrative center of Primorsky Krai—and the Chinese names of seven other far-eastern Russian locations.

Like Russian President Vladimir Putin, who claims Ukraine has always been part of the Russian nation, Chinese Leader Xi Jinping has held the restoration of perceived lost territory high on his agenda for the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

China has pledged to someday bring self-governed Taiwan into the fold. It has also claimed most of the South China Sea, where Beijing’s “historical rights” pit it against the Philippines and other neighbors…

Go for it, guys. Vlad’s got his hands full with the invasion of Ukraine and the rising threat of terrorism.

Last edited 21 days ago by Greg

I have heard mass deportations and the country of origin of the terrorists is assisting the investigation,
China has made its land toxic. You have no idea what agreement the 2 countries have made.

Last edited 20 days ago by kitt