Hillary’s coughing fits are symptoms of pulmonary emboli




Hillary Clinton has suffered from two highly public fits of coughing.  One occurred  during her Benghazi testimony and the other occurred on Monday. This was Benghazi:


This one took place on Monday

This is significant now. First, let’s backtrack. In 2012 Clinton developed a cerebral blood clot (i.e. tranverse sinus thrombosis) which resulted most likely consequent to a fainting spell. In July Clinton’s doctor claimed that she was “fit to serve” but that she continued to take Coumadin ( a blood thinner to ward off strokes) and Armour Thyroid for hypothyroidism.

Democrats have been frantic to suppress any thought that there might be something more wrong with Clinton than what is being admitted right now, but there’s reason to think there is something not right with Hillary.

In the emails of Clinton’s aides Clinton was described as “often confused.”

In the Jan. 26, 2013, message, Abedin gave the note about Clinton while discussing the secretary’s schedule with another Clinton aide, Monica Hanley.

“Have you been going over calls with her for tomorrow?” Abedin asked Hanley. “So she knows [then-Indian Prime Minister Manmohan] singh is at 8?”

“She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call,” Hanley responded. “Will go over with her.”

“Very imp to do that,” Abedin said in response.

“She’s often confused.”

It was also revealed that Clinton sleeps through meetings.

From a former aide we learn that Clinton gets tired easily:

“You know, Bill Clinton, he gets so much energy from the people at his rallies. When he’s working a rope line, you can just see him light up. You know, she’s tired. She gets tired. She does it.

At Gateway Pundit they suggested that Trump was right about Hillary’s low energy:

She’ll do a couple of minutes in Iowa, meaning a short period of time. And then she goes home,” the GOP presidential front-runner said in Davenport, Iowa, a few weeks ago, as his attention turned to those areas. “You don’t see her for five or six days. She goes home, goes to sleep. I’m telling you. She doesn’t have the strength. She doesn’t have the stamina.”

Matt Drudge tweeted

“Hillary health was biggest revelation at hearing. Coughing fit. Slow-speaking, obviously induced by meds. Choose not to believe if you must.”

Her slow speaking might be a side effect of the thyroid medication, but it was also suggested that it might be a means of Clinton exhibiting gravitas and calmness.

But the coughing fits are something else. I kind of put the first one in mind storage but the second episode compelled me to pay closer attention. I’ve seen this before and I’ve seen it in a close friend of mine.

These coughing fits are a symptom of pulmonary emboli being released into the circulation and entering the lungs. It’s usually a dry cough, but it turns into hemoptysis (coughing up blood) it’s a real problem. Cerebral venous thromboses of size have the potential to cause strokes or infarcts of the brain. Venal circulation returns blood to the heart, which directs it to the lungs for re-oxygenation via the pulmonary artery. Arteries bring blood to organs, veins take it away from organs. If a clot of sufficient size blocks the pulmonary artery, it’s lights out, and quickly. Such clots usually result from deep vein thrombosis. It’s not common, but CVST’s (cerebral venous sinus thrombosis) can lead to pulmonary emboli. If small clots form or dislodge from the wall of a vein they travel to the heart and then to the lung where they can get lodged in the alveoli and causes irritation and subsequent coughing.For more see here, here, and here. In Clinton’s case it may be that she is still forming clots at the site of the injury or she may be having bits separate from a not fully resolved clot.

That’s what I believe we’re seeing.


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Dr J is unhappy she had to stop wearing those funny glasses after her “brain damage”
Dr J would you say that she is in worse than average health for a person of her age? Are you in fact comfortable in offering medical opinions of someone you have never examined or seen a chart of?

@DrJohn: Or any of their minions as far as I am concerned. How can people who claim to be so well informed not recognize the delusion of their beliefs?
Next will come the premise that a dead person can be elected President of the United States.

Hope for America!!

@CharlieGee: Ever see a kid looking for his first car? He’ll find some slick looking sled that he falls in love with but even though you point out that it’s pouring oil out of the valve covers or seals and transmission fluid is pissing from the rear seal, he is in LOVE and cannot see the long-term costs.

This is what liberals are like in their adhesion to Hillary. They don’t even know WHY they continue to cling, she’s just liberal and going to be the first woman President and it’s just so neat-o and it’ll drive conservatives (and anyone else that cares about their country) crazy, so, hell YEAH, VOTE FOR HILLARY!!

Next will come the premise that a dead person can be elected President of the United States.

Well, why not? Enough of them have voted for Democrats.

Dain Brammage

I know someone with a completely different set of symptoms (before the coughing fits started) who is the same age and has almost daily coughing fits.
The doctor gave him a completely different reason for them, too.
Aging ”pipes.”
As the esophagus ages it gets rough spots that the brain misinterprets as phlegm or food particles in the throat.
So the attempt to clear the throat begins and then cannot stop for a while.
Lozenges that numb the back of the throat are the only thing that works in his case.
In Hillary’s case it might just be from another cause because her medical history is completely different.
BUT lots of older folks sometimes just start coughing.
And Hillary is old.

You morons do like to grasp at straws. Hell, Reagan was a vegetable in his last few years as President and GWB was a dry drunk!

@Reem: and you don’t see the divisiveness created by those in power i guess we have become a nation of morons tossing insults as the nation descends into chaos.

@Reem: What, exactly, is a “dry drunk”? Or, did the talking point provider that told you to think that was a point not provide you the explanation?

@CharlieGee: Dead people vote, why can there not be a Democratic President?

It appears you have reached vegetable status early in life.

Facts are unpleasant things. Especially unpleasant are those facts which profoundly disagree with one’s mindset. Hillary is not well. That is a fact. Denied, derided, obfuscated, concealed: the fact remains–profound coughing is a symptom of deeper lung damage. And an unwell person has no business being President.
The attachment to Hillary is like the attachment to Obama–it will not stop in the face of facts. The attachment is an emotional one, depending on sentiment, and facts don’t matter.
So cheer up. It will get worse.

While I normally don’t wish people ill….there are a few exceptions I’m willing to make for the good of the USA.

@Nanny G: fyi She’s younger than Trump-

@Richard Wheeler:
18 months.
You are correct.
Now, Donald Trump doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs.
Hillary used to do drugs (maybe she didn’t inhale, either) does she smoke? Perhaps not.
BUT Hillary drinks, a lot.
And her drinking has not helped her health.
(Like my weekly Mimosa or red wine do.)
Her health is bad by her own doctor’s admission.
Donald’s health is good.
She has fainted, was alcohol involved?
She lacks energy from a bad thyroid.

Really want her taking that 3AM call?
Lemme put Huma on for you.”

@Nanny G: It’s true Donald only used bad health–bum leg–to keep him out of service and a V.N. tour–recovered nicely when the war ended–didn’t even remember which leg had bothered him.
I’d trust someone–like yourself–who had a casual drink –vs. someone who never imbibed DT and GWB come to mind.

@Oblamo binLyen: Hope for America!!

@Richard Wheeler: And many of those my age went to Canada!! Sadly America let them back in!!

@Common Sense: Donald didn’t need to go to Canada–He had a rich daddy living in N.Y.
Donald chased skirts in NYC–despite his “bad leg”– while we fought the N.V.A—Later he had the balls to bad mouth Mac.—-like many Vets I resent his using us to promote his campaign..

Semper Fi Doc.

@Rich Wheeler: I would go even further and require military service as a requirement if your going to be Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces!!

@Common Sense: Did Obama or Clinton serve?? Seems the silver spoon fits more than just the Republicans!!

@Rich Wheeler: Don’t recall what branch of the service Clinton or Obama served in. To call out Trump on this point is kind of underhanded but I understand your comment. I don’t like the idea of Trump and still doubt his nomination but I would rather have him in office than Hilldabeast. We know her resume is a failure!!

@Common Sense: Bill Clinton not only didn’t server but wrote that he “loathed” the military. Yet, he is still a liberal god.

@Common Sense: Not so much the silver spoon. More the phony 4f and the bad mouthing of Mac.
I think everyone should serve a minimum of 2 years.

More reason to vote against all politicians.

@DrJohn: Of course, she had brain damage. She’s a Communist, isn’t she? Now starts to come out that the Clintons have been Communist Agents, all along.

I love all these comments. Some great minds replying.

I’m more concerned about Donald Trump’s symptoms of early-stage dementia.

Nobody out there is eligible to be President. Maybe Chief Commie Commissar, for sure.

@rickahyatt: Worse than that: Bred and raised, indoctrinated, funded, and documented MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES intended to take over at the top as Red China comes in white UN tanks to “Restore Civil Order.”

I’m around the same age as Hillary and I had the coughing fits. My Wonderful Doctor at Kaiser doctor told me to lose 5 pounds and it would improve! I got the prescription for meds which I never filled because losing 19 pounds worked!!!!. The coughing for me was acid reflux! So she has to lay off the hot sauce as well (sorry Hill)
Also – the “seizures” are caused by brain freeze due to ice.
I am a Republican and I am voting for Trump but not because of a coughing fit. All that coughing makes EVERYONE uncomfortable….people of all political opinions.
This post will be stored in my email so that if you try my suggestions I would like a $600,000 mountain cabin for my fee.
As I say, this worked for me.
Sincerely, Connie retired and enjoying my grandchildren in California.

@Reem: Oh no, another troll


It appears you have reached vegetable status early in life.

How do we know it was ‘early’?

@Richard Wheeler:

fyi She’s younger than Trump-

only in years, not in age.

@Richard Wheeler: 17

It’s true Donald only used bad health–bum leg

So your memory’s shot to hell also? you sure it was a leg? He didn’t dodge draft, his military medical exam would not ok him.

@Common Sense: 23

Don’t recall what branch of the service Clinton or Obama served in.

sure you do. Clinton went over to Russia and volunteered and Obama was in the Indonesian Military for a while then the Kenyan for a short time. Kenya even awarded him American citizenship for his service. Isn’t that correct?

@Rich Wheeler: 25

Not so much the silver spoon. More the phony 4f and the bad mouthing of Mac.

You have proof that the 4f was not real? The US Military doctors are the ones that rejected him, you think they were paid off?

I think everyone should serve a minimum of 2 years.

Including Colin Kaepernick? Don’t you think military service should be voluntary except in wartime? Should all women have to serve 2 years also?

@Redteam: Military service for all, including woman, War or peace–no exceptions—deferment means deferred not cancelled. Let’s even the playing field.

@Richard Wheeler: I don’t know about the mandatory military for everyone. Some other countries have tried that and found that it creates a dependence on the ‘state’ to provide them with a job and income. In many cases it has severely lowered the standards for the persons in the military. Would you require them to finish High School and/or college first? Would they be required to meet good physical standards? Could an 18 year old 350 lb high school dropout depend on the government supporting him for only two years, or could he rely on it for a career?
A lot of things have to be considered when/if you make military ‘required’. Seriously, you don’t see any problems or is it just a ‘feel good’ dimocrat/liberal thing? Most libs don’t volunteer anymore.

@Redteam:They’ll get that 350 pounder in shape—he’ll be better off the rest of his life. H.S diploma minimum, Feel good Dem policy?? No politics involved–doesn’t matter who your daddy is.You’re going in and you’ll come out a better man or woman. Seems obvious to me.

@Richard Wheeler:

H.S diploma minimum

so if they want to avoid military service, they just drop out of HS? How do you ‘require’ someone to finish HS? suppose they are not intelligent enough, do you just give him a certificate and say he’s now qualified for military? Suppose the person in ‘required military’ is sorry and just wants to live off the government? Do you let them? How do you get the 350 pounder in shape against his will? If everyone goes into military ‘before’ they go to college, who are the officers?
I’ve never heard of a country that considered the ‘required’ military route to be a ‘good thing’. Would you like to have had a squad in Viet Nam made up of all persons that did not want to be in the military? Almost all Marines are/were volunteers (as you well know), how do you think they would have performed if they were all in only for a mandatory two year requirement with no ambition?

@Richard Wheeler:

You’re going in and you’ll come out a better man or woman

would you require the two years for someone with bad feet? Or only one leg or arm. Suppose they are blind? No exceptions, right? Put them on that government payroll regardless.

@Redteam: Two year MINIMUM—Deferment for college O.K–THEN YOUR IN–Officer Corps from here and outstanding mustang enlisted. Pay them well
If you are going to truly respect the military —-serve—-you’ll also respect yourself for having done so. In my opinion those who serve come out better men and women than when they went in. Many “praise” the military yet duck it and try to keep their kids out—hypocritical.
Bad feet like DT—-Put him behind a desk where he can show his great negotiating skills.
IMO H.S diploma or equiv. should be required of all American citizens

All should serve–don’t be a puss—–be proud—-Semper Fi

I am a nurse and have previously worked in primary care for 10+yrs; now in specialty. you are correct, Connie! acid reflux complicated by obesity and diet triggers can cause coughing fits. I am #neverHillary & even though Donald Trump is older, he is probably healthier due to his being a kind of health nut of sorts; no ETOH consumption, non-smoker, physically active and mentally active. She scares me; he intrigues me. #voteTrump#makeAmericagreatagain#neverHillary

Trump has been given an exceptionally clean bill of health by Dr. Demento, who I understand is a real whiz at taking dictation.

@Richard Wheeler:

Deferment for college O.K

whoops, now you’re starting to change the rules. Some (who the privileged) get deferments? How many years can they get a deferment for college? 10, 20, any limit?

Pay them well

Why pay them. Just food and water. They’re now slaves, no choice of vocation. Ideal for 350 pounder, pay him well, he eats and sleeps all day, does no work, not physically able.

Bad feet like DT—-Put him behind a desk where he can show his great negotiating skills.

So now we have guys in wheel chairs manning desks? Who decides who gets the cushy jobs and who has to dig latrines?

IMO H.S diploma or equiv. should be required of all American citizens

Hmmm, so to hell with the Constitution, no freedom of choice? Can’t be a bum if you choose? Do they then assign jobs alphabetically, or do you have to know someone to get the good jobs?
I believe you are into Commune living at this stage, not far to real communism.

I guess, knowing you’re a liberal, this doesn’t surprise me.
Oh, would everyone still have the right to own a gun? And have the right to vote? What would they vote for? Surely not whether to make military service mandatory.

I agree that serving in the military is an honor and I’m extremely proud that I ‘wanted’ very much to do so. Some didn’t feel that way. You would take away that spirit and make it an obligation?

@Greg: haha~love Dr. Demento!

@Redteam: Exactly –well put– an obligation most assuredly.

Greg and Kathleen It doesn’t get any better than Dr. Demento

@Greg: Hillary’s doctor, Dr. Morell, is juicing her up and keeping her on the campaign, like any good despot.