Dr. Oz tells Oprah and Michael J. Fox that “ESC’s are dead.” Oooops! [Reader Post]


Note – This is a repost of a April 8th post which has been lost

Well, Dr. Oz may have actually said it, but as Wesley J Smith points out, try finding THAT in the transcript. I doubt the video will be on line much longer (both video and transcripts are linked in the W J Smith article).

One should be dishearten, to say the least, to hear these words from Michael J. Fox.

Michael says America has a lot of ground to make up when it comes to stem cell research. “We had eight years where there was no forward progress and some things people don’t even understand,” he says.

After all, if Michael J. Fox, both a patient and a man of means, can be this duped, doesn’t it prove the point of how deceitful the whole stem cell debate has been?

A few weeks ago, in the Sacramento Bee Wesley J Smith confirmed my similar thoughts regarding Obama’s lifting of the ban on federal funding of ESC’s; it had NOTHING to do with cures, and everything to do with politics!

In 2007, President Bush issued an executive order requiring the government to fund research into alternatives. Inexplicably – and without discussing it in his speech – Obama revoked this Bush order, too. He claimed he wants to fund such research, but what he did was take away the existing legal requirement that it be done. We have seen this same undermining of alternatives here in California.


If pursuing the best and most ethical science were truly the goals, why deflect increased support for this promising research to which no one objects? Perhaps it is because this debate involves more than stem cells taken from embryos “left over” from in-vitro fertilization – as the argument is usually couched – which brings us back to ethics. In the wake of the Obama changes in federal policy, the New York Times editorially threw down a gauntlet, calling for both the rescission of the Dickey Amendment and federal funding of human therapeutic cloning research. Now that the Bush restrictions are history, look for these battles – which again are not science debates – to flare in the years to come. In this sense, embryonic stem cell research threatens to become a launching pad to an ever-deepening erosion of the unique moral status of human life.

Don’t we deserve better?

Can you not see how this is indeed the “launching pad” for ALL of us when it comes to human life? I again remind you of the point I endlessly make: Legal and cultural acceptance of abortion and ESC research are NECESSARY for “what will follow” when it comes to ALL OF OUR LIVES. Between the unregulated potential MISUSE of Biotechnology which is unregulated and riding high in the Wild Wild West (deserves its own piece; more on that later), to assisted suicide, radical animal rights, and radical environmentialism to the medical elite against the hippocatic oath we better wake up fast before it’s too late.

I can’t possibly do justice to what awaits once we “lose faith and conscience” rights. One need long no further than the Obama appointments. Does anyone really believe it’s a coincidence that the deck is stacked with the likes of this, this, this, this, or this in addition to Kathleen Sibelius (heading up the HHS as “gatekeeper”?

We our are only and last hope. I urge all to make your voices heard. For any not up to speed on the Conscience Clause, here are two well written recent articles that may help; here, and here.

I also suggest a regular check into Wesley J Smith’s Second Hand Smoke Blog. I personally don’t know of anyone in the country more on top of these issues.

And last but not least, especially those who are pro choice, perhaps its time to at least, “rethink” the consequences of a “pro choice culture.” Eventually, Pro choice for some is going to become “NO CHOICE for all of us, guaranteed!

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Sorry Michael, I loved you in Family Ties and Back to the Future I, but you are lying and know you’re lying. There has been a LOT of progress in stem cell research the greatest being the ability to transform adult cells into pluripotential stem cells which is the holy grail of stem cell research. This transformation of adult cells does not create any moral or ethical dilemmas and does not pose any disease or health hazards that using embryonic stem cells have repeatedly caused in their clinical trials. We are sorry that you haven’t been cured of your Parkinson’s Disease, but killing babies in a vain attempt to cure you rather than using adult cells that have been transformed, to cure you would be a bad or evil outcome.