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9 Apr

Those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it… Barack Obama pushes sub-prime mortgages… again!

There’s something macabre about an imminent train wreck, you know exactly what is coming but you can’t help but watching. Now imagine that instead of watching that train wreck from atop a building a safe distance away, you’re standing right … Continue reading

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23 Jan

Failing Upward [Reader Post]

A few weeks ago Cafe Hayek published a letter that cofounder Don Boudreaux had sent to NPR in response to an interview with outgoing Congressman Pete Stark: Here’s a letter to NPR reporter Julie Rovner: Ms. Julie Rovner Morning Edition … Continue reading

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8 Jan

The FED and Indentured Citizens

In 1913 Congress abdicated its Constitutional responsibility over currency on behalf of the people when it created the monster called The Federal Reserve System. In creating a private joint stock entity, Congress not only surrendered jurisdiction over the dollar, it also … Continue reading

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