9 Jun

Palin E-mails to be Released


The media obsession over Sarah Palin has reached a new low as the State of Alaska plans to release thousands of her email correspondence during her tenure as governor of Alaska:

Over 24,000 e-mail messages to and from Sarah Palin during her tenure as Alaska’s governor will be released Friday . We’ll be posting them here, and are inviting you to comment on the most interesting or most noteworthy sections. Please include page numbers and, where possible, a direct excerpt. We’ll share your comments with our reporters and may use facts or related material you suggest to annotate the documents displayed on The Post site. We may contact you for further details, by way of your registered e-mail with the Post, unless you specify otherwise in the comments.

Oh, we know what they are salivating for: Anything that can be used to ridicule, humiliate, and damage Palin.

It isn’t just WaPo doing this, but the NYTimes as well, among others.

What is with their obsessive hatred of her?!

Certainly in some cases, she invites the media attention; but even when she doesn’t, the media can’t seem to get enough of the politician who doesn’t fear them:

Amid frenzied speculation over her potential presidential-campaign plans, former GOP Alaska governor Sarah Palin launched an all-American road trip with her family this Memorial Day weekend. Establishment media types didn’t get reserved seats or advance notice of her itinerary. Palin rubbed the Washington media mob’s institutional sense of entitlement right back in its face. “I don’t think I owe anything to the mainstream media. I want them to have to do a little bit of work on a tour like this,” she jabbed.

Robbed of the reflexive genuflection customarily paid by publicity-seeking candidates to the political press, scribes, cameramen, and producers on the campaign trail began howling louder than the Rolling Thunder Harleys that Palin rode along with on Sunday in Washington, D.C. One miffed CBS News producer, Ryan Corsaro, pouted that the O. J. Simpson–style media caravan giving chase to Palin had created hazardous working conditions for all the intrepid news correspondents.

“I just hope to God that one of these young producers with a camera whose bosses are making them follow Sarah Palin as a potential Republican candidate don’t get in a car crash, because this is dangerous,” Corsaro said. Puh-lease. As if traveling America’s highways to historic tourist spots were akin to driving in an armored tank on Baghdad’s road of death.

In Philadelphia, a pair of news helicopters braved treacherous conditions to monitor the enemy on the ground. Soon, editors tracking the story from their cubbies will be filing workers’ comp claims asserting exposure to secondhand exhaust fumes from Palin’s bus. And I’m counting the minutes until some cub reporter double-parks somewhere in hot pursuit of Team Sarah and demands that she pay his ticket. I mean, how dare Palin “make them follow” her!

As my friend and blogging colleague Doug Powers put it: “Reporters whining about Palin are like kids who can’t reach the cookie jar because she keeps moving it.”

For more than two years, Palin-bashing journalists (on the establishment left and the right) have mocked the conservative supernova while milking her for headlines, circulation, viewership, and Web traffic.

They lambaste her as trivial, while obsessing over her shoes, glasses, and hair — and turning one of her misspelled words on Twitter into Watergate.

They label her a grievance-monger for calling out media double standards and then kvetch, moan, and wallow in a pool of self-pity when she doesn’t spoon-feed them coveted political scoops.

They call her dumb and then run around in circles trying to figure out her “mystery” tour and blame her for “faking them out.”

Perhaps conservative supporters should participate in sifting through the emails for anything that will reflect positively upon her? After all, WaPo and the NYTimes are asking for reader help…

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19 Responses to Palin E-mails to be Released

  1. anticsrocks says: 1

    Palin kinda reminds me of the old Godzilla movies where the monster got stronger when they used electricity on him. She is like that, the more the MSM tries to beat up on her, the stronger she gets.

  2. Ditto says: 2

    Yet we can not see the O’s college records or his campaign’s itemized internet generated donations list, and the MSM doesn’t have a problem with that.

  3. retire05 says: 3

    I am just waiting for the LA Slimes to join the feeding frenzy on Palin, although they refuse to release a tape of Obama singing the praises of Rashid Khalidi, a pro-Palenstinian, anti-Israel buddy. Who knows, that tape just might kill any support for Obama from the American-Jewish community and dry up all those high dollar contributions and the LA Slimes would not want to be responsible for that, now would they?

    The obsession that the MFM has with trying to destroy Sarah Palin, while they ignore the classy Anthony Weiner’s X-rated tweets, should let every American know that the press is never going to give they the truth about any Republican and have reduced themselves to nothing more than National Inquirer trash can diggers.

  4. Larry Sheldon says: 4

    If you think racism, sexism and a host of serious personality faults are things of an un-enlightened past, you have not been reading the news.

    She is hated because she is female, sexy, good looking, super-intelligent, capable, able, unapologetically religious, unapologetically patriotic, witty, can speak without a Teleprompter, can look you in the eye when she is talking to you, loves life (hers, yours, mine, the impaired, the disabled), loves, is loved, ambitious, hunts, self-sufficient, not beholden to anybody or anything, did I mention “female” but not “feminist”, independent, ….the listy is really quite lengthy, but the short summary is, she is everything they are not.

    And she can actually play basketball.

  5. Patricia says: 5

    To play “fair”shouldn’t the emails of ALL public officials, be made public? Heck, the NYT’s could start a new weekend “email” section.

  6. PhilipJames says: 6

    Great idea to combat and defeat the left wing media in their effort to attack Sarah with these emails…
    read the article and help out…

  7. Larry Sheldon says: 7

    “Fair” is like “division by zero” — undefined for all but tbe leftist elites.

  8. J V Hoffman says: 8

    @Larry Sheldon: There is one major difference between Natural Predators and Liberals (Socialistic-Communist) In nature the Predators most always attack the weakest of the herd! How ever the Liberals (Socialistic-Communist) always try to attack the people they fear most!
    Honest, Fair, or compliant are not words in their vocabulary or in their actions. How could anyone ever trust a Liberal ? The application and interpretation of everything is solely dependent of who they intend it for!
    I would guess they are doing this because they searched and could not find among them anyone who did not have Porno in their Senatorial and Congressional computers! How else will they distract attention from Oscar Myer weiner man and the other sex offenders and adulterers? Thievery and dishonesty are not an issue…because they know we all know they are exactly that!

  9. TexEd says: 9

    The Washington Post and NYT aren’t asking for volunteers just for cheap labor, it is to “cover” as an excuse for the fake messages that will be inserted if there is nothing in the official release. We still don’t who forged the Rather documents or faked the commendations in Kerry’s military file. He is still out there and there is no better opportunity than fake/forged documents in Palin’s file to help the captive media cover for Weiner, Wasserman-Putz, or the Kenyan’s failings. Watch for it! It won’t be the first or, maybe, second media “we interrupt this broadcast” Palin event from these papers, but the third, forth or fifth Mr. Ed frantic outburst will be based on a fake/forged document allegedly included in the e-mails and discovered/handled by an outside “volunteer.”

  10. Drjohn says: 10

    Breitbart said it well. They hate Palin because she refuses to cooperate in her own demise.

  11. Drjohn says: 11

    Can we request all of Obama’s emails under FOIA as well?

  12. J V Hoffman says: 12

    @Drjohn: They would have an executive order out to stop it and seal it from the public…Just like they did with Obama’s and Michelle’s Public records! What can you expect from someone who fraudulently gets student loans under two names and an charged bigot…racist offender!

  13. DrJohn says: 13

    Can’t you just see Andrew Sullivan plucking some used feminine hygiene products out of Palin’s trash?

  14. Larry Sheldon says: 14

    I can’t see anybody I care about looking to see what Andrew Sullivan, Chuckie whatzisname, or the AssOfSpazz os doing.

  15. Greg says: 15

    Twenty-four thousand pages of e-mails?

    Sounds like somebody needed a better spam filter.

  16. anticsrocks says: 16

    @Drjohn: To my knowledge, Congress exempted themselves, along with the Executive branch from that law, when they made the FOIA law in the 70s.

  17. Bill589 says: 17

    Either the Left are just now totally psychotic, or they are acting in desperation out of fear that Sarah Palin is who she says she is.

  18. Missy says: 18


    Stanley Kurtz writes about his IL Senate papers, we can’t even see them because Obama claims that he did not have the resources to preserve them. Liar that he is.


  19. DrJohn says: 19

    @Missy: Great article, Missy. You will see that article linked. Thanks!


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