26 Oct

“Conservative” Voice David Brooks – “Those Crazy Democrats”


David Brooks writes a good article here, with some biting commentary, but it’s hard to take the guy seriously. When the Obama lovefest was going full tilt he fell for it hook, line and sinker humping the guys leg. But now that the winds have shifted he wants to be in the good graces of those right of center types. Not gonna happen.

Given all that, it’s worth a read:

Lesson one. Think happy thoughts. Never allow yourself to dwell on downer, depressing ones.

Over the past year, many Democrats have resolutely paid attention to those things that make them feel good, and they have carefully filtered out those negative things that make them feel sad.

For example, Democrats and their media enablers have paid lavish attention to Christine O’Donnell and Carl Paladino, even though these two Republican candidates have almost no chance of winning. That’s because it feels so delicious to feel superior to opponents you consider to be feeble-minded wackos.

On the other hand, Democrats and their enablers have paid no attention to Republicans like Rob Portman, Dan Coats, John Boozman and Roy Blunt, who are likely to actually get elected. It doesn’t feel good when your opponents are experienced people who simply have different points of view. The existence of these impressive opponents introduces tension into the chi of your self-esteem.

Similarly, the Democrats and their enablers have paid lavish attention to the Tea Party this year. It’s nice to feel more sophisticated than those hordes of Middle Americans, who say silly things like “Get government off my Medicare.”

On the other hand, Democrats have paid little attention to the crucial group in this election — the independent moderates who supported President Obama in 2008 but flocked away during the health care summer of 2009 and now support the GOP by landslide proportions.

Losing friends makes you sad. It is better to not think about why these things happen.

Lesson two. Always remember, many great geniuses were unappreciated in their lifetimes.

Democrats are lagging this year because the country appears incapable of appreciating the grandeur of their accomplishments. That’s because, as several commentators have argued over the past few weeks, many Americans are nearsighted and ill-informed. Or, as President Obama himself noted last week, they get scared, and when Americans get scared they stop listening to facts and reason. They get all these crazy ideas in their heads, like not wanting to re-elect Blanche Lincoln.

The Democrats’ problem, as some senior officials have mentioned, is that they are so darn captivated by substance, it never occurs to them to look out for their own political self-interest. By they way, here’s a fun party game: Get a bottle of vodka and read Peter Baker’s article “The Education of President Obama” from The New York Times Magazine a few weeks ago. Take a shot every time a White House official is quoted blaming Republicans for the Democrats’ political plight. You’ll be unconscious by page three.

Dude, you are just NOW coming to the realization that the majority of Democrat leaders are a bunch of arrogant sob’s? Conservatives of every stripe have been yelling this from the rooftops for over a year….where in the hell have you been?

What am I saying? We know where he’s been….and he left a stain on the left pant leg.

But still, a good article.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 20 years.
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14 Responses to “Conservative” Voice David Brooks – “Those Crazy Democrats”

  1. DesScorp says: 1

    Sorry David, you can’t come back into the clubhouse. You’re the one that wanted to play footsy with the “all the right people” crowd. Now you get to live with them.

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  3. DrJohn says: 2

    This is odd. I suspect Brooks is looking for the front of the parade. He is a tool.

  4. Nan G says: 3

    Speaking of once-paramours who now see the light, did William F. Buckley Jr.s’ son ever explain himself?
    Seems he was merely enamored of Obama’s speech-giving and the books he may or may not have written.

  5. blogforce one says: 4

    Peggy Noonan woke up as well. David brooks musta finally drank the antidote to the Kool Ade! lolz! Pass it around Dave!

  6. Mr. Bingley says: 5

    Another Sunshine Patriot.

  7. Common Sense says: 6

    I remember when Chris Mathews leg as tingleing!! I wonder what he will be doing come Tuesday?? I hope wetting his pants. It’s really been fun to watch the Democrats do everything but talk about the issues. I have said in the past and still believe this to be true and that is our MSM has failed us as much as 0-bama. Poor 0-bama was just put into a job he has no clue as to how to do. It’s like asking Barney Frank to be in charge of the moral Majority. Can’t wait until Tuesday!! Here’s hoping the Senate is in play as well as the House!!

  8. Wm T Sherman says: 8

    Too late, Dave. Way too late. You pants-crease-praising fake conservative and all-around weasel.

  9. Hard Right says: 9

    What’s this “they” crap dave?
    David proved himself to be a phony with NO principles that was willing to whore himself out for whoever was in charge.
    I would say he definitely fits better with the left. He is a self declared intellectual and elite, just like most liberals.

  10. jim crane says: 10

    Brooks is a pseudohermaphrodite who hasn’t got any idea which end is up. He lost all credibility long ago. My advice : get your damn teeth fixed !!

  11. anticsrocks says: 11

    Brooks is a liberal in conservative clothing…

  12. jlfintx says: 12

    Will have to take your word for it Curt. I do not read columns by useful idiots.

  13. sinanju says: 13

    I’m willing to believe that Peggy Noonan got her pretty little head turned by Obama’s glamor. Not to mention her generation’s desperate need to expiate its white guilt complex. She snapped out of her fugue relatively quickly.

    David Brooks, however, is another matter. Like Dave Frum, Meghan McCain and Fareed Zakaria, he clearly, cynically decided there was more fun and money to be had playing the apostate conservative for the amusement of the Libs. Only now, with the election mere days away–the handwriting clearly on the wall–is he trying to hedge his bets. I don’t think his taking off his kapo armband and tossing his whip away is going to do him much good at this point.

    “..paid him to tie a tail to his ass and run around half-naked, making monkey sounds. Put him on the big round table in the Cafe Napoleon, put a reed in his hand, crown on his head, blanket on his shoulders, and made him eat bananas in front of all them Frenchies. Oh, how the white boys danced that night… passed out leaflets with that boy’s picture on it. Called him Moonshine, King of the Monkeys. And when we slit his throat, you know that fool asked us what he had done wrong?”

    A Soldier’s Story, 1984


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