25 May

A Memorial Day Message for the Ages


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3 Responses to A Memorial Day Message for the Ages

  1. Cary says: 1

    I’m copying and pasting this speech onto my own blog. Thank you!

  2. Patvann says: 2

    I just finished listening to Obama’s Memorial Day speech…

    “Change” has indeed come to America, when for the first time, the President spoke NOTHING of the war-dead, nor of their sacrifice, on this day of remembrance.

    Lots of personal pronouns exalting what HE is (supposedly) doing, but other than sounding like just another campaign speech, he said NOTHING about the men and women this day is commemorating.


    I’m sorry Uncles. The America you loved and died for is suffering from temporary and smelly B.O. right now, hopefully to be remedied in a few years.

  3. @Patvann: Another speech by Obama that was all about him? How surprising!

    You’ll notice in Lincoln’s speech that he never once used the word “I.”


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