Obama’s green economy is about to cost you a fortune [Reader Post]

Barack Obama has spared no effort attempting to shove the US towards a so-called “green economy.” The same green economy nearly bankrupted Spain and has been nothing but a miserable failure here.

China is now in the process of changing the sticker price of Obama’s green economy and they are sending it skyward. They are tightening control of rare Earth metals.

Slime is always green [Reader Post]

Terry McAuliffe was a legendary Clinton fund raiser. Al Gore called him “the greatest fundraiser in the universe.”

McAuliffe also had the Midas Touch. In 1998 he invested $100,000 into something called Global Crossing and within 18 months had $18 million in his pocket. In less than four years Global Crossing went bankrupt, but McAuliffe knew to cash out well ahead of that. There’s more of this sordid affair here.