Creating Wealth

While our president crusades with his unrealistic plan to tax the rich in order to pay for his profligate spending and bring the country back to what now seems like a Capitalist pipe dream of Utopia, the elusive pre-Obama economy. Obama Elites, who are rich, but don’t seem to pay taxes or worry about them, agree with the old Marxist parable, “tax the rich to spread the wealth around,” at least, as long as no one dips into their private accounts. If Obama stays in power, their money is safe, that’s the way his system works. While the public frets over wether Obama is a Statist or a Marxist, because he keeps trying to make the old failed Marxist principles work. Apparently, the Marxists of history didn’t understand how to run a Statist economy or so Obama must reason to keep from being collectively diagnosed as a psychotic, by doing the same experiment repeatedly and expecting a different result.