Weiner Gets A Grip On Reality

Weiner has only been a symptom of a much larger problem; hopefully, he will ride into the sunset and disappear forever. Unfortunately, there is the question of whether his wife, Huma, is an agent for the Muslim Brotherhood, the connections are there with her mother being a member of the “sisterhood”. It is a fact that her family is Fundamentalist islam and deep within the Muslim Brotherhood. Unless Huma is a Fifth Columnist, Fundamentalist Isamists kill their women for speaking to a non-Muslim. The information will undoubtably be coming out in the near future, but the fact that hillary Clinton has an Islamic Fundamentalist as a confidant within her State Department will dwarf the Weinergate story. In the tradition of FDR and the Soviet spies he kept for confidantes, while steadfastly refusing to believe the FBI reports that they were spies, history is repeating itself.