WI Dems Can Use Campaign Funds To Hideout


One still-unanswered question in the Wisconsin budget standoff is who is paying the expenses — hotel, transportation, etc. — of the 14 Senate Democrats who fled the state rather than allow debate and a vote on Gov. Walker’s budget proposal. “We have no idea how they’re funding their out-of-state costs,” a Republican Senate aide said a few days ago. “We would love to know.”

Now, it turns out at least one of the fleeing Democrats asked the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, the state’s key interpreter of campaign and ethics laws, for an opinion on whether Democrats can use campaign funds to pay their expenses in exile. The Board said yes.

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So… it’s legally OK for a campaign fund intended to be used for operation in one State to be used to create a political Heart-attack on the Senate Floor in that State while contributing to another State’s economy at the same time? What set of dolts ruled in favor of such an idea or encourage 14 people to violate their State Laws. Of that note, is the Governor going to drop the kid gloves and play hardball with enforcing the laws of WI?

Isn’t it hypocritical, Democrats get to use their funds that have a good portion of Union dollars in it to run on the lam while Walker gets slammed for his funds that have in comparison tiny amount of monies from Koch Industries…

Whatever man! Won’t be long and we will be able to call ourselves
the great United Banana Republic States of America.