Why Biden’s Demise as the Nominee is Inevitable


by Sundance

Joe Biden will almost certainly not be the DNC nominee in ’24 coming out of the convention.  Most likely, in the next 90 days, something is going to surface that will indicate exactly why and how this move is going to take place.

Biden was installed by the Obama network for a single four-year term with multiple intentions – the rapid escalation of far-left progressive objectives and policies, in combination with a need to control the outcomes of DC systems to protect the Obama network from scrutiny.  This is the reason why the Lightbringer maintained an operational residence in DC that was more akin to a policy and control command center.

The entire Biden administration is seeded with like-minded travelers from the tribe of Teh One.  However, in/around the time Susan Rice was withdrawn from the Biden team in the White House, a shift was visible.  Team Obama began a slow withdrawal of influence, and the shallower, less strategic, team of Biden became more autonomous. The shift was subtle, but people -even media- began to notice increased blunders and Biden contradictions.

If my suspicions are correct, we are likely to see a gradual Obama team exit from DC, culminating in a sale of his Kalorama neighborhood “residence.”   Team Obama are very skilled at timing exits to avoid being impacted by collateral damage inside crises they create.  Unlike what some might claim, there is not going to be an Obama approved ’24 candidate, and Big Mike is not part of the equation.

Inside the modern Democrat wing of the UniParty there have always been two factions of power. The Obama (progressive, activist) faction, and the Clinton (power, greed) traditional faction.  The two teams hate each other, each seeing only a limited pie for sharing, but they align under common interests.

You might remember how it was Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, who dragged Barack Obama into the Libya/Egypt mess.  Aloof and above the fray, Obama didn’t want to participate in what was going to be a predictable failure. Within that dynamic, Obama was focused on the radical transformation of domestic politics. Other than feeding the Lightbringer’s ego, foreign policy wasn’t really the Obama team’s focus.

After Clinton left the Obama administration, she and Obama agreed to insert John Podesta for the purpose of safeguarding her interests and relaying information back to team Clinton.  Again, neither Clinton nor Obama trusted each other.

Fast forward to this current time of slow and quiet Obama withdrawal, while Biden remains tenuously in office.  Team Obama have carried out almost three years of extreme transformation within the US body politic. Whether this transformation is reversible is an argument for another day, but now the consequence phase begins.  This establishes the predicate for the Obama influence removal – the ‘exit’ per se’.

Anthony Blinken (current Secretary of State) and Jake Sullivan (current National Security Advisor) are/were part of Team Clinton – the more power/greed centric Democrat apparatus that sells govt influence to corporations as a business model.  You will note this overall Clinton outlook aligns with the Biden family enterprise.

Put it together, stand back and look from the 30,000 ft level, and what you will notice is a lean backward by Team Obama (mission accomplished), and a lean forward by Team Clinton, opportunities exist now.

(Via AP) – […] The need to “Keep Going” is the theme of this year’s Clinton Global Initiative, or CGI, as Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton say they will convene political, business and philanthropic leaders to build on the momentum of the conference’s return last year after a six-year hiatus.

CGI plans to announce the launch of the CGI Ukraine Action Network, as well as numerous financial pledges, to support nonprofits working in the country.

The CGI Ukraine Action Network is the result of a collaboration between Hillary Clinton and Olena Zelenska, first lady of Ukraine, that began last year. The new organization, which will be formally announced Tuesday, is designed to mobilize existing CGI partners, as well as new leaders from around the world, to create and finance new commitments for Ukrainians, according to CGI. Numerous monetary commitments for Ukraine are also set to be announced Tuesday,

In 2022, CGI announced more than 140 commitments, including a $1 billion plan from Water.org, co-founded by actor Matt Damon, to help 100 million people in Africa, Asia and Latin America get lasting access to water and sanitation. This year, leaders including World Bank President Ajay Banga, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, World Central Kitchen founder Jose Andres and Ford Foundation CEO Darren Walker, will attend and make their own commitments, which are required for attendance at the conference.

However, for nonprofits working in Ukraine, the spotlight CGI is offering them, 18 months after Russia’s invasion of the country, may be just as important as the monetary commitments.

The nonprofit Save Ukraine, which has opened community centers across the country to help families and especially children traumatized by the war and works to rescue Ukrainian children who have been detained in Russia, is set to receive commitments of support during CGI that it plans to use to open more centers, said Olga Yerokhina, spokeswoman for the charity. (read more)

Yes, the multinationals are always the controlling factor.  After all, they control the politicians.   However, the politicians control the distribution of the treasury assets, and the Clinton family legacy of affluence is driven by controlling the destination of those govt funds.

The fundamental change Obama initiated is deeply ingrained in the domestic intelligence systems now.  DHS, CISA, and on down the line to FBI and Main Justice, are fully weaponized for political targeting.

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Biden just keeps on hammering more nails into his reelection Coffin each passing day and he don’t want to correct it

Newsom might be the chosen ’24 candidate, and the DNC wants him installed without a primary. In order to do that, they are going to have to wait until after spring of next year to have biden announce his “withdrawal” from the race. The super delegates will “choose” Newsom at the Dem national convention. Ever since Newsom showed up at the WH a year or so ago when both Harris and Biden were out of country something was afoot. Newsom met with someone there; someone from the Obama team. They want a short campaign season of Newsom v Trump, because any longer than that and they know Trump will take him apart. And as far as the tranny Big Mike is going to be parachuted in … Big Mike doesn’t like to work, only to be admired and held up on a pedestal. Running for POTUS would ruin all that.

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Trump will not need to beat up newsome if they kick biden to the curb and nominate gruesome newsome. The state of play in his home state is enough to show Americans he is a piss poor choice.

Now that Pervy’s shortcomings have been on full display he is shot. When the majority of people don’t think he is physically and mentally fit to serve in the WH he is doomed and it is only going to get worse as time goes on. That is something you can’t recover from. They need to get someone in there who can get to within the margin of cheating they intend to do. Pervy may very well be outside that margin. The only thing that put him within that margin in 2020 were the unconstitutional changes made to the way elections are conducted compliments of Covid. No Covid, no fraud, no Biden.

Joe Biden will almost certainly not be the DNC nominee in ’24 coming out of the convention. Most likely, in the next 90 days, something is going to surface that will indicate exactly why and how this move is going to take place.

The DNC chose Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and they will decide if he runs again and they will choose his successor. I’m sure they had great hopes of Kamala being next coming of Obama but she topped out the Peter Principle (so to speak) long, long ago. Putting her on the national stage simply showed the world what a dumbass idiot she actually is. So, now what?

Now that Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has facilitated the destruction of Ukraine, the CGI hopes to implement the plan they had to exploit the chaos in Libya in Ukraine, if they can keep the Russians out. Democrats go about the world spreading destruction to profit from.

Nunes Gets It

Devin Nunes appeared on Sebastian Gorka podcast to discuss political events and contrast recent history against current narratives. Someone pointed out to me that around the 01:17:45 point of the podcast, Nunes frames the context of Team Obama in DC, noting that something shifted and is not quite what it was.

Nunes accurately notes the Biden installation was entirely the result of TEAM Barack Obama activating their political network in 2020. We’ve discussed this extensively, as the specific events took place in the week leading up to the Super Tuesday DNC primary. Obama and Clyburn allied to create the merge of two important groups, the BLM radicals (Obama) and the AME network (Clyburn). The radicals collected the fraudulent ballots, the AME network counted them, repeatedly. Go look at the actual people, that’s their connective tissue.

The Chicago network (think Jussie Smollett operation), led by TEAM-O, then pulled Kamala back into the mix, and together with Clyburn placed her on the Biden ticket. Team Biden didn’t have a choice because they couldn’t win without the networks and their election plans. Yes, at a high enough level it’s not complicated to see.

OUTCOME: Susan Rice was installed in the White House as the Lightbringer’s gatekeeper. Lisa Monaco was installed at DOJ as the Lightbringer’s gatekeeper. Avril Haines was installed as DNI, again as the Lightbringer’s gatekeeper. Samantha Power, etcetera, etcetera. Remember, Teh One weaponized the DNI, FBI, DOJ, NSC, so those systems had to be protected and maintained. It really is that simple.

Nunes notes the same triggering mechanisms that we identified on these pages. {Go Deep} The day before Biden announces his reelection bid, Susan Rice departs the White House. Effectively, Team Obama began a withdrawal.  Nunes can see it.  WATCH (prompted):

Nunes Gets It – The Last Refuge (theconservativetreehouse.com)

Congressman Nunes knew what was going on from the get-go. If he saw the documents in a deep basement chamber and then came out swinging/singing….He ought to be a top member of the new 2024 Trump Team. Also, Kash Patel was Nunes’ chief investigator along with Colonel Derek Harvey. It is critical all three will be part of the 2025 Trump Administration.

Those who were behind the scenes pulling the strings on biden deserve prosecution and lifetime prison terms for what they intentionally did to America. Most Americans are clueless to the conspiracy and the conspirators, but it is becoming more apparent by the day just exactly what has been done and why they fear a return to the WH by President Trump.

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