What This Pro-Life Ohioan Learned From Losing To Pro-Abortion Radicals



On Nov. 7 in Ohio, the passage of Issue 1 dealt the pro-life movement another stunning defeat in a long string of statewide losses since Roe v. Wade was overturned.

It would be too easy for politicians and pundits on the left, and even some on the right, to jump on the “Being pro-life is political suicide” bandwagon and integrate that notion immediately into a long-term strategy to shape our American political life. We have already seen this in the days following Nov. 7.

But before we write the obituary of the “all life is sacred” mantra, it would be wise to consider why we lost in Ohio.

The Truth Was Blocked

We lost because the levers of power (the donor class, the media, and the ideological medical establishment) blocked the truth about Issue 1 at every turn, despite our best efforts. Somewhere near $50 million (most of it from out-of-state groups) was spent on pro-abortion advertisements, almost twice as much as the pro-life side.

Media outlets now refuse to use the word “heartbeat” anymore as applied to a preborn baby. They consistently alter public perception with phrases like “abortion care,” and they refused to “fact check” the glaring untruths about the ballot initiative.

A thousand doctors ignored the science of fetal medicine completely to claim a “pregnant person’s” (note: not “woman’s”) reproductive choices such as contraception, miscarriage, and ectopic pregnancy treatment were at stake (which they never were). Pro-life doctors in Ohio were doxxed, silenced, and harassed for their defense of human life.

We lost because we were outspent, and money can create and propagate purposeful inaccuracies and sow confusion. The majority of Ohioans do not want abortion to be legal up to the ninth month on the say-so of an abortionist’s judgment of the “individual’s health”; Ohioans do want parents to know when their own children make life-altering reproductive decisions.

Wednesday-morning quarterbacks will also say we lost because Ohio’s six-week ban on abortion (the Heartbeat Law), which allowed no exceptions for rape or incest, was “too extreme.” But rape and incest exceptions are not actually “exceptions” — these are human persons. No politician effectively made this point, or even tried to. So it is not “extreme” to hold fast to principles of science and medical ethics when pro-lifers say that the manner in which one is conceived does not eliminate one’s humanity or right to be born.

We lost because Ohio is one of fewer than a dozen states that allow a state constitution to be altered by a simple majority vote on a ballot amendment. Voters rejected a change in August that would have raised that threshold. States facing similar measures must look to their own constitutions and protect them as the first step against their mutilation by outside interests.

Pro-Lifers Need to Win the Narrative

We also lost because narrative wins in a post-rational age. People are moved not by science (which clearly shows the unborn child is not a “blob” and is a genetically distinct individual), nor by argument (when cancel culture or algorithms forbid it). Instead, people are moved by stories. And in Ohio, we pro-lifers did not tell our stories enough, or — for lack of money and insight — did not have the opportunity to do so, before it was too late.

There are women who have suffered immensely after abortion. Other mothers have given birth to babies on the cusp of viability who have survived and thrived. Were they only persons because their mother (and doctor) wanted them to be so? There are human beings who were conceived from rape. We should have told their stories and then seen if anyone says they still don’t count.

Such narratives would expose the real extremism: that there should be no limits to abortion; that the viability standard goes too far, as does only allowing abortion before the unborn feel pain; that asking for parental consent to a minor’s abortion is a violation of some fictious human right.

Finally, we lost in Ohio because we did not have an alternative to give the voters — and voters, when faced with a perceived binary choice, an “all or nothing,” chose one side. A state that wants to stay pro-life must give its citizens an alternative vision: a political, economic, and social culture that embraces human life from before the cradle to the grave and lays the groundwork to ensure abortion is never necessary.

Lessons Learned

For those worried that such abortion extremism is coming to their states, take heed of these lessons from Ohio. Fundraise now. Build, through legislation and moral action, a humane culture that supports pregnant women, mothers, and babies and punishes violence against women. Message early the truth that women’s lives will not be at stake with reasonable restrictions on abortion. Protect your state constitution from parasitic outside influences. Allow health care practitioners and crisis pregnancy centers to bear witness to the goodness of human life, free from harassment by the medical and legal establishment. And tell the pro-life stories of regular folks who experienced the life-altering joy and goodness in choosing life.

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The left wins with their abortion cult message because they LIE and the lying, socialist, Ministry of Propaganda media doesn’t correct the issue. There are NO “abortion bans”; there are abortion restrictions and abortion regulations. In each and every case, they are reasonable and palatable, except for those who want to live life irresponsibly with no restraints (restraints on activity is for OTHER people).

If the right doesn’t accept abortion on a limited basis, they will lose ALL ability to keep the death cult of human sacrifice from committing late-term abortions, organ harvesting and marketing abortion. Almost every time I argue against the left’s demand for abortion up to the time of birth, the retort is “that almost never happens”. Well, then… why not outlaw it? Why can’t everyone come to terms with the fact that at some point in a pregnancy, the fetus becomes a human life and that life deserves to be protected?

Women voters are going to burn the GOP to the ground in 2024.

No, they aren’t.

Women with dicks.
It was the dope issue that drove the polls.people that just want to get high and not accept responsibility.

An overwhelming share of U.S. adults (88%) say either that marijuana should be legal for medical and recreational use by adults (59%) or that it should be legal for medical use only (30%). Just one-in-ten (10%) say marijuana use should not be legal, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted Oct. 10-16, 2022.”


WASHINGTON, D.C. — After rising to new heights last year, Americans’ support for legal abortion remains elevated in several long-term Gallup trends.

A record-high 69% say abortion should generally be legal in the first three months of pregnancy. The prior high of 67% was recorded last May after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization draft was leaked, showing that the court planned to nullify constitutional protection for abortion.

Most Americans oppose abortion later in pregnancy, but the 37% saying it should be legal in the second three months of pregnancy and 22% in the last three months of pregnancy are the highest Gallup has found in trends since 1996.

Gallup’s oldest trend on the legality of abortion finds 34% of Americans believe abortion should be legal under any circumstances, nearly matching last year’s record-high 35% and above the 27% average since 1975.

Another 51% currently say abortion should be legal under certain circumstances, while 13% (similar to the all-time low of 12%) want it illegal in all circumstances…

Last edited 14 days ago by Greg

I look at evidence, California the first state to legalize now a total shithole. A gateway to ignore other drug abuse. Hemp should be legal used as a replacement for plastics and lubricants, so many uses.

now a total shithole

Heh. No.

You just paid to clean up an area for a communist dictator.
Was not important to clean up for tax payers. Just shut up retard.

You don’t live in California. Your opinion about California means nothing.

You mean you plan on staying there?

If California were a nation, it would have the 5th largest national economy in the world.

The issue is not pro-life, or not. It is a matter of Federalism. Nobody said that Abortion is prohibited, it is a State matter, not Federal.

It WAS left to the states. Now Ohio republicans are attempting to nullify constitutional referendum results protecting abortion access, by disempowering courts to enforce it. They don’t give a f*ck about the will of the people.

Democrats dont care about enforcing the law, unless it can be used to harm political opponents, shut up retard.

The referendum was conducted in accordance with the law, and the Ohio state constitution.

Last edited 13 days ago by Greg

Good let the party get started, Im sure the clinics must meet the same standard as out patient clinics for other medical procedures.

What the hell point are you trying to make?

Maybe how stupid you and Greggie are?

Maybe, but It’s not clear from what she wrote. Big surprise there.

Maybe, but It’s not clear from what she wrote. 

Perhaps if you really knew what happens at abortion centers, you would have understood what kitt wrote with absolutely no problem.

Last edited 13 days ago by retire05

Of course. Only MAGAs know anything about abortion clinics. It’s widely known.

I promise you, Groomer, I know a hellofa lot more about what happens in an abortion mill (they don’t deserve being called anything but) than you do.
Maybe you would like to tell us your favorite method of abortion or are you as big a coward as Comrade Greggie?