Welcome to Medellín, Minn., Where Elected Officials and Cops Are Afraid of BLM and Antifa Race ‘Cartels’



Well, folks, we’re here.
After years of pulling the threads from the Constitution and foundation of Western thought, telling ourselves it wouldn’t matter “this time,” or being shamed by our betters about the “fallacy” of the slippery slope, we’ve arrived to find our social fabric nearly undone.
It’s over there, a tattered, stringy mass lying on the floor.
The Third-Worlding of America is nearly complete. Colombia, here we come!
Let’s go over the bill of particulars in case you don’t think Medellín is in our future.
In recent years we’ve seen that the rule of law bends toward injustice. We’ve seen the legal system weaponized against a sitting president of the U.S.
Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Hill rioters are treated completely different than Seattle’s Capitol rioters.
People defending themselves from a mob are the ones who end up in jail.
If there’s a difference of opinion, people who believe in the wisdom of the Constitution and the rule of law are called names like fascist or nationalist. They are kicked off platforms that have replaced the public square.
If people in the favored crowds are called out for doing something wrong or the merely hypocritical, it’s the disfavored messenger who is shunned from the public square. Ask James O’Keefe or Jason Whitlock or the “terrorists” who supported President Trump or the people who were – oopsie – geotagged at the president’s speech on January 6th … by the cell phone companies and banks.

And now we’ve seen a “public servant,” a term I use loosely, openly admit that she voted to fire a guy rather than leave herself open to the hostility – or worse – from the narcos.
In America.
Last week after the Brooklyn Center police shooting of Daunte Wright, there were the familiar riots, looting, arsons, and unrest in response. It’s understandable. After all, one needs a big-screen TV or jacked cellphone for “justice.
The police officer involved in the shooting, a 26-year-veteran, had mistaken her service weapon for her taser and shot the suspect, who was fighting and fleeing the cops.
This, of course, occurred during the Derek Chauvin trial in nearby Minneapolis, which should have been moved from the areaas I explain in a recent piece in PJ Media. Chauvin is standing trial for the death of George Floyd, which has sparked endless riots, arsons, looting, and unrest.
And after the terrible news about Wright’s death, the mayor decided that everyone should be fired – the cops, the police chief and others.
Among the voices of reason was City Manager Curt Boganey, who said that before anything was done the cop needed due process.
And stating the 5th and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution was Boganey’s undoing.
The council voted to fire the – it seems appropriate to mention here – black city manager because he believes in the right to due process.
It’s not like it was for anything important that he lost his job. I mean, it’s not like due process is a big deal or anything.
The city councilor told the truth about the firing at a Zoom meeting later, as Legal Insurrection pointed out.

Brooklyn Center Council Member Kris Lawrence-Anderson, who voted to fire Boganey, explained that her decision to do so was based on fear of retaliation from the Black Lives Matter radicals who were wreaking havoc on the city:
At a virtual council workshop, Council Member Kris Lawrence-Anderson said she voted to remove the city manager because she feared for her property and retaliation by protestors if she had voted to keep him.

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The left is dragging this country into socialism, totalitarianism and a police state. A characteristic of their idea of society and government is rule by terroristic threat. We’ll eventually see “People’s Courts” to judge political prisoners. Maybe meat hooks and piano wire executions, all presented on You Tube.

Time to start the deportation of these crinimals send them back to Africa and away from any signs of Humanity

Ha, yes. “Democracy” in action. There was a reason those guys sweated bullets in Philadelphia that spring an summer to give us a republic based upon democratic principles. Those guys knew that pure democracy – 50% + 1 – was merely mob rule writ large. In our time it doesn’t even require 50% + 1. Sad to say all it takes is a mob. And you can hardly blame the city council of Brooklyn Center for firing Mr Bogany. Clearly any council member who dod not vote to fire him faced a literal existential threat much as the jurors in the Chauvin trial face. You have to expect that any verdict other than guilty of the most serious offense will result in the jurors being doxed. After that I would not give a plug nickel for their lives or the lives of their loved ones.