Weiner didn’t mind tossing a Dem under the bus in 2010


Here’s a great catch by Morgen at Verum Serum in which the Democratic embarrassment du jour opines on not one or two but three Democrats mired in scandal just 15 months ago.  Anthony Weiner got chatty with Don Imus about then-Governor David Paterson, then-Rep. Eric Massa, and unfortunately still-Rep. Charlie Rangel … and he hardly offered unconditional support for any of them.  On March 10, 2010, Weiner wanted Paterson to resign after the New York Times wrote thatPaterson was being investigated for intervening with law enforcement on behalf of a staffer accused of domestic violence — for which he was never charged.  He calls Massa “one taco short of a Happy Meal,” but the more ironic quip comes immediately afterward as Weiner mocks Massa:

I don’t know why these accusations of impropriety are always coming down on the guys that are having tickle fights with their staffers.  It just seems so unfair, these stereotypes.

On Paterson, Weiner said that the state’s problems required a Governor who is “firing on all cylinders,” and that Paterson should get out of the way so that New York could find a new executive.

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