We Need A Real Halt To The Regulatory Assault


In an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, President Obama signaled an effort to end the strangulation of job growth by the federal government. His argument is that the ever growing mountains of red tape and regulations hamper job growth, resulting in impeding any real economic recovery.

First off, he happens to be correct in analyzing the problem. But most importantly, is this a real attempt at crucial reform or is it merely a nod to what people want while his administration continues its assault on business?

Earlier this month, the Associated Builders and Contractors sent a letter to Rep. Darrell Issa which addressed what real reform would look like. The letter states:

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I read Obama’s editorial and had the same question as

Ben Feller:
On the executive order and the President’s op-ed this morning, when you look at the timing of this, is the intent here at all to tap into the widespread concern, as voiced by the Tea Party, the business community and Republicans, about government intervention and government overreach?
…..if, in essence this is a call to the government to make sure that regulations are striking that balance, then why has that taken two years …..

Robert GIBBS: No, again, we have had an approach since coming into office that ensures that what we’re doing makes common sense.

This is what the President wanted to do to outline and put in writing our approach to ensure that we look back and make sure that the efforts that we’re undertaking and the efforts that have previously been undertaken from the federal government are done so in a way that makes sense, that protects, again, the health and safety of the American people and balances the important need for economic growth.

So, surprising as it may seem, Obama thinks all of his own business-killing layers of regulations are part of the solution!
I think his stolen speech about how they were ”words, just words,” is proving more and more to be the apt description of his own Administration and style.
He’s truly a hollow man.

Do ya thing that firing Cass Sunstein might be a good start?