Washington Post Reinvents Its Biden Family Corruption Standard To Cover For The ‘Big Guy’




The Washington Post established itself as the premier public relations partner for the Biden family this weekend in a laughable article that purported to summarize its “review” of Hunter Biden’s career. The left-leaning outlet’s “reporting,” however, instead peddled to Americans a mythical tale that not only moved the goalposts for judging misconduct but whitewashed the entire field of the family’s influence-peddling scheme — details of which now confirm President Biden personally profited from the corruption.

“I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses. Period,” then-presidential candidate Joe Biden proclaimed in an August 2019 statement to reporters. Since then, overwhelming evidence has established Biden, while vice president, not only spoke with Hunter and Jim Biden about their business, but also met or talked with various investors including foreign officials, and later received money that originated from those same “business” partners.

Yet, on Saturday, the legacy outlet sidestepped the vast and still-accumulating evidence of the Biden pay-to-play scandal that now reaches all the way to the president. Instead, the weekend article headlined, “Hunter Biden’s Career of Benefiting From His Father’s Name,” declared that “a Washington Post review of Hunter Biden’s career found no sign the family patriarch was an active participant in his son’s business efforts.”

In four short years, we’ve gone from Biden declaring he never discussed with anyone “anything having to do with [Hunter and Jim’s] businesses,” to a supposed standard-bearer of journalism reframing the issue as whether the now-president had been “an active participant in his son’s business efforts.”

The bait-and-switch executed by The Washington Post proves vital to President Biden’s political survival because we are long past the question of whether he knew about Hunter and Jim’s business dealings, spoke to them about their activities, or met any of their investors — all things the family patriarch once denied.

We are also much beyond the question of whether Hunter Biden received money from China or whether Joe Biden financially benefited from his family members’ selling of influence. House oversight committees have established that the answer to both questions is an affirmative — again something Joe Biden at one time denied.

While the House still has numerous investigative leads to follow, extensive evidence confirms Joe Biden passively participated in Hunter’s “business” activities and also personally profited from Hunter and Jim Biden’s influence peddling. Under the most innocent reading of the evidence, Hunter and Jim were selling the “Biden brand” and access to the then-vice president.

The evidence also supports a more damning reality, namely that in exchange for bribes paid to his son’s businesses, Joe Biden did favors for foreigners. Specifically, evidence indicates that the Ukrainian energy company Burisma paid millions to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in exchange for the then-vice president forcing Ukraine to fire its prosecutor general who was investigating Burisma. Evidence further suggests that the wife of the former mayor of Moscow paid Hunter Biden millions, and in exchange, now-President Biden kept her off the list of Russians sanctioned by the United States.

But even if the evidence is, as of yet, inconclusive concerning whether Joe Biden took bribes in exchange for altering U.S. policy, the evidence is overwhelming that the now-president passively helped his family sell the “Biden brand” by meeting or speaking with the investors who paid Hunter for the brand and access to the then-vice president. For instance, there was the April 16, 2015, dinner Hunter Biden and his then-business partner, Devon Archer, hosted at Café Milano, attended by both Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi and Joe Biden. Then, following Burisma’s Dec. 4, 2015, board meeting, Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky and Pozharskyi expressed concern to the son of the then-vice president over pressure they were facing from Ukrainian investigators. Hunter again provided an assist to Burisma, calling his father.

House investigators detailed numerous other meetings or communications between Joe Biden and foreigners Hunter was courting, such as the February 2014 dinner the then-vice president had with Russian and Kazakh oligarchs who funneled millions of dollars to Hunter Biden and his business associates. Joe Biden, while vice president, also joined one of Hunter’s Chinese business associations for coffee and later penned a college recommendation letter for the Chinese man’s daughter.

Additionally, the House revealed a reported meeting in February 2014 between then-Vice President Biden and two of Hunter’s Mexican business associates at the White House. Hunter Biden also reportedly arranged a video call with his father and Mexican business partners in October of 2015. The next month, Biden hosted Mexican business partners at the vice president’s official residence.

Those meetings and calls, however, only involved “general niceties” and discussions “about the weather,” The Washington Post stressed in its Saturday article. But that was all that was required of Joe Biden: The then-vice president merely needed to show Hunter’s investors that his son could provide the promised access. And the evidence establishes Joe Biden did just that, which is why The Washington Post on Saturday framed the question of concern as whether the president had been “an active participant in his son’s business efforts.”

Joe Biden, however, had no need to be an “active” participant in Hunter’s shakedowns to allow the scheme to succeed. Rather, by merely showing up or answering Hunter’s calls, Joe Biden provided Hunter the ability to represent to “investors” that his father stood at the ready to do his son’s bidding.

Such was the case when Hunter Biden texted executives connected to the Chinese energy company CEFC saying, “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,” the “commitment” being an investment of millions in Biden-connected businesses. Hunter further threatened that “the man sitting next to me and every person he knows” would punish the Chinese businessmen if they didn’t abide by their agreement.

While much has been made of whether Joe Biden was actually sitting next to Hunter when the latter threatened the CEFC-connected individuals, it really doesn’t matter because Joe Biden had previously conveyed to the Chinese that Hunter had access to him.

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Bidens Criminal Empire and the WP his Partners in Crime with the rest of the Media/DNC/Globalists

Instead, the weekend article headlined, “Hunter Biden’s Career of Benefiting From His Father’s Name,” declared that “a Washington Post review of Hunter Biden’s career found no sign the family patriarch was an active participant in his son’s business efforts.”

Really. Well, what do you call Hunter getting millions and millions of dollars from influence peddling in Russia, China, Ukraine, Kazakstan and then paying all of Pop’s bills? I call that money laundering for Pop. I call that participating in his Hunter’s “business” efforts.

The left not only excuses but condones corruption by their “leaders”, proving that any accusations of corruption from any Democrat is nothing but a political attack.

What do you call Joe getting his 10% from Hunter and Jim…
We can’t have this extortionist clan soiling the white House like slugs.

A damnable lie—just Loser Trump’s “massive voter fraud” bullshit.

What do you call Joe getting his 10% from Hunter and Jim…

Last edited 20 days ago by Greg

Ahhhh… moving the goalposts of plausible deniability.
Anyone, who had use of reason in 1987, should remember how this blowhard, plagiarizing liar had to leave the primary race BEFORE ANY PRIMARY VOTE IN ANY STATE, because of all the lying and plagiarism that was brought to light. If Joe Biden bids you “good morning”, you might look outside to be certain.

Obama once had a Marine hold his Umberela lease Obama got wet and melted like with Dorthy and the Wicked Witch then once forced Military Wedding to relocate so the scum sucker could play a few holes of Golf