Video: Breitbart takes over Weiner’s press conference


Via Mediaite. The Right Scoop has the full 14-minute extravaganza but this five-minute chunk will give you the flavor. Even if you watched it in real time, watch it again: You’ll never see another political presser like it, even if you live to be a thousand. Says Greg Gutfeld, “If Andrew Breitbart was a leftist, Sean Penn would die to play him.”

If you’re wondering what the left’s next move will be after this, you haven’t been reading blogs for very long.

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I say you go Andrew!! I don’t care what anyone thinks, I am glad he is on our side…. He knows how the Liberals think and the [mind] games and cons they try to play… he gives it right back to the MSM too! He calls them out on their b/s remarks and their spin… and they stand there with their Jaws dropped…

The Republicans need to get as assertive as he is – give it right back to the Liberals… call them out!

The Liberals don’t like Andrew for two big reasons, 1) he was once one of them, and 2) He catches them at their own game and more times than not, comes out smelling like expensive men’s cologne… [or a rose]….

As far as a “next move’ on the Liberals part? … It can never happen making Weiner the victim, he kept this Lie up for 10 Days!! … He would have still kept it up (throwing Brietbart and Conservatives) under the bus…. had he not been cornered into [finally] confessing… And his tears? They were not I’m truly Sorry tears…. they were for – I’m sorry [ I got caught] and had to fess up… now my life is a total disaster just like every other… Liberal Policy out there….

Breitbart can handle himself … He’s got my support!