Video: Breitbart crashes Netroots Nation


Two clips, the second from Dave Weigel who was on the scene:

“Do you have credentials to cover this conference?” asked Clayton.

“No,” said Breitbart.

“Maybe you should leave, then,” said Clayton.

“Okay. If you want to get someone to escort people out of your conference, there are progressives at…”

“So it’s okay for you to be here without paying?”…

Breitbart moved on and attempted to enter the main hall of the conference; he was denied, because organizers had denied him press credentials. Clayton followed; Washington Times reporter followed with him, asking Clayton who he was asking Breitbart about. Breitbart quickly decided to head upstairs, chased out by cries of “Coward! Coward! Coward!”

He walked into the online left’s biggest event of the year and, per Weigel, was apparently set to enter the main hall knowing that every liberal there hates him with a passion. The organizers blocked him, then people started screeching accusations at him about using coke and sleeping with prostitutes. So he left. Yet somehow, in the progressive telling, it’s Breitbart who’s the coward. The saddest part, via the second vid: Actual high-fiving after he was gone to celebrate the total pwnage of … denying a guy press credentials so that he can’t confront you on your home turf. Take that, wingnuts.

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Whenever Andrew Breitbart has gone after anyone he (like an excellent reporter) already knows the facts.
*So, he had more on Anthony Weiner than he showed.
But Anthony, not realizing that, tried an ad hominum instead of coming clean and saving himself.

*And earlier, he had more on ACORN than he showed.
But ACORN, too, tried to slander him instead of owning up to the truth.

*In the case of the Congressional Democrats who lyingly accused TEA partiers of screaming the ”n-word” at them 20 times, Andrew brought out more and more video finally inviting a big reward for video proof of such a thing even happening one time.

In each case, after the accused had done the wrong thing, Andrew brought out more.
In each case Andrew won the day.

These guys, obviously not good reporters, only knew how to throw ”have you quit beating your wife,” questions at Andrew.
Thanks for the laugh.

I think it would have been better if he brought a ticket and then watched them deny him access…O wait they don’t profile…lol…