Venezuela’s worst gangsters have crossed into the US illegally and are unleashing chaos in Dallas, Chicago and Miami



Henchmen for Venezuela’s dictator and many of the South American country’s worst criminals have crossed over the US border and are now causing chaos in major American cities, including Dallas, Miami and Chicago, multiple sources tell the

In Dallas, the Venezuelan neighborhood known as ‘Villa Dallas’ has descended into mayhem. For months, once peaceful apartment complexes have been the scene of illegal street races, beatings, shootings and extortion attempts.

Residents, overwhelmingly migrants who recently made the harrowing trek through several countries to reach America and are seeking asylum, pointed to videos of fights between armed men, broken windows and reckless drivers speeding through parking lots.

One disturbing clip shows a man with a shirt over his head wailed on by several men. The man appears to be unconscious until he moves his arm and is then kicked in the head.

Meanwhile, a car’s tires can be heard screeching in the background as shots are fired into the air.

‘Don’t kill him,’ says a by stander.

The person who posted the video to Instagram identified local gangsters who he says are behind the bedlam.

‘The most popular nicknames are Aron, El Pibe and Chito– three alleged mini criminal gang leaders who face each other to keep control of the area,’ @elperijanero2020 claims.

But there’s nothing ‘mini’ about these criminals, explained immigration attorney Rolando Vazquez.

‘A lot of these people are criminals from the (Nicholas) Maduro regime,’ the Miami lawyer stated.

‘Some are ex-security forces. They are professional criminals or part of criminal organizations.’

At least 334,914 Venezuelan citizens have crossed into the US in fiscal year 2023, according to US Customs and Border Protection statistics.

In the month of September alone, 72,352 Venezuelans were encountered at US international crossings– making citizens from the South American country the largest nationality arrested for illegally entering the US. For the first time ever, Mexicans citizens were replaced as the top nationality along the border.

Venezuelan migrants across the country are being extorted by criminal Venezuelan migrants, Vazquez elaborated.

Business owners perceived as having deep pockets are often followed home and threatened with violence against their families if they don’t pay up.

‘They want to do the same thing here that they used to do in Venezuela,’ he said.

Orlando José aka ‘Chucky’ Dominguez Mora was convicted of extortion in Miami in September 2022, according to Florida court records.

A victim claimed she was one of several business owners in Doral, the Venezuelan community in South Florida, who paid Chucky after receiving threats from him, reported ABC Noticias.

Victims were selected at high-end restaurants and nightclubs, where Chucky would pick a family and follow them to their homes to gather information that could be later used to blackmail them.

Some South American thugs are members of so called ‘Collectivos’ or Venezuelan state-run militia, Vazquez says. The government-backed gangs run Venezuelan towns, demanding bribes, taking personal items from homes simply because they want to, and killing or attacking citizens at the request of Maduro, who was indicted by the US government in 2020 for narco-terrorism and drug-trafficking charges.

‘The same people so many migrants left Venezuela to escape from are now here,’ Vazquez added.

‘They’re the ones who attacked people for their political beliefs, and they are now in the US. They’re doing Maduro’s dirty work, and it’s not just Dallas. It’s Miami; it’s Chicago.’

Villa Dallas residents who report criminals to authorities have their car tires slashed and windows broken, multiple residents told

‘Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the situation is out of control,’ said a renter at the Oaks at North Dallas who didn’t want to be identified.

‘These men hang around the complex drinking and doing drugs. Next thing you know, it’s bullets flying and people fighting. When I first arrived, it was calm, but things have changed in the last few months.’

In July, the Dallas Police designated The Oaks as a habitual crime property and confirmed officers have increased their presence there.

‘Our Neighborhood Police Officers are setting up a crime watch meeting to speak with tenants and address the crime in the area,’ the department said in a statement.

Law-abiding migrants who have the money to move out have already left, and those who don’t try to keep their heads down and hope they don’t get hit by a stray bullet or sucked into the violence.

‘I work long hours, so I’m hardly ever here, but I’m still afraid for my son,’ another resident added. ‘They like to races here, in the parking lot of the apartment complex. You hear them going around and around and you worry someone might get run over.’

Members of the notorious Tren de Aragua Venezuelan mob have also infiltrated the US. The leader of the gang– headquartered inside Tocorón prison and known for trafficking drugs and women– recently had broke out of the prison and is currently on the run.

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A wakeup call to all those Open Borders Build Bridges Not Walls Fools this is realty not your dream world of Hugging and Kissing they don’t want to be your Friends no matter how nice you are to them

All brought to you by idiot Biden. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Trump reduced legal immigration by 63%. He didn’t reduce illegal immigration at all. In fact, under Trump, removal of illegals from the US interior dropped to its lowest level since 2003.

The man is a phony. He spins self aggrandizing bullshit stories, and none of his followers ever bother to look up the facts. If you put the facts in front of their faces, they’ll invariably deny them and condemn the sources.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

Gee you seem naive, you know if illegal crossings were at todays scale it would have been
all over the news, hey if fewer cross there are less removals, Border doors were not welded open, and feds were not cutting barriers to allow passage, aliens were not being dispersed all over the country on our dime.
You just make shit up and have zero proof 7 to 10 million crossed during the last admin.
Allowing this invasion is an impeachable offense.

Last edited 28 days ago by kitt

Gee you seem naive,

I hate to nitpick and criticize, but you spelled “like a leftist propaganda hack” wrong.

His memory is vaxx damaged, the kids in cages pics that were found to be from the Obama admin all wrapped up in foil like breakfast tacos, all flushed by spike proteins. Unable to accept facts such as…
comment image

He wants billions for war to protect other countries borders because its evil to invade…The brain damage is obvious.
Biden deporting Venezuelans is good but MS13 gangs run the streets murdering with fenanyl those guys are here to pick our lettuce.

Last edited 28 days ago by kitt

Look at the trillions we will spend just repairing the damage Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden will leave behind.

Trump reduced legal immigration by 63%. He didn’t reduce illegal immigration at all.

You are totally loaded, packed and filled with shit. Illegal immigration was slashed. Initially, all it took was Trump’s rhetoric, which cut it to a trickle after his election. But, Democrats increased their efforts to fight every method used to secure the border and going into Mexico to organize the caravans to try and flood and overwhelm the border, but Trump held fast and kept them out.

Removals are fewer when there were so few entering. Removals were difficult, also, because Democrat sanctuary cities refused cooperate with ICE, further reducing the removal of illegal immigrant criminals. Remember when sanctuary cities were welcoming illegal immigrants instead of whining about having a few thousand? Obama called someone turned away at the border a “removal”, but Trump restored the honest accounting.

Nevertheless, the stark and dangerous contrast between Trump’s secure border and enforcement of our immigration laws and Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the corrupt, treasonous, incompetent pedophile, reversed all the security measures and just blew up the dam, allowing an historic 7 million to flow in in just 3 years.

Your bullshit just gets weaker and weaker.