VDH to Tucker: Donald Trump and His Supporters are ‘Existential Threat’ to the Leftists’ Vision for America


Victor Davis Hanson detailed the Left’s vision for America and said that “Donald Trump” and his agenda are an “existential threat” to that vision.

“I think they’ve come to the conclusion that Trump represented an existential threat and by association, half the country did, to their vision of what they want to transform us into,” Hanson told Tucker Carlson on Tucker on X. “And so they feel that any means necessary are justified by their noble spiritual ends.”

Hanson, an American Greatness contributor and board member of the Center for American Greatness, went on to detail the concept of the Left’s “Critical Legal Theory” and other areas such as border control, monetary policy, and other facets of American culture and government that the Left seeks to transform.

“I think we’re, we’re very naive, Tucker,” said Hanson. “We don’t realize that we’re in the middle of a revolution.”

“We think that we’re still playing within the same sidelines or parameters, and it’s not,” he said. “Everything’s under negotiation, whether it’s the Senate filibuster, the Electoral College, new states coming in, the size of Supreme Court.”

Hanson also expressed grave concerns about the future, especially should a Democrat win the 2024 presidential election. If that happens, he said, it could destabilize America’s democratic framework, especially given the Leftists’ actions in the 2020 election.

“They systematically used COVID as an excuse and went into about nine states and changed the voting laws,” he said. “And I mean by that, that the error rate for mail in ballots dropped exponentially, as the rejection rate did, as they were swarmed by them, and they were bragging about it.”

“Mark Zuckerberg was bragging about spending $419 million to absorb the work of precinct workers in key states,” Hanson added. “Molly Ball, as you remember in that Time essay, just gushed about how they had outsmarted these stupid conservatives, and they had coordinated the Chamber of Commerce, the street people, Antifa, etc.”

He emphasized the importance of preserving the America and safeguarding its principles against the onslaught of a transformative Leftist agenda that may not align with the nation’s foundational ethos.

Carlson said the prosecution of Trump by Leftist prosecutors brings us to a “dangerous moment.”

“This is a dangerous moment,” said Carlson. “Without a legitimate legal system, people will no longer follow the law, and the country will collapse.”

“This is not about Trump,” he said. “This is about preserving the United States of America.”


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Send all those who refuse to abide by their rules to a Gulag just like Stalin, Castro and Mao did and Concentration Samps was Hitlers place for the same reasons

VDH certainly hits the nail on the head. Rules, regulations, laws, morals, due process, and the Constitution means absolutely nothing if it gets in the way of the “righteous” pursuit of a totalitarian police state.

Family, hometown, Homeland. These are things that define us. The neofeudalist elites seek to render these as meaningless clutter.

Those “leftists,” include RFK Jr., too.
He might be anti-covid vaccine, but he’s also anti-gun, pro-climate totalitarianism, thinks that gov’t is always the answer.

64 years ago UNIPARTY was subtle in its devious attack on America.
The last 21 years they have almost been open and honest in their disdain for America. It has been clear for 8 years UNIPARTY attacks on Don are attacks on America.

4 years ago I believed America would win. Today I fear/dread UNIPARTY is winning!