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Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals……….

Rule #12
Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

apparently the liberals on Obama’s team don’t think the Koch brothers are very adorable.
But I will defend them.
They have 80 thousand employees!
80,000 families rely on them being in business.
They produce things American need and use.
Things like:
Natural gas
Pulp and paper

Think about that.
Think about it some more.
Who in Obama’s Cabinet ever met a payroll?
How big?

While Van Jones has produced absolutely nothing but Hate and Discontent. The Affirmative Action benefit payoff. We have a Nation on the decline as a result.

More on the Left:
How come the unselfish Americans hate their country out of personal frustrations, while the ‘selfish’ ones defend America with their lives? Stunning Isn’t It?

Why do those who object to tampering with the environment approve of tampering with the economy? Isn’t the economy also a fragile ecosystem where a sudden change can trigger a devastating chain reaction? Stunning Isn’t It?

We all need to ‘pray’ for a Giant Light Bulb to go off in a couple of million minds…

The communist does have a valid point. It concerns the concentration of wealth in immense quantities in a few hands. Wealth IS power when the mortals in our legislative branch need huge sums just to keep their jobs and when many of them wish to prosper beyond the legitimate benefits of office.

The old days of antitrust legislation as a tool to protect competition and the free enterprise system seem to have given way to laws used to extract political benefits from the huge firms in exchange for protection from competition, the facilitation of monopoly mergers and laws shoveling tax dollars directly to favored industries. Most laws favor financial giants in opposition to public consumers and investors.

All of the owners and corporate board members of the firms with disproportionate financial power thus have power over the rest of us. That’s the way it has always been, although lately our government has seemed to exist to service the wealthy elites more than in the past as today’s use of propaganda by the deciders is used more than ever to control behavior of the herd.

What Van Jones doesn’t acknowledge, however, is that the wealthy today have little power without the cooperation of government. That is the core flaw in his argument. There are no Pinkertons now to serve as the enforcers of the railroad robber barons of yesteryear.Huge government only serves to make the wealthy more powerful. Also, today we have a large number of uber-rich left-leaning power mongers who want to use the ideology of socialism to more “benevolently” control the behavior of the herd. Naturally, they take tribute from the governed through friendly laws.

Soros, Gates and their like believe they should use the old propaganda machine to push the herd into compliance with their desires for us. The “hive mind” of the old media, leftist academia and Hollywood serves the leftists well. But there is a flaw in their plans for us. Those plans of necessity conflict with our love of freedom. And a new player has entered the game. The new media has allowed for the creation of the Tea Party movement. In the Middle East it allowed creation of public rebellion. Soon, the wealthy left and their government cronies in both parties will need to control it as well. There are trillions of dollars at stake, whether in the form of carbon credits, health dollars, union dues or other subsidies. Competition and free thought can derail the gravy train. Even though the rich grow proportionally richer, there is hope.

Van Jones does have a point. Wealth is power. But the wealthy leftists are more dangerous than the wealthy capitalists. They will enslave us, all the while congratulating themselves for their good intentions.