US backed forces slaughter civilians in Ivory Coast



The United States recognizes President Alassane Ouattara as the rightful leader of the west African nation of Ivory Coast, US President Barack Obama said late Friday.

DUEKOUE, Ivory Coast —

Forces loyal to Ivory Coast’s democratically elected president killed hundreds of civilians, raped his rival’s supporters and burned villages during an offensive launched in the country’s west, a human rights group said. Human Rights Watch called on Alassane Ouattara to investigate and prosecute abuses by his forces and those supporting his rival, strongman Laurent Gbagbo.

Smart diplomacy.

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Last Monday I went to youtube and searched “Duekoue massacre”. I expected to find a news report or two. I ended up finding a video of a group of some 50 people standing there while a handful of men threw a guy into a fire. I turned it off as soon as I saw what it was. I couldn’t believe it. I share this because the video is apparently gone. But this tells me there is evidence as to who these perpetrators are. I can tell you, it looked like these were not soldiers. I saw men and women in the video. All standing there watching it happen. I don’t know more than that.
I did read elsewhere that some of this might be religiously motivated. But that some might be settling scores between local tribes, over long-standing land disputes. And that they’re taking advantage of the chaos to kill their enemies. But burning them alive??? Disgusting.


Eric, I also saw the video.
It may be back up on Eye Blast or one of the others soon.
African Muslims have taken to locking up Christians in their churches and setting the building on fire.
I don’t know who the perps/victims were in this case, however.
The country was 38% Muslim and all the rest were Chrstian/Catholic, animists and atheists.
The ousted leader was Christian.
The new leader is Muslim.

Dr J You prefer we back the guy who LOST the election. I’m sorry DR. but this is more of your pure bullshit.

Nan G. Do you think our Govt. made a mistake backing the man who was freely elected in an internationally monitored election? Are you suggesting he was backed because he was Muslim? Has anyone suggested we condoned the massacre?