Unmasking Ray Epps: Lara Logan Dives Deep into the Mystery


Part I

Part II

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Remember Hillary and the Vast Rightwing Consperacy? She got it all messed up like any leftists dose

Ray Epps was and is an FBI asset. His role was critical in the implementation of the January 6 fedsurrection. What he did was far worse than any of the political j6 prisoners.

My guess is that Epps is a “Fed groupie”, who might fancy himself a “but for x, y or z, I could be a fed”… a useful Walter Mitty- like dolt who can be sent to do los level tasks they don’t want to risk getting caught at. Epps does them because it validates his “but for” self agrandizing fantasy.

The problem with this kind of scheme is that eventually all comes out. Whats worse, to be a pariahbecause you’re a rat, or because you were used as one because you fancied yourself one? We will need a Nuremberg type trial once all is known about the theft by deceit of the 2020 Presidential election.

The problem is not that Epps did something so terribly wrong; the problem is that many who did much, much less have drawn very harsh penalties. So, the PROBLEM is… why?