United Nations Authorizes Strikes in Libya


The United Nations Security Council has approved a resolution authorizing the international community to take “all necessary measures,” short of sending in ground troops, to protect civilians in Libya.

The vote comes just as leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces are planning a major offensive on the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, Libya, where opposition forces were seen cheering the vote.

The vote was 10-0 vote with five abstentions. The abstaining countries were Russia, China, Germany, Brazil and India.

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Well, they better get off the stick IF they really care about the average man on the street in Benghazi.
According to both CNN and Fox, Gaddafi has already started bombardments and has his military rolling in on the ground as well.

Apparently the French and the British will be starting to enforce this tonight.
Gee, what happened to the Arab League?
Egypt is arming the rebels from the border region.
Gaddafi says there will be ”no mercy.”

NanG, since when does the U.S. allow European nations to take the lead? Are we not still the world’s super power? Instead of defending democracy, and the people of Libya, we now wait until Europe makes a move that the U.N. tells them they can?

Well, so much for Obama’s Cairo comments. But that was a different day.

Oh, and guess who built the Japanese nuke plants? None other than G.E.

@retire05, #3:

Something that might be worth considering: General Electric technology of the same vintage as the Japanese reactors.

QUICK OBAMA!! Save your “Fellow Muslims”!!! But it’s not a joke…. people are DYING, and he didn’t even offer to send then a few rifles…. nothing. I don’t get it….. no one said send in the marines… but not even some surplus supplies?? Water?? ANYTHING?

retire 05 asked… “Are we not still the world’s super power? ”

As long as Obama runs the show?? No…… “Super Comedy” is closer to the truth…. and we’re not laughing!

We might be an over-extended super power, with a President who’s giving some serious consideration to the potential perils of unforeseen consequences.

Greg: We might be an over-extended super power, with a President who’s giving some serious consideration to the potential perils of unforeseen consequences.

… meaning? And would Obama be considering that inbetween his golf games and fundraisers?

Tell me, Greg… who is pounding the “drums of war” now?

“GREG sez…with a President who’s giving some serious consideration to the potential”… basketball team/playoffs line up… his golf score… etc. Get real….
HOW does he give such “consideration”, to world calls matters, when he does not meet with his Cabinet advisers??? He sure as hell doesn’t have the know how on his own…

There’s widespread destabilization that could sweep across much of the Muslim world, with great uncertainty concerning what forces will fill any resulting power vacuums. I’m sure we all know exactly what the consequences will be of any particular course of action.

For some people, it seems to be all about Barack Obama. No doubt this simplifies matters greatly. Whatever he does–or doesn’t do–is wrong.

No kidding, like we did not realize that! LOL! What YOU don’t realize, is he’s not doing a thing! Why is that Greg??? The Friggin FRENCH are acting, and Obama is sitting on his butt twiddling his thumbs!! Now I’ll Quote you….
“Whatever he does–or doesn’t do–is wrong. ”
Probably the SMARTEST thing you’ve ever said! And it’s NOT because he’s a Democrat, it’s NOT because he’s Black…. it’s because, he is NOT QUALIFIED! Look at him. Deer in the headlights, he FROZE!
Thank you, for electing a Know nothing politician, who was a Community Organizer, and not much else. And YOU think he’s Qualified to Be POTUS! So did 53% of Americans, who were Duped!! You think he’s just swell. Great. I don’t think so…. And now, we’re ALL paying the price, for this BAD choice. Sorry,facts are facts.

Gaddafi and his own representative at the UN seem to be at odds.

Gaddafi: “This is craziness, madness, arrogance. If the world gets crazy with us we will get crazy too.

“We will respond. We will make their lives hell because they are making our lives hell. They will never have peace.”
Gaddafi’s deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaaim saying they are ready to ceasefire with the rebels, but made clear they want to discuss how it will be implemented.

“We are ready for this decision (a ceasefire) but we require an interlocutor to discuss how to implement it,” Kaaim told a news conference shortly after the UN’s vote to permit “all necessary measures” to impose a no-fly zone, protect civilian areas and impose a ceasefire.

Kaaim indicated that Libya would “react positively to the UN resolution, and we will prove this willingness while guaranteeing protection to civilians.”

Very Confusing.

IF y’yall turn against GADAFY, you won’t like who’s next,

“We are ready for this decision (a ceasefire) but we require an interlocutor to discuss how to implement it,”

Stupid idiot, simple, you QUIT SHOOTING!

To Muslims who pay attention to the Koran at all, there is no such thing as a ceasefire in the sense we understand it.
When we sign a ceasefire it is for as long as possible, often from them on, like with Japan and Germany.
Islam was founded by Mohammad and follows his ”perfect example.”
He taught that, if you are LOSING, you may offer a ceasefire (hudna).
He taught that no ceasefire (hudna) may last longer than ten years.
And during the hudna Muslim soldiers and leaders must re-arm and re-organize for a fight to win.
Gaddafi is only calling for a ”ceasefire” to get the international community off his back.
He hasn’t changed his intent to finish off his own people if they opposed him.
Since Libya is a young country (average age 25) with a 30% unemployment rate, people rely on him and his government for just about everything.
Gaddafi could easily edge out of food, shelter, schooling, healthcare, jobs for EVERY rebel fighter and his family.
If he gets power, even power-sharing I expect that tack rather than all out war.
He won’t want to earn more international wrath and Obama seems to LOVE the Iranians who are right now doing the exact same thing with their political opponents.

I expect Gaddafi,after a couple of phony head fakes,will take a few female bodyguards and his playboy son to live in the guesthouse of his buddy Chavez. Good riddance.
Yemen is next.

For the love of Pete, please drop a cruise missile on that stupid museum he built for his dead daughter. Rock that gold airplane sculpture into dust.

Rich Wheeler… Agreed! your assessment looks realistic.

Damn Hankster with this sudden comaraderie we might have to start our own blog.God knows what we’d call it.Thanks for guitar advice.
To knock BHO for his liberal bent,his excessive caution,his perceived arrogance,well and good . However,as I told Zac, I’ve met the man and can assure all he doesn’t need a teleprompter to deliver a great speech or field questions. Certain people we meet or see in life are great speakers.JFK,Churchill,Hitler come to mind.They inspire with their words.Others like R.R. and Bill Clinton are great salesmen and genuinely like people.Guys like Mac and Gore and Dole struggle.
When someone calls Obama TOTUS I naturally question his/her other observations because I KNOW this to be false.
I believe a big problem Repubs. will have in 2012 is finding a great communicator in their field of candidates.Without that ability to communicate,connect with and INSPIRE the majority you can’t win.