Unemployment Really at 10.2 Percent


The U.S. unemployment rate stands at 10.2 percent as of February 12, much above the official estimate of 9 percent, according to the Gallup polling agency.

The rate of those considered to be underemployed, meanwhile, hit 19.7 percent, Gallup says.

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Unemployment is a lot higher than 10.2%.
The “official” unemployment rate is a Government figure: tallies from unemployment offices of the count of those receiving unemployment compensation and actively seeking work.
That is far short of the count of those who want to work but cannot find employment.
Try 20%.
The regieme has a vested interest in keeping the “official” unemployment as low as possible. A low figure makes them look good. It is reminiscent of the Soviet 5-year plans. Most of the Government data is from computer models, anyway, and not from real-world data. Eventually the disconnect becomes so great that the notion that the Emperor has no clothes becomes widespread, and we get a new leader.

It is all so bogus!