Ukraine is running out of soldiers



A Ukrainian official said Ukraine’s army is suffering a manpower shortage that is hampering its ability to use Western-donated weapons, Time magazine reported.

Since the start of the war, several Ukrainian officials have blamed their difficulty repelling Russia’s invasion on the slow pace of deliveries by its allies.

However, in the Time report, an unnamed source identified as a close aide to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy highlighted a different problem.

“We don’t have the men to use them,” the aide said in reference to the Western weapons.

Although Ukraine doesn’t give public figures, Western estimates suggest it has suffered in excess of 100,000 casualties.

Time’s report also noted that Ukraine is struggling to stop combat-age men fleeing the country.

Under the current legal regime of martial law, Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60 are not supposed to leave.

However, 6,100 fighting-age men have been caught trying to leave with forged documents, State Border Guard spokesman Andriy Demchenko told AFP in September.


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Not only are they running out of soldiers, they are about to run out of American taxpayer money.

blinken dressed his son as zelensky for the WH Halloween party. Many would say that was child abuse.


When the losses become too great, that’s when you sue for peace, or surrender.

Tuck Frumputin.

Tuck pointless death, Buydum has no diplomats no peacemakers, and his balance is a bit shaky too.

Ukraine never had a chance in winning. Too few people and to many officials receiving Biden slush fund dollars.

Ukraine WILL win, unless Trump’s GOP minions block funding and hand the country over to Putin. That was item #1 on Mike Johnson’s agenda. The first step was to split assistance to Israel off, and package that with their IRS defunding poison pill. They calculate that will delay assistance to Ukraine until the threat of a government shut-down rolls around again.

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I’m thinking the situation in Israel has moved two US carrier attack groups and undisclosed submarines within striking distance of the Black Sea and points north. So yeah, that has crossed my mind.

I think he might not care who turns on him. Putin is an existential threat to western democracy.

Putin has allied himself with the single greatest sponsor of Islamic extremism. China’s eastern territorial aspirations are far more modest, and the cost would be very high. I think Romney sized up the situation correctly. Russia is our most serious geopolitical adversary.

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It just happens to be near a military base.
Hey I hear they want to add more men to the border issue, but…A whistleblower has told Congress that special agents at Homeland Security Investigations have been pulled off cases involving child traffickers and sexual exploitation and been deployed to the border to make sandwiches for illegal immigrants.
Couldnt they hire catering services for this treason?

Last edited 28 days ago by kitt

Biden funded them, sell all the oil you want those silly sanctions…..

Geopolitics and Antisemitism – Chinese Student Arrested in New York for Vile Death Threats Against Jewish Students

comment image

China already erased Israel from their online maps.

Chinese nationals have flooded into America in record numbers along our southern border. What could possibly go wrong?

Last edited 28 days ago by TrumpWon

We are broke we must look to cutting something out, call it what ever poison pill or budget review. How about cutting aid to invaders? Not give NY and Cali the money to flush on wefare for non citizens?

The treasury borrowed 500 billion in October alone, complete debt.

They treasury announced earlier today they are looking to sell 1.6 trillion in bonds early next year while at the same we have 8 trillion in debt that is set to be refinanced at a much higher rate.

Last edited 28 days ago by TrumpWon

So they chose to cut out tax enforcement, when we’re already losing $688 billion a year to non-compliance?

That’s just plain crazy.

We need to rescind high end and corporate tax cuts and return to a more progressive tax schedule—like we had before the national debt skyrocketed.

That tax cuts “pay for themselves” has always been a fairy tale. We went over the top of the Laffer curve before the Reagan administration ended. “Trickle down economics” has always been bullshit.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

The real problem is that the administrative branch has grown into a massive intrusive power that went beyond what the Founding Fathers proposed.

Thus, it wants more and more $$$ to keep up its bloated size that is hurting the rest of the country as they meddle in schools, representation of the states is being usurped and to regulates outside of Congressional control.

The United States of the Founding Fathers was a simple agricultural nation of only 4 million people who wiped their posteriors with corncobs and illuminated their homes with candles. The world has become more complicated.

People made the same arguments against overreach when the federal government imposed a whiskey tax. Washington had to put down the rebellion with a threat of military force.

You missed the point completely since it was about containing power of the government as envisioned by the Founding Fathers which is why they wanted the House of Representative be the main seat of power who has been diluted in the last 120 years when the US Senate selection was taken away from the states which is diluting the power of the people as it by default transferred to Washington D.C.

we’re already losing $688 billion a year to non-compliance?

Since you’re so worried about that, send the IRS a nice check for a couple of grand (you know, 1,000’s of your $$$$’s))

That tax cuts “pay for themselves” has always been a fairy tale.

The history books need rewritten. According to you, JFK believed in fairy tales.

Explain to the rest of us why you were mute in 2014 when Putin invaded Ukraine under the Obama administration. Or dig up your old comments about that then. How patriotic of you to care more for the grifter, Zelenskyy, than you are about Americans dying from Chinese/Mexican drugs.

11/01/23 – Senate Democrats launch effort to bypass Tommy Tuberville’s hold on military promotions

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., has blocked quick approval of more than 300 top-level military promotions in protest of the Defense Department’s abortion travel policy.

WASHINGTON — A group of Senate Democrats is aiming to sidestep an Alabama Republican’s blockade on hundreds of high-level military promotions by allowing the Senate to vote on all the nominees at once.

resolution crafted by Democrats and independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona would use a Senate tool to bypass Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., who for months has prevented a quick vote on more than 300 top-level military promotions in protest of the Defense Department’s abortion travel policy.

The measure — spearheaded by Democratic Sens. Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Sinema — is not technically a rules change. Instead, it’s a temporary process change that would only be in effect through the end of next year. It also includes an exception for members of the joint chiefs and combatant commanders, positions which typically involve individual floor votes in the Senate due to their importance.

“This is a suspension of the rules technically,” Reed, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, told NBC News. “We have to move forward,” he added, noting that military personnel were being left “in limbo” amid the Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The proposed resolution comes as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has pressed to advance a vote on three of President Joe Biden’s nominees, including the Marine Corps’ second-in-command, Lt. Gen. Christopher Mahoney, the chief of naval operations and the Air Force chief of staff.

Schumer called Mahoney’s appointment “urgent,” after the Marine Corps’ commandant, Gen. Eric Smith, was hospitalized due to a medical emergency over the weekend.

On Wednesday, Schumer told reporters he will call for moving forward with Reed’s resolution.

“What happened with the Marine commandant just showed many people how dangerous what Tuberville is doing is. And so, I will call for a resolution on the floor to allow us to vote on all these people at once,” Schumer said.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

As usual, when you have no intelligent response, you change the subject.

I agree with Tuberville who has more brains in his little finger than you have in your entire head.

Comrade Greggie, you remain an idiot.

11/01/23 – Republicans confront Tuberville over military holds in extraordinary showdown on Senate floor

Republican senators angrily challenged Sen. Tommy Tuberville on his blockade of almost 400 military officers Wednesday evening, taking over the Senate floor for more than four hours to call for individual confirmation votes after a monthslong stalemate.

Tuberville, R-Ala., stood and objected to each nominee — 61 times total, when the night was over — extending his holds on the military confirmations and promotions with no immediate resolution in sight. But the extraordinary confrontation between Republicans, boiling over almost nine months after Tuberville first announced the holds over a Pentagon abortion policy, escalated the standoff as Defense Department officials have repeatedly said the backlog of officials needing confirmation could endanger national security.

“Why are we putting holds on war heroes?” asked Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska, himself a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. “I don’t understand.”

Wrapping up for the night at almost 11 p.m., Sullivan said the senators will keep returning to the floor to call up nominations. If the standoff continues and officers leave the military, he said, Tuberville’s blockade will be remembered as a “national security suicide mission.”

At a time of growing geopolitical peril, one moron is effectively blocking confirmation votes on nearly 400 military officers.

Meanwhile, another effin’ moron is trying to make assistance to our most important ally in the Middle East—which happens to be in the middle of an existential conflict with state-supported terrorist armies—contingent on defunding IRS enforcement when we’re losing $688 billion a year to tax cheats.

What do both of these a-holes have in common? Support of a man who already tried to overturn an election with lies, fraud, and mob violence.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

Ya tax cheats…
comment image

What makes you think the average working American is a tax cheat?

Who are the biggest tax cheats? The 1% — and here’s how they get away with it

…The 1% conceal as much as 21% of their income from tax collectors, the study estimates. Of the unreported income, about 6 percentage points is hidden by “sophisticated evasion that goes undetected in random audits.”

The unreported income for the 1%, households with more than about $420,000 in annual income, is as much as one-third higher than previously estimated, the authors wrote. For the 0.1%, households with at least $7.5 million in annual income, it’s 80% higher. …

The same 1% who buy political power.

The same 1% who promote the lie that IRS compliance enforcement would be coming after YOU, not THEM.

Ukraine was destined to lose from the get go. Now they are unable to field an army. Russia continues to gain ground without opposition.
It is a pipe dream to think Ukraine has a snowballs chance in hell to win at this juncture.

Currently the average age of the Ukrainian fighting soldier is 43. That is hard to believe except we do not know with any certainty the number of casualties they have suffered.
But if what we have heard about the thousands upon thousands of waving blue and yellow flags at cemeteries across Ukraine is any indication, the age may not be as unbelievable as it would seem.

There were 2,243 US drone strikes against foreign targets during the first two years of Trump’s presidency, compared with 1,878 during the entire eight years of the Obama presidency.

But Trump seemed not to drone civilians, he bagged some bad ass terrorists.
Not doctors without borders.

I can hear the sound of goalposts moving.

Just facts he never started a war, it was there before his election, a war that Barry armed his terrorist “freedom fighters”.
Greg and you can move goal posts those of us that dont have vaxx brain damaged memories will kick it right down the middle.

They have to move them so often they’re on wheels.

We have noticed seems you dont want to post on the lack of Ukraine bodies for Zelenskys blood lust.

THE UKRAINE WAR’S “CRONKITE MOMENT”: Zelensky’s own inner circle tells TIME that the war is unwinnable.

If you haven’t read it yet, this week’s TIME magazine cover story on Zelensky is extraordinary. It confirms almost everything that critics of the war have been saying, starting with the fact that it is unwinnable for Ukraine.

Moreover, it goes further in describing Zelensky as “delusional” for his failure to recognize battlefield realities and his unwillingness to consider peace negotiations with Russia.

Most remarkably, the sources for the article are Zelensky’s own aides and advisers. In other words, the “Putin talking points” are coming from inside the house.

The author Simon Shuster (@shustry) previously wrote the article naming Zelensky TIME’s “Person of the Year” for 2022, so it cannot be said that he has not portrayed Zelensky favorably in the past. Presumably this is why he was granted such privileged access to Zelensky’s inner circle.

Ostensibly the article portrays Zelensky as a heroic figure forced to go it alone as times get tough and Western allies start to “abandon” him. But the truth leaks out as Zelensky’s aides pour forth a torrent of complaints and inconvenient truths. These include:

1) Ukraine’s war aims are unrealistic. Kyiv has long maintained that its definition of victory, namely the retaking of all Ukrainian territory including Crimea, is achievable with Western arms and money. After a disastrous summer counteroffensive, Zelensky’s advisers have reconsidered. Yet Zelensky’s belief in ultimate victory over Russia has only “hardened into a form that worries some of his advisors.” Shuster describes Zelensky’s faith as “immovable, verging on the messianic.” One of Zelensky’s closest aides tells Shuster that, “He is delusional. We’re out of options. We’re not winning. But try telling him that.”

2) Staggering casualties have decimated the Ukrainian army. Ukraine has refused to disclose casualty counts throughout the war, dismissing as Russian propaganda the increasingly-credible reports of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian casualties. But another close aide to Zelensky tells Shuster that casualties are so horrific that “even if the U.S. and its allies come through with all the weapons they have pledged, ‘we don’t have the men to use them.’” Shuster reports that “In some branches of the military, the shortage of personnel has become even more dire than the deficit in arms and ammunition.” According to the article, the average age of a currently-serving Ukrainian soldier is 43 and getting older all the time. The youth have already been sacrificed.

3) Morale is collapsing. Within the officer ranks, there is growing dissension bordering on mutiny. One close Zelensky aide complained to Shuster that some front-line commanders have begun refusing orders to advance even when they come directly from the office of the President. In many cases, orders are refused because they are deemed impossible.

4) Corruption is uncontrollable. It has long been taboo in Western media to suggest that Ukraine’s government is shot through with corruption. Yet a top presidential advisor admitted as much to Shuster once his audio recorder had been shut off: “People are stealing like there is no tomorrow.”

After Walter Cronkite returned from his fact-finding mission to Vietnam in 1968, he concluded that the war was unwinnable. He ended his famous broadcast to the American people with this exhortation:

“it is increasingly clear to this reporter that the only rational way out then will be to negotiate, not as victors, but as an honorable people who lived up to their pledge to defend democracy, and did the best they could.”

Now that the truth is clear and undeniable, will we take Cronkite’s advice with regard to this war? Will we seek to negotiate an honorable peace and save the Ukrainian people from further needless slaughter? Or will we remain trapped in Zelensky’s bunker of “delusion” — psychologically if not physically — waiting for the inevitable end?