Two Days Of Riots In Philadelphia…”Motivated By Racial Justice”


by Andy Ngo

On Sept. 26, 2023, two days of rioting and looting broke out following a Black Lives Matter-inspired protest in downtown Philadelphia. The looters targeted a liquor store, Lululemon, Apple, Foot Locker, Target and many other businesses.

The looting was organized on social media and was in reaction to a judge dismissing charges against a former Philadelphia Police officer who shot a knife-wielding Latino suspect named Eddie Irizarry. George Soros-linked district attorney Larry Krasner refiled charges against Mark Dial the same day.

Perhaps the most infamous riot arrestee was Dayjia Blackwell, a social media influencer known as “Meatball.” Blackwell livestreamed herself inciting looting. She was charged with burglary, conspiracy, riot, receipt of stolen property and many other crimes. Her lawyer released a statement saying the press coverage of the riot was an “all-out assault on black and brown people.”


by Sara Higdon

On Saturday, Jessica Mann, the lawyer representing Dayjia Blackwell, also known as “Meatball,” claimed that the media criticism of her client live-streaming herself and others looting in Philadelphia was racist.

In an open letter to the media posted on her Instagram account, Mann wrote, “I write this open letter with a profound sense of outrage and frustration over the unjust portrayal of my client, Dayjia Blackwell.”

“It sickens me to witness the media’s complicity in what can only be described as an all-out assault on black and brown people, as their character and actions are mercilessly vilified. We cannot afford to disregard this insidious injustice,” she said.

Blackwell was arrested on charges for Disorderly Conduct, Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Conspiracy, Riot, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Use of Communication Facility, and Receipt of Stolen Property on Tuesday after she live-streamed footage of people ransacking retail stores to her 200 thousand Instagram followers. At one point in her viral video, she is heard saying, “Everybody must eat, everybody must eat, everybody must eat, everybody must eat, everybody must eat! Yes! Everybody must eat, everybody must eat, everybody must eat!”

Mann described her client as “a vibrant and charismatic 21-year-old African-American female, [who] was catapulted into the limelight through her incredible talent for creating hilarious and captivating content on social media.” She added, “With her infectious energy and boundless creativity, Dayjia has captured the hearts of thousands, leaving a trail of laughter and joy in her wake.”

“Still, this person described above does not garner clicks on your websites, so you post her mugshot with tears streaming down her face and her hair a mess to satisfy your need to get “clicks” and to sell a salacious story,” the statement continued.

Mann went on to claim that Blackwell was only “capturing the raw reality of public outrage when she streamed the events that occurred on the night of September 26, 2023, in Philadelphia.” She then attempted to justify the actions of the looters as a response to the city of Philidelphia dismissing charges against Police Officer Mark Dial.

“How can we stand idly by as they continue to paint Dayjia as the perpetrator when she was merely holding up a mirror to Philadelphia so that it could see its ugly reflection?” she concluded.

Former officer Mark Dial had charges over the death of Eddie Irizarry dismissed when bodycam footage showed Irizarry was wielding a knife when police approached his car, leading to Dial shooting him.

According to Interm Police Commissioner John Stanford, the looting began around 8 pm on Tuesday, but said the dismissal of charges had “nothing to do with the protests.”

“What we had tonight was a bunch of criminal opportunists take advantage of a situation to make an attempt to destroy our city,” he said.


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Rioters belong in Jail and those who encourage this violent behavior should go to Prison and be made to cover the costs

“It sickens me to witness the media’s complicity in what can only be described as an all-out assault on black and brown people, as their character and actions are mercilessly vilified. We cannot afford to disregard this insidious injustice,” she said.

Do they ever consider that some may view these rioters and thieves as representing the entire black race? Over the years, we’ve seen numerous stereotypes die off, but the left seems bound and determined to bring back the worst of them.

All dial has to say is that he feared for his life, like Michael Byrd. Case closed.

The left has nothing to do with it. You can shoot looters on sight, as far as I’m concerned.

Well, that’s good to know, but it is Democrat policies, the same in city after city, that leads to these riots and looting. They riot and loot because they know they can do it and get away with it. Now, different from 2020, there have been a lot of arrests, but time will tell if there are prosecutions, convictions and jail. The VAST majority of arrests in all the cities BLM/ANTIFA looted had the charges DROPPED. So, rioters and looters have the confidence that if arrested, they will be released and the charges dropped.

Democrats are the PROBLEM.

All looters are Thieves no matter what we get from the Liberal Media looters belong in Prison not on the Streets

Black thug tries to kill cop with a knife and gets shot. This would be the logical accepted conclusion if if you try to kill a cop with a knife. But some how this is racist , because if your a cop and a black person tries to kill you with a knife the only non-racist option is to die…Of course because the cop was racist { by still being alive after the knife attack} , this means racial justice must be served. Which equates to looting an entire block of all its goods. Because black people need t eat. Besides nothing says racial justice like a new Rolex Phone and TV… From the looks on their faces they expected to not be charged for their equable actions… All you have to do is claim racism and our laws do not apply..

The only thing she has is accountability is racist?
Typical response of one who has no answer and no clue.

Rioters should be warned to disperse once , and then shot.

I am not sure how it is racist to be televised and arrested for breaking the law not to mention all of are creator’s commandments? Inner city blacks are constantly beating the dead horse to death concerning cries of racism. Guess what blacks, we have heard racism cried for so long, we don’t care anymore. If I lived in a blue city, I would be carrying with out a doubt in my mind. My state is a “Stand your ground state”. If one feels threatened for their life such as 6 blacks attacking a white, the victum is within his/her rights to shoot dead all of them, and that is the law. Blacks need to take responsibility for their actions. These thieves look underage. Where are the parents?

When you start seeing 25 or so popped melons every night, NEVER ask ‘why”….

There wont be any stores left to loot geniuses.