Tucker Carlson: We Spent Twenty Years and a Trillion Dollars Pushing Woke Leftwing Feminism on the Barbarous Afghans, and, Shockingly, They Revolted


Chuck Todd: Biden has lost his high marks in competency.
You misspelled “continency.” And I hear his marks there were, um, spotty.

Todd added, “You got to ask, how, the orderly part of this, what went wrong? I do think the biggest political fallout is competency. Joe Biden’s greatest strength against Donald Trump in the campaign was the idea that he has been around the block, he knows what he’s doing, we’re facing this crisis with COVID, we need some basic competency back in government, no more chaos. He’s lost the competency high-marks that he was getting at one time, and that’s tough to get back.”

Look, Fat: Shut the **** up.
Much like NeverTrump Twitter Addicts, European politicians are shocked to discover that Joey Sundown is borderline **tarded.
BTW, I agree it was beyond time to pull out of there.

I also think that anyone with any competence would have planned for a quick collapse.
But apparently, Europe’s smart set liked the idea of America staying there forever — to enhance the “moral credibility” of the non-state fiction called “The West.”

Until Sunday, Europe thought Joe Biden was an expert on foreign policy.Now, the American president’s decision to allow Afghanistan to collapse into the arms of the Taliban has European officials worried he has unwittingly accelerated what his predecessor Donald Trump started: the degradation of the Western alliance and everything it is supposed to stand for in the world.

I don’t remember many European troops in Afghanistan. Some, yes, in the first couple years of the action.
But then, not so much.
Europe believes that a US withdrawal shines a bad light on them for a simple reason: they think they’re part-owners of the US military. They get to “help make decisions,” which are then carried out almost entirely by American boys.
They must be made to stop thinking this.

Across Europe, officials have reacted with a mix of disbelief and a sense of betrayal. Even those who cheered Biden’s election and believed he could ease the recent tensions in the transatlantic relationship said they regarded the withdrawal from Afghanistan as nothing short of a mistake of historic magnitude.”I say this with a heavy heart and with horror over what is happening, but the early withdrawal was a serious and far-reaching miscalculation by the current administration,” said Norbert Rottgen, chairman of the German parliament’s foreign relations committee. “This does fundamental damage to the political and moral credibility of the West.”

Well then be sure to Wilkommen all the refugees.

Rottgen, a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, is no flamethrower. He has known Biden for decades and was optimistic about his prospects.

He’s a fool. Also, half-a-communist and half-a-Nazi.

While Merkel has avoided direct criticism of Biden, behind the scenes she has made it clear that she considered the hasty withdrawal a mistake.”For those who believed in democracy and freedom, especially for women, these are bitter events,” she told a meeting with officials from her party late Monday, according to German media reports.

Send German troops in there to “stabilize the situation” then for 20 or 60 years, Hildegard Heifferbottom.

No? NeinKeine interest?
Yes, the obviously-suffering-from-dementia Biden, who was a First Class Idiot at the height of his intellectual powers, deserves blame for not planning an evacuation strategy and for believing everything would just work out okay because God Loves the Democrat Party. (More on that next.)
But this idea that America must continue patrolling Afghanistan for the sake of European Left-Liberal Feminism is insane.
How bad is the grabass clusterf*** in Afghanistan?
This bad: Jen Psaki now can’t make any promises about Americans being safely evacuated from Afghanistan.

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ANYONE that thought idiot Biden brought expertise to his position is as big an idiot as he is. Nothing in his experience makes that a logical assumption.

Sure, he’ll be liberal. Sure, he’ll follow the establishment script and follow the profits. But smart? Based on what?

This idiot is a firewall against the erosion of the establishment club that makes politicians fat and rich while taxpayers pay the tab. Well, you get what you fraud for.

Joe Biden once dismissed America’s obligations to Afghan women and girls when he was vice president, telling officials “F**k that” when it was brought to his attention.
To quote:
When he asked about American obligations to Afghans like the girl in the Kabul school, Biden replied with a history lesson from the final U.S. withdrawal from Southeast Asia in 1973: “F**k that, we don’t have to worry about that. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.”

Got away with it????
It’s been a stain on America and those leaders all this time!
Now it will be replaced, or diluted because Joe authorized the same thing.

Flying the gay flag and pushing conservative Muslims to put up with our Embassies hiring local people who are out as gay did not work when it was pushed under Obama when Benghazi happened and it didn’t help a damn thing in the ME now.
Gays and females will be treated “lawfully,” according to Sharia under the Taliban’s rule.
That means beatings, forced marriages, amputations, and executions.
Not one gay will hold power over even one Taliban.
Nor will even one female, altho they may be allowed to work.

The country was stained. The politicians got away with it. Idiot Biden will get away with it. He’ll say something nice about transgenders and the media will be right back kissing his ass.

The entire Afghanistan debacle is/has been done on purpose. biden lied in July when he said the Afghan army could withstand the taliban.
Just like there is no motivation to secure the border, there was never any intent to secure our interests in Afghanistan.

America’s managed decline

Poorly managed.

Note to Tucker: Basic human rights and freedoms ARE NOT “Woke Leftwing Feminism”, you servile right-wing douche bag.

And idiot Biden just denied ALL women in Afghanistan basic human rights, you left wing crybaby liar.

Biden denied them nothing, other than an indefinite extension of a 20-year flow of U.S. blood and dollars. If anyone has denied them anything, it’s the Afghan government that fled and the U.S. equipped and trained Afghan military that evaporated overnight.

WE did not make that choice. Nor was it Joe Biden that agreed to leave by May 1st, and then drew down our forces below a level that could maintain control.

Idiot Biden: complete, utter failure. Just like daddy Obama. Foreign policy “expert “.

dumbass biden gave away the most secure base to evacuate Americans and pro American afghans. he cut and ran in the middles of the night like a little girl…

That was never in Trumps plan.

Trump HAD NO Afghanistan plan—unless you want to count the screwed up situation he left behind on January 20th: an agreement to leave by May 1st, and troop levels already drawn down to a meager 2500.

Doesn’t matter. Your beloved idiot Biden is totally responsible for this complete failure. YOU and all the other fools that either voted for or engaged in election fraud for this gutless blunder are to blame.

IT DOESN’T MATTER? My God, what has happened to you people? You’ve totally lost your minds.

Yeah, IT DOESN’T MATTER. Remember November 3rd, 2021? Water main break in Atlanta? Unfolded mail in votes in Pennsylvania? 74,000 votes received that were never sent out in Arizona? YOU guy pulled out all the stops to put this I D I O T in office and now you have him. THIS is the result: total disaster, total failure, total disgrace, total embarrassment.

You can deny a Trump plan all you want. There was one and it was flexible to adjust to events and conditions on the ground. Idiot Biden took over and he FAILED to follow the plan. NO ONE heeded the warnings or saw the signs. But, this is what you get when you have a complete DUMB ASS in charge that knows he can fail however disastrously he wants and his party and his media will protect him. Though the media, at least, seems at a loss on how to protect him from this and are tearing him apart (finally), we are still left with the catastrophic results.

Trump’s plan doesn’t matter. Idiot Biden has been running that plan longer than Trump ran it. If it was bad, idiot Biden should have changed it. The “foreign policy experts”, the “professionals” just blundered along, disregarding the Taliban for MONTHS taking over province after province. This is what the armies we routinely defeat perform: making a plan, no matter how good, and following it without deviation, regardless of changing events.

Accept your huge mistake of supporting illegitimately putting this complete moron in office. We all warned you; he has NEVER been a leader or a success. He’s a criminal. He’s a racist. He’s a rapist. He’s a pedophile. But, YOU wanted him because… he’s a Democrat.

Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail.

Well greggie, Trump, unlike the democrats, do not publicize top secret plans like Obama, Clinton and Biden. During the Trump administration, Pelosi and her intel committee leaked nearly everything.

TrumpWon, Greg wont accept that Biden slipped out leaving everything behind. The worst tactical decision since Nero fiddling during the burning of Rome. The airport is surrounded by the Taliban. How he bitched when we pulled out of Syria. How long before we see a new and improved slave market like in Libya Obamas supreme legacy.

Why has no one heard any details of Trump’s “plan”? Reality consists of what Trump actually did, and when he did it.

Reality is the actual situation that was waiting for Joe Biden on January 20th: a preexisting agreement with the Taliban that we would be out by May 1st—only three months away—and U.S. troop levels ALREADY cut back to only 2500.

The news that troop levels had already been cut back wasn’t released until January 15th, ONLY FIVE DAYS BEFORE BIDEN TOOK OFFICE. Trump had issued the order in November. Even Congress hadn’t been advised:

January 15, 2021 – Pentagon says US has dropped to 2,500 troops in Afghanistan


If only weak biden had executed the Trump plan. All Americans would be out of Afghanistan, contractors, ngo’s and pro American afghans who helped us. The taliban would not have control of the country and they would be in check.

biden chose to ignore the plan. That is why we can not send refugees to other countries in the region and why he has yet to speak to any world leader. biden re-nigged on the plan…

THERE WAS NO TRUMP PLAN. You might as well be claiming Trump kept a pet unicorn in the Rose Garden.

Most intelligent people would at least expect a vague description of the unicorn before believing they were seeing unicorn manure rather than more horse shit.

Raheem J. Kassam
“Kaboom” doesn’t begin to describe it:
EXC: Joe Biden’s State Dept Halted a Trump-Era ‘Crisis Response’ Plan Aimed at Avoiding Benghazi-…
Joe Biden’s State Department cancelled a critical program to evacuate Americans from crisis zones just months before Kabul fell.

Oops, too bad, Greg.

biden had no plan. He ignored the generals who told him to leave troops. Blood is on bidens hands

If only feckless biden had executor Trump plan we would not be in the mess we are geo-politically in right now…

I’ll just leave this down here too, for those who haven’t seen it yet:

Raheem J. Kassam
“Kaboom” doesn’t begin to describe it:
EXC: Joe Biden’s State Dept Halted a Trump-Era ‘Crisis Response’ Plan Aimed at Avoiding Benghazi-…
Joe Biden’s State Department cancelled a critical program to evacuate Americans from crisis zones just months before Kabul fell.
Trump had a plan for American evac, Biden canceled it. Democrat politicians know and that’s why they are covering their butts by asking for investigation. They don’t want any part of this to stick to them, this is Biden’s baby.

And why do you believe Raheem J Kassam? The man supported admitting members of two openly fascist UK political parties and a UK white nationalist party into his own. He’s a right-wing extremist.

Kamala Harris Bails Out – Will Visit Vietnam and Singapore – Ignores Afghanistan Catastrophe

Looking for Afghanistan root causes.

Thanks to Joe Biden the Taliban Now Controls 11 Former US Bases, Approximately 174 Humvees, 10,000 High Explosive Rockets and 6 Light Attack Aircraft

Giving weapons to the enemy was not in the Trump plan….

Do you think a total of 2500 troops was sufficient to protect our embassy in Kabul, Bagram Air Force Base, 10 additional US military bases, and over 10,000 US civilians who were still in Afghanistan? Maybe Donald should explain that plan he had. Maybe he should have told Congress about it.

Maybe somebody should have known about the reduction to 2500 before January 15th.

Why didn’t idiot Biden beef it up if it was the issue? See? See how the idiot in charge can’t get out from under his responsibility?

I worked for a guy that told us, “My organization has no victims.” In other words, blaming others is not an answer; either we identified and corrected the problems or we called him and he would take care of it. It’s called “responsibility”. Idiot Biden and Democrats have no idea what that is, having gotten away with blaming others for their failures for decades.

I remember how you defended Obama when Amb. Chris Stevens was murdered by your beloved Islamists. You seem to really have a thing for Democrats who are so inept that American lives are lost. But then, that’s what you brag about. What uniform did you wear, Comrage Greggie? Chinese or NVC?

Maybe you can tell us what Biden’s actual plan was because if the situation in Afghanistan is Biden’s actual plan, he is a bigger idiot than you are. Perhaps you can tell us when, in the history of the U.S., we have left civilians behind with no military forces remaining to try to get them out of hostile territory? Or do you think sending our FS members emails telling them to make their own way to a Taliban guarded airport shows intelligence?

The National Pulse reports:

The “Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau” – which was designed to handle medical, diplomatic, and logistical support concerning Americans overseas was paused by Anthony Blinken’s State Department earlier this year. Notification was officially signed just months before the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

“SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED,” an official State Department document from the Biden State Department begins, before outlining the following move the quash the Trump-era funding for the new bureau.

The document is from the desk of Deputy Secretary of State Brian P. McKeon, confirmed in March by the United States Senate.

You can squirm until the cows come home Greg but you and Biden are f*****. And it’s Biden’s doing. You are just the barking dog as the caravan passes.

That and the air power in country. Idiot Biden pulled the air power. Because he’s an idiot.

You would have preferred that Biden provide the Taliban with an air force? Our air power was part of what the remaining 2500 were apparently expected to protect, along with all of those other things mentioned.

Some “plan” that must have been.

I see… being a Democrat that supports Democrats, all you can possibly envision is failure because that’s all Democrats provide. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

No, scooter. The air power would be in our hands in support of the ANA. Closing Bagram in the middle of the night. That was what an idiot Biden plan looks like.

Instead of thinking like idiot Biden, try to think like an intelligent person. Get someone to assist you, if necessary.

“You would have preferred that Biden provide the Taliban with an air force?”

No, Comrade Greggie; I would have preferred Biden evacuate Americans from Afghanistan before he pulled out all our military. And perhaps not left what was the Afghan Air Force to fend for itself when Biden forced all the mechanics out of Afghanistan so that now the Tolleybahn is dismantling the rotary support piece by piece to send to Pakistan. Oh, wait, maybe Biden doesn’t understand that the Tolleybahn is attached at the wallet (filled by U.S. taxpayers) to Pakistan.

Why did biden turn over the base at bagram?

Joe Biden’s State Department moved to cancel a critical State Department program aimed at providing swift and safe evacuations of Americans out of crisis zones just months prior to the fall of Kabul, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

The “Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau” – which was designed to handle medical, diplomatic, and logistical support concerning Americans overseas was paused by Anthony Blinken’s State Department earlier this year. Notification was officially signed just months before the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

The document is dated June 11, 2021, though The National Pulse understands the decision to pause the program may have come as early as February, both undermining the original Trump-era date for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and certainly giving the Taliban time to threaten American assets and lives on the run up to Joe Biden’s September 11th date of withdrawal.

Do you think the Taliban realizes they only have to take ONE American hostage or kill ONE American to completely destroy this regime? God help our citizens in Afghanistan; this idiot has put them in DIRE danger.

Trump’s true believers are enjoying every moment of it. They’re HOPING for some grand disaster.

Trump hopes no one remembers he pushed for a full Afghanistan withdrawal by June

Trump, only one month ago, and one of his Save America rallies”

“I started the process, all the troops are coming home, they couldn’t stop the process. 21 years is enough. They couldn’t stop the process, they wanted to but couldn’t stop the process.”

Here’s the video clip:

Yes, Trump did. And that plan included a civilian evac plan, which Biden canceled. Give it up, Greg. Top Democrats are calling for an investigation of Biden, they are running for the hills trying to escape collateral damage.

Joe has gotten himself into a lose-lose situation with the Taliban. He can’t even go after the Americans to save them. Joe is so bad off he’s quoting George Stegasoraus (joke) as a military expert. He doesn’t have anyone in his administration with more intel savvy than George?


Trump’s planning was about how to screw up things for Biden as much as possible—when he wasn’t busy planning how he might overturn the election.

What don’t you understand about the FOX News video? Or about the Twitter clip from the Save America rally, where the s.o.b. is gloating about the withdraw being HIS doing—something Biden’s people couldn’t stop, no matter how hard they tried? Do you all have erase buttons on your foreheads or something?

Trump wasn’t planning on losing. In fact, he won. So, yet another of your weak, pathetic excuses for the failure of idiot Biden crashes and burns.

Trump LOST by 7 million votes.

He had ALREADY LOST before he ordered the troop draw down.

He THEN withdrew TWICE AS MANY as he stated, and nobody found out until January 15th.

Do you understand how calendars and dates work?

Well, no. He didn’t. But, as I said, it doesn’t matter.

Because, why didn’t idiot Biden ramp troop levels back up? Hell, he LOVES committing troops to war!

Swing and a miss, Greggie. You are a glutton for punishment.

Now you are saying Joe is an easily played sucker. Joe said the transition went very well, and the Trump administration was open and he was so happy with it all.

I guess Joe is a dolt after all.

Biden made the mistake of treating the crazy son-of-a-bitch he replaced with more courtesy that he deserved. The transition was so f*cked up by Trump’s behavior that the incoming administration had to rely on people Trump had just fired for transition briefings. Trump tried to overturn the election with lies and failed court filings. Failing that, he stirred up a mob of his followers and sent them to interfere with the electoral collage count. I’m increasingly convinced that the troop draw down was pure vindictiveness—an effort to sabotage his successor, even if it caused a disaster. I’m so tired of hearing all this crap about Trump. He should have been removed from office the first time he was impeached, and barred from ever holding office again the second time he was impeached. And YOU IDIOTS have sent this lunatic grifter—this SUPPOSED billionaire—$100 million to CONTINUE trying to f*ck things up. Trump isn’t the only one responsible. His enablers are, too.

Trump didn’t even attend the inauguration. He had a tantrum and bugged out.

Uh… he wasn’t invited. Remember the Democrats that threw a tantrum and wouldn’t attend Trump’s inaugural? Remember the left wing violence at Trump’s inaugural? I guess you forgot such details.

This is how bad it’s gotten, Greg:

“Milley also privately telling officers he wishes 45 was back despite the bad blood”

Quotation marks don’t make lies true. In addition selling fabricated quotes, Jack Proboscis endorses the MyPillow guy’s towels, hawks tee shirts, and promotes special Keto Powder that Melts Fat Away.

So what? If he earns money legally, you have a problem with that but no problem with Hunter Biden selling influence with the permission of his father?

Would it be more acceptable if he sold finger paintings that a kindergartener would be ashamed of for $500,000 to sell access to the White House?

Yeah, I remember all that cozy warmth idiot Biden and the other Democrats were emitting. But, like I said, it doesn’t matter.

Why didn’t idiot Biden return the troops that were pulled out if Trump was sabotaging the effort? Hell, he kept 35,000 troops in DC to await the fantasy assault of white supremacists they invented, he could have afforded to send some to Afghanistan. Why didn’t idiot Biden’s team of brilliant “professionals” (the same group that brought us Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Syria, Libya and a sacked consulate in Benghazi, by the way) see Trump’s devious plan and reverse it?

Because there was no “devious plan”. It is all idiot Biden’s failure.

Remember when the worst thing idiot Biden had done was kill the Keystone and 48,000 jobs? Ah, those were the days.

” I’m so tired of hearing all this crap about Trump.”

What a lying sack of crap you are, Comrade Greggie. You’re the one that keeps bringing up Trump, not us, yet here you are, saying you are tired of the very subject you constantly bring up.

“And YOU IDIOTS have sent this lunatic grifter—this SUPPOSED billionaire—$100 million to CONTINUE trying to f*ck things up.”

As if Biden isn’t the biggest f*ck up to ever sit at the Resolute desk. Even Obama said never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f*ck things up.

“Trump isn’t the only one responsible. His enablers are, too.”

Oh, my, I guess we are to be thankful that we have Blinken and Moron Milley. Yeah, there’s a pair to draw to.

There’s withdrawal and there’s catastrophic, disastrous, failed withdrawal and collapse idiot Biden style. A competent leader would not have done this like idiot Biden.

No, we’re not like you leftists that salivate with every shooting or COVID19 death, circling above to weaponize the tragedy. We feel the disgrace and embarrassment, but, god damnit, we F**KING TOLD YOU SO.

There are 15k hostages presently

In case you forgot, or weren’t paying attention in the first place: President Donald Trump orders troop withdrawals in Iraq & Afghanistan

And he DIDN’T then draw down 7,500 by 2,500. He drew 7,500 down TO 2,500. No warning to the incoming administration, either. Biden’s team was trying to patch together a picture of what was going on by way of briefings from Trump’s FORMER advisors. The current Team Trump wasn’t telling the incoming administration diddly squat.

You are so worried about Biden’s popularity but not worried at all about thousands of Americans in danger. What should Joe do NOW, Greg??!

Trump can’t do anything, he’s been a private citizen for 7 months now.

What Should Joe Do Now?

I’m worried about people who seem to have the attention span of goldfish. Exhibits A and B:

Nine months ago:

One month ago:

Trump’s set up gave Biden 2 1/2 months to get everyone at risk out of Afghanistan, with only 2500 remaining to protect and execute the entire operation—and that was only revealed 5 days before Biden took office.

What you’re actually down voting is documentation of that. You can’t deal with the reality, so you’re building another delusional alternative.

When you’ve lost David Axelrod I think you’ve lost the argument. He is honest enough to admit it. You aren’t. Our allies like the British are not happy with Biden over this issue. You want to spit nonsense about them too?
You said there was no plan crafted by Trump, there was. It’s been posted here. You don’t like the messenger so you attack and dismiss but the message is accurate.
Axlerod is below.

Only those with the political arrogance of lying trash like Pelosi can support idiot Biden now.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Says U.S. Doesn’t Have Capability to Leave Kabul Airport and Evacuate Americans


The Left tried to perfect the, “this is OLD News,” line.
MoveOn.Org, a Soros’ funded lefty propaganda site, was based on this.

Hillary used it when she said, “What difference does it make now.”

Joe had the gall to use it on Wednesday about people dying trying to get on planes on Monday.
He told George Stephan……s, “That was, what?, four of five days ago! Come on, man!”

It gets worse for America by the hour, and Joe Biden is the reason:

“US Lost Several Military Aircraft that Were Flown Out of Afghanistan – They Have No Idea How Many Were Lost — VIDEO By Jim Hoft Published August 18, 2021 at 4:17pm 1287 Comments Share (392) Tweet Gab Share Telegram Telegram Clouthub Share

During their totally pathetic press conference today at the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and woke General Mark Milley admitted that Afghan pilots flew several US aircraft out of the country. They think they were flown to Uzbekistan or Tajikistan but they are not sure.

They have no idea how many aircraft have been lost. I thought we had satellites that watched everything.

This Biden guy is a surprise a minute. It’s hard to keep with just reading about all his screwups. Meanwhile his woke General knows where all the white supremacists in his ranks are, but can’t find his airplanes.
And on top of that, we could have tens of thousands of hostages to negotiate over at any time. Maybe Biden can call in Carter to help, lol.