Tucker Carlson Torpedoes Russia Hacks Argument With Logic


Christian Datoc:

Tucker Carlson, during a Monday morning interview on Fox & Friends, pointed out a a glaring plot hole in the Russia-rigged-the-election-for-Trump narrative.

“I don’t understand the argument itself,” the Tucker Carlson Tonight and Daily Caller founder stated. “I don’t think anyone dismisses the that Russia was hacking servers or email accounts in the United States. They’ve done if for years, and so have the Chinese.”

“The question is did that sway the election results, and if it did, how so exactly?” he then posed. “The allegation appears to be they hacked John Podesta’s emails. By the way, that’s not proved. They’re claiming it is, but it’s not.” (VIDEO: Obama’s Former CIA Dir. Lectures Trump — ‘He’s Going To Have To Learn’)

“Let’s just say they did. What does that mean? It means that voters got more information than they would have had otherwise. It’s not a defense of hacking, it’s merely an observation of reality.”

“Voters knew things they wouldn’t have known otherwise,” Carlson added before asking “are they really making the argument that voters ought to have had less information?”

“The problem, again, isn’t fake news. It’s real news. Nobody disputes that the WikiLeaks stuff was real.”

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