Trump’s Clean Sweep in Swing States: A Game-Changer for the Election


by Rich Baris

Got news for everyone…

Wisconsin is probably the most difficult of these states to poll at the presidential level. If Trump is ahead of Biden in all the other swing states, especially by these margins, he’s taking the Badger State, too.

Clean sweep as of today.

FYI, remember when certain people claimed many of these shifts were a “mirage” or just the product of “garbage” polls?

Funny how the garbage leads in identifying trends all the time.

In response to Larry Sabato, 91 counts or not, that may or may not be seen as credible by the public, and may or may not even be settled before the election, Biden’s biggest problem is that people think Trump was a better president and their lives were better.

That’s not going to change.

Lastly, I don’t know what in Hell Ryan Girdusky is talking about, yet again making statements that are un true.

The NYT Poll was NOT accurate in 2020, let alone the most accurate. Biden led Trump in all of those states, even in Iowa, Ohio and Florida. They herded in Georgia at the final.

Michigan: Biden +8
Nevada: Biden +6
Arizona: Biden +6
Wisconsin: Biden +11
Pennsylvania: Biden +6
Georgia: Tie (45)

Ohio: Biden +1
Iowa: Biden +3
Florida: Biden +3


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